Ways to make Great first Impressions


In this article we will learn

  • -Why 1st impressions matter
  • -3 Scenarios which all of us get multiple times in life – and yet fail to encash because of not able to impress
  • -55 actions-steps – make people curious and leave a positive imprint of powerful impression about you.

How to make great 1st Impressions - How to Impress important people powerfully and Sustain this Impressions.

A good impression can mean a huge difference in the way and a great impression can open doors you might not have imagined existed.

Whether it's for a promising job interview, your first date, or your first chance meeting with a celebrity or very powerful person - making a powerfully positive impression is always valuable in every situation and with every person.

How many of us need to impress people to land a fantastic job - get bonded with our ideal romantic partner and connect with powerful people - to succeed in all aspects of life.

Now how many of you have experienced any or all of the following 3 scenarios

Scenario 1

You are in a party or in a social gathering or travelling or waiting at the airport and you suddenly see someone who seems to be the one you have been dreaming about.

  • 1.You want to talk with that person very badly as your heart is beating very fast -but you hesitate, because of thinking
  • 2.What if she or he rejects you
  • 3.What pick-up line should I use
  • 4.How do I start the conversation with her or him
  • 5.What if someone sees you talking with her or him
  • 6.And then in your hesitation – that person is lost forever

Scenario 2

In an informal occasion, you suddenly come across a celebrity or a big industrialist and entrepreneur or someone who can give a tremendous boost to your business, profession and career or can fund your venture - but you hesitate

  • 1.What if I make a pitch and lose
  • 2.Let the crowd thin out - then I will approach
  • 3.Let him or her look at me – then I will initiate
  • 4.OR You get a chance to be with this person - when you suddenly find yourself in the lift alone – but because of the nervousness you make your presentation or pitch so long-winding that the person loses his or her interest in you totally

Scenario 3

You need a job very badly - you are in an interview and you know that you have the skills and knowledge to make real difference and add real value to the organization

  • 1.By showing your desperation - you kill the chances
  • 2.And when the interviewer gives you another chance to redeem - you flunk
  • 3.You fail to impress by not asking the right questions
  • 4.You create a weak impression about you because of answering casually or showing your unpreparedness

In all these 3 scenario you lost opportunity big time that you may never get again.

You missed these god-send chances either by waiting too long to initiate or by being ill-prepared to handle the God-Send chance - by failing to make the best first impression or created a bad, or poor, or negative, or weak impression.

Now let us look at the psychology of impressing others powerfully [those who matter to you and those who can actually have the power to give you what you are looking for]

55 actions-steps – make people curious and leave a positive imprint of powerful impression about you.

Off-course it goes without saying that – you will have to put in lot of efforts to learn, practice and create paradigm change in yourself - to master these before you start seeing the fruits of your hard and smart work – most of the following points have separate detailed blogs and few have videos on YouTube as well

  • 1.First identify what are the specific results that you are looking for in the following areas of life
  • I.Your Professional or Career - e.g. – Getting Promoted, Getting Selected in an Important Interview etc. etc.
  • II.Your Business - e.g. - Get funding, Get Yourself a Mentor, Get Connected with Powerful people
  • III.Your Romantic Life - get the partner you are looking for
  • IV.Your Social Life
  • V.Your Self Development Areas
  • VI.Academics
  • VII.Or any other areas – where you need to see changes that can come through connecting with others
  • 2.Create profiles of all the people you are looking for, who can create a great upward propulsion in the results you are looking for. If possible put specific names of people, for all these profile
  • 3.Identify what are the ways you can connect with them
  • I.Through Referral
  • II.By introduction through a powerful mutual contact
  • III.Meet them socially
  • IV.Create conditions that they approach you themselves
  • V.Using internet to become visible through writing blogs etc
  • VI.Using the appropriate Social and Professional Media Platform along with point 3[V]
  • VII.Impressing them through your participation in various social-cause and professional forums
  • VIII.Making yourself part of the adventure and hobbies that this person is likely to be involved with
  • 4.Do research – to know all about this person – as per your profile AND especially if you know the specific person by name
  • 5.Prepare questions and talking points – long before you go into your first meeting with them
  • I.Think about what you want to learn from them and what you want them to learn about you
  • II.If you are meeting someone whose work you admire - take the time to find out more about them so you can ask relevant questions and dig deeper than the average fan
  • III.For a job interview - research the company ahead of time - create questions are about specific aspects of the business and their challenges and how you can add value.
  • 6.Become crystal clear in your intention of meeting a particular person. Why you want to meet this person - and - what outcomes you want from this meeting
  • 7.Ensure that your goal of meeting this person, is well within your area of control and not dependent on others or these people.
  • 8.Create, practice and polish your very own advertisement or elevator-pitch - which is concise, precise and focused and - which tells your prospects clearly, what you want and how they would be benefitted by helping you
  • 9.Practice, Practice, Practice till you can get this presentation in even in your sleep
  • 10.Test this presentation with people from whom you can get the feedback of what kind of outcome you can expect real-time
  • 11.Create few variance to suit and fit the different people, circumstances and scenarios
  • 12.Learn how to look impressive through whatever resources you have
  • 13.Make your grooming and appearance spell class
  • 14.Refine your language to be able to use powerful yet simple words in a story-telling ways
  • 15.Identify how high the stakes are for this meeting – in case you are ill-prepared –reschedule if possible – to avoid screw-ups
  • 16.If you are getting paralyzed by your nervousness – and are in your most exuberant mood - learn to get the mood you want in an instant- learn to get the powerful mood and positive resourceful emotional stare in an instant
  • 17. Learn to control the direction of the meeting as per your advantage – by your own comfort ways of answering questions and asking questions
  • 18.Polish your personality to make it classy and sassy
  • 19.Practice being a true professional
  • 20.Practice, Power-Walk, Power-Smile, Power-Handshake, Powerful Body-Posture – of relaxed confidence
  • 21.Learn the art of asking powerful questions
  • 22.Learn the art of Small talk
  • 23.Create curiosity for them to want more – through having powerful impressive conversations
  • 24.Listen with the intention of learning and understanding – and thinking how to answer while they are talking
  • 25.Accept your not knowing something frankly - but display genuine curiosity to come out as a keen learner
  • 26.Practice assertiveness - Express your views candidly
  • 27.Develop your signature style of speaking by using pauses, voice modulation and silence with perfect clarity
  • 28.Avoid using jargons and the words that people may not understand
  • 29.Be straight-forward and direct - do not beat around the bush and neither be ambiguous
  • 30.If you want help or need something - ask directly and in simple short words
  • 31.Let yourself be challenged and develop the confidence of challenging the experts in their own field based on logical curiosity
  • 32.Learn and practice the art of humor
  • 33.Be comfortable with being yourself – never try to project you as someone you are not - Be Genuine and Authentic
  • 34.Learn and practice classy etiquette and manners and how to behave and what to do in different cultures and environments
  • 35.Be proud of who you are without Ego
  • 36.Be polite, humble, respectful and courteous
  • 37.Read Read Read Books, Watch Watch Watch and Listen Listen Listen as much as you can in as many diverse areas you can from the world's masters
  • 38.Develop hobbies and interest that brings you in contact with people who are from different backgrounds as well as which makes you challenge yourself continuously and makes you face your fears
  • 39.Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you in every respect
  • 40.Make learning and reinventing yourself - your most passionate time-pass
  • 41.Pay attention to your health by sleeping, eating and relaxing
  • 42.Volunteer for social causes and making difference to the lives of underprivileged people
  • 43.Let go of the need for recognition, approval, appreciation, validation from others.
  • 44.Start having fun in whatever you do and - even in adverse conditions make it a point to see the positives
  • 45.Find an equal balance between making observations, asking questions, and revealing things about yourself
  • 46.Develop a fascinating way to answer the questions like - Where are you from and What do you do
  • 47.Create list of interesting questions to create instant amazement – than asking - Where are you from and What do you do
  • 48.Don't wait to be introduced – find their names - learn the art of remembering name and then address them by their names
  • 49.Wear something that makes you feel awesome — it'll make you more approachable
  • 50.Join groups of three or more, especially if they look like they're having fun
  • 51.Learn to make a graceful exit from a conversation – if it does not add value to you
  • 52.Don't Talk About Yourself Too Much and - Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Flaws and Vulnerabilities
  • 53.Avoid gossips and talking bad about people and companies at their back
  • 54.Do-not be consumed by the thought of having all the limelight - instead make other people take center-stage
  • 55.Add genuine value to the conversation and make it humorous when it is turning into arguments or becoming listless

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