Ways to enhance sense of humor

Mastering Humor And Creating Your Amazing "Signature Style Of Brilliance"

How Many Of You Want To

  • 1.Impress People With Your Sharpness
  • 2.Make People Believe That You Are Brilliant
  • 3.Get Out Of Tough Situations Comfortably
  • 4.Make A Tense Situation Lighter
  • 5.Be The Life Of The Party/Group
  • 6.Become Very Creative
  • 7.Making Your Relationships Better
  • 8.Develop Leadership
  • 9.Thinking Out Of Box As A Habit
  • 10.Handle A Difficult Person
  • 11.Resolve Conflicts Better
  • 12.Create Team Out Of Separate Groups/ Conflicting Groups
  • 13.Bounce Back From Failures
  • 14.Handle Embarrassing Situations Without Feeling Bad About Yourself
  • 15.Raise Your Confidence Level To Unshakable Platform
  • 16.Handle Public Speaking Comfortably

The Humor Can Be The Most Powerful Tool That You Can Master, If Used In Correct Manner

It Needs Continuous Polishing Through Intense Practice.

Every Humor/Joke Falls In These Categories

  • 1.Irony – Opposite Of Intended Meaning
  • 2.Shock – Not Of Hurting Nature, But By The Audacity Of It, Because Of Being Totally Unexpected
  • 3.Personalities - Some Personalities We Associate Strongly With Humor
  • 4.Exaggeration Of Normal Things – Which People Cannot Imagine – But Because You Are Using It – Most Will Find It Funny
  • 5.Double Meaning, Puns, Entendre
  • 6.Crazy, Outlandish, Absurd Acts Or Words
  • 7.Creative Comebacks & Pick-Up Lines
  • 8.Sarcasm Showing A Satirical View – Never To Put Is Down. It Works Best When You Use It For Situations Rather Than Making It Focused On A Person
  • 9.Common Sensical Remarks – Which Normally People Would Realized
  • 10.Witty – Not Silly => Quick On Retake
  • 11.Adventurous Pick-Up Lines
  • 12.Jokes That Are Classy – It Could Be Made By Someone Famous Or Heard/Learned From Somewhere

In The Journey Towards Mastering The Art Of Humor – You Will Learn/Experience/ Face The Following

1. That You Will Fail Many Times

2. That A Joke Which Is Amusing To Some – Antagonizes Others

3. People Will Often Misunderstood Your Intentions & Take It Personally

4. You May Embarrass Others & Maybe Yourself – By Doing It At Inappropriate Moment Or By Wrong Delivery Through Unsuitable Tone/Words/Expressions

5. Years Of Practice Only Can Make You A Good Humorist

6. It Is One Of The Most Toughest Soft Skills To Master

7. The More You Master – You Will Feel Some People Are Jealous Of You

8. Sometimes Others Will Pull You Down – By Killing Your Joke

9. Sometimes You Will Have To Kill Your Joke – Before Someone Else Does

10. You Will Face Lots Of Criticism – Do Not Take It Personally

11. There May Be Times – When Someone Because He/She Took Your Joke In Wrong Sense Will Pull You Down Publicly – Just Move On

When You Have Faced All The Above Umpteen Times & Still Keep Practicing Then Only You Will Start Getting The Benefits Outlined At The Onset Of This Article.

So How To We Get Started & Begin Our Affairs With Humor First

The Don'ts – You Just Cannot Use These

1. Joke About Some Person's Weakness, Disability, Misery, Failures

2. It Cannot Be Racial

3. It Can Never Be Done To Get Equal With Someone To Put Him/Her Down

4. It Cannot Be Sexist Or Gender Biased

5. It Can Never Be About Their Looks, Physique Or Appearance

6. Don't Bore Anyone With Same Jokes

7. The Purpose Of Jokes/Humor Should Make You Look Brilliant & Aware & Classy – Therefore Avoid What Is Called Poor Jokes Or Sick Humor

8. Do Not Joke So Often That You Lose The Credibility & Become The Joker Of The Group Or A Person To Be Ignored

If You Find You Have Made These Faux-Paus, Or If Someone Else Has Made. You Should Politely Shut It Down. Ask "Can You Explain The Humor, Here?" - You Probably Aren't The Only Person Offended, So You'll Be Doing A Good Deed By Speaking Up

Now The Do's Of Humor

1. Learn What Amuses You

2. Know When Kill Your Joke - Pull The Plug On Yourself

3.Learn To Tell The Sort Of Jokes You Find Funny

4.Initially Try Including The Jokes You Have Learned & What You Find Funny With Your Conversations With Friends

5.At The Beginning Don't Be Too Disappointed If Your Jokes Don't Make Your Friends/People Laugh

6.Deliver Your Joke As If You Commenting On The Weather In A Very Casual Tone

7.Look For The Absurdity Of A Situation You Are In, Or An Illogical Decision You Made, And Try To Tell It Like A Funny Story – You Can Try To Imagine What Would An Ant Think, What Would An Eagle Think & So On From Different Perspectives, Different Angles

8.Observe Photographs – Do The Characters Appear To Be Doing Something Other Than What They Are Doing – Using These Can Tickle The Funny Bone

9.When You Are In A Company Of People Worked Together On A Project – Laugh About Awkward Failures, Misses

10.You Can Jokes About Common Everyday Things If It Is Intended To Make It Look Funny By Saying Something That Is Something Many Would Not Really Associate

11.Jokes Should Be Used To Make People Comfortable & Not Uncomfortable

12.Joking About Yourself Is An Excellent Way To Relax And Move On From Stresses - Laugh At Your Mistakes

13.Explore TV Comedy Shows, Stand Up Comedians => Most Comedy Isn't Funny To Most People, So Don't Give Up If It Takes You A While To Find Something You Like

14.Look For The Funny Side Of Situations:While It Can Be Difficult At Times To Find The Funny Side In Every Situation – With Practice You Would Start Noticing & Observing What Most Would Not

15.Learn Some Basic Jokes – Some You Should Learn By Heart. But Do Not Repeat

16.Observe People You Find Funny

17.Humor Has To Come Naturally

18.Stay Relaxed, Positive & Laugh More - When You're In A Conversation And You Feel Confident And Relaxed, Trust Me, You Will Naturally Find All Sorts Of Clever Things To Say.

19.Learn About The Latest Trends, News And Stories & Try Twist It To Make It Funny

20.Be Culturally And Ethnically Open Minded - In The Day And Age Of Multicultural Workplaces, Schools And Colleges, It Is Vital To Be Fairly Informed About The Idiosyncrasies Of Different Cultures And Ethnic Backgrounds

21.Creating Original Humor Is More About Picking Up Incidents From Everyday Life And Giving Them A Comic Twist

22.Get Into The Habit Of Twisting Conversations And Awkward Situations With Humor - The Trick Is To Think On Your Feet And Say Something Funny Without Being Offensive.

23.Be Proficient In Your Language And Develop A Good Vocabulary - Using The Right Words Will Help You Hit The Tender Funny Bone, Whether It Is To Create Ambiguity In Meaning, A Pun On Words Or A Double Entendre.

24.Time Of Your Joke Is Very Important You Have To Make It As Perfect As Possible

25.Do Not Laugh While Telling A Joke - Control Your Expressions And Allow Others To Laugh At Your Joke

26.With Practice You Would Be Able To Lose Inhibitions Of Speaking To Unknown People Or A Group Of People

27.Carry A Confident Body Language And Make Sure You Get Everyone's Attention - Whether Or Not You Can Make Someone Laugh Largely Depends On Whether You Believe You Can Make Them Laugh Or Not

28. Practice Thinking Outside The Box 29. Become A Very Good Listener & Observer

30.Wittiness Is About Being Impulsively Quick & About Delivering The Unexpected

31.Just Be To Just Be Yourself

32.Positive Teasing Is Very Important

33.Learn To Provoke Good Naturedly

34.Use Metaphors And Other Antics That Help In Their Delivery

35.Keep Your Ears Open For Opportunities To Weave In Earlier Jokes

36.End On A High Note. There's Nothing Less Sexy Than Someone Who's Trying To Be Funny, But Just Doesn't Know When To End.

Some Quotes By Famous People – Taken From Internet

  • 1.Sometimes I Need What Only You Can Provide: Your Absence.
    - Ashleigh Brilliant
  • 2.I Never Forget A Face, But In Your Case I'll Be Glad To Make An Exception.
  • 3.I Find Television Very Educating. Every Time Somebody Turns On The Set, I Go Into The Other Room And Read A Book.
  • 4.I Didn't Like The Play, But Then I Saw It Under Adverse Conditions - The Curtain Was Up- Groucho Marx
  • 5.The United States Is A Nation Of Laws: Badly Written And Randomly Enforced- Frank Zappa
  • 6.The Trouble With Her Is That She Lacks The Power Of Conversation But Not The Power Of Speech - George Bernard Shaw
  • 7.He Was Happily Married - But His Wife Wasn't - Victor Borge
  • 8.Honesty Is The Best Policy -- When There Is Money In It.
  • 9.Familiarity Breeds Contempt -- And Children.
  • 10.I Have Never Killed A Man, But I Have Read Many Obituaries With Great Pleasure - Clarence Darrow
  • 11.I Wish We Were Better Strangers.» I'll Always Cherish The Original Misconception I Had Of You – Unknown
  • 12.We Didn't Lose The Game; We Just Ran Out Of Time. - Vince Lombardi

Some Witty Remarks Or Sarcasm – You Can Practice Among Friends – Taken From Internet

  • 1.The Village Called. They'd Like Their Idiot Back. You Better Get Going.
  • 2.People Like You Are The Reason I'm On Medication.
  • 3.I Believed In Evolution Until I Met You.
  • 4.You Have Your Entire Life To Be A Jerk. Why Not Take Today Off?
  • 5.Your Ass Must Be Pretty Jealous Of All The S**t That Comes Out Of Your Mouth.
  • 6.Some Day You'll Go Far—And I Really Hope You Stay There.
  • 7.I'm Trying My Absolute Hardest To See Things From Your Perspective, But I Just Can't Get My Head That Far Up My Ass.
  • 8.Sometimes It's Better To Keep Your Mouth Shut And Give The Impression That You're Stupid Than Open It And Remove All Doubt.
  • 9.Do Yourself A Favor And Ignore Anyone Who Tells You To Be Yourself. Bad Idea In Your Case.
  • 10.Everyone's Entitled To Act Stupid Once In Awhile, But You Really Abuse The Privilege.
  • 11.Do You Ever Wonder What Life Would Be Like If You'd Gotten Enough Oxygen At Birth?
  • 12.Can You Die Of Constipation? I Ask Because I'm Worried About How Full Of S**t You Are.
  • 13.Were You Born On The Highway? That Is Where Most Accidents Happen.
  • 14.Please, Keep Talking. I Only Yawn When I'm Super Fascinated.
  • 15.Sorry, I Didn't Get That. I Don't Speak BullS**t.
  • 16.If Ignorance Is Bliss, You Must Be The Happiest Person On The Planet.
  • 17.There Are Some Remarkably Dumb People In This World. Thanks For Helping Me Understand That.

Witty Comebacks

  • 1.If Laughter Is The Best Medicine, Your Face Must Be Curing The World.
  • 2.I Must Be Going Deaf -Your Lips Are Moving, But All I Hear Is "Blah, Blah, Blah."
  • 3.Scientists Say The Universe Is Made Up Of Electrons, Protons, And Neutrons. However, I Don't Recall Anything About Morons.

Funny Comebacks – Taken From Internet

  • 1.Oh, A Thought Crossed Your Mind? It Must Have Been A Long, Lonely Journey.
  • 2.How Did You Get Here? Did Someone Leave Your Cage Open?
  • 3.I'd Smack You, But That Would Be Animal Abuse.
  • 4.Don't Let Your Mind Wander. It's Too Small To Be Out There All Alone.
  • 5.Hide! The Garbage Truck Is Coming!
  • 6.Keep Talking. Someday, You Might Actually Say Something Intelligent.
  • 7.How Impressive! You Can Put Your Foot In Your Mouth And Your Head Up Your Ass At The Same Time!
  • 8.You Should Really Come With A Warning Label.
  • 9.It's Good To See You're Not Letting Education Get In The Way Of Your Ignorance.

Sarcastic Comebacks – Taken From Internet

  • 1.Looks Like I Overestimated The Number Of Brain Cells You Have.
  • 2.Now, I Understand Why Some Animals Eat Their Young.
  • 3.Hey, I Can See Straight To The Back Of Your Head When I Look Into Your Eyes!
  • 4.If You Were Twice As Smart As You Are Now, You'd Be Stupid.
  • 5.Impressive! I've Never Seen Such A Small Mind Inside Such A Large Head Before.

Clever Comebacks – Taken From Internet

  • 1.Opposites Attract, Right? Then I Hope You Find Someone Who's Good Looking, Honest, Smart, And Cultured.
  • 2.I Don't Think You're Stupid. You Just Have Bad Luck At Thinking.
  • 3.Aww…It's So Cute When You Talk About Things You Don't Understand.
  • 4.You Should Eat Some Of That Makeup, So You Can Be Pretty On The Inside.
  • 5.You Look Tired. Have You Been Thinking?

Few Jokes – Taken From Internet

  • 1.My Ex-Wife Still Misses Me. But Her Aim Is Steadily Improving.
  • 2.Daughter: „Mom, Can I Get A Cat Or A Dog At Christmas, Please?" -
    Mom: „No Honey, You Will Be Getting Turkey, Like Every Christmas!"
  • 3."Marriage Is A Fine Institution, But I'm Not Ready For An Institution."
    4."Q: What's The Difference Between An Enzyme And A Hormone? - 
  • A: You Can't Hear An Enzyme."
    5."A Man In Love Is Incomplete Until He Has Married. Then He's Finished." 

  • WITTY PICK-UP LINES – Taken From Internet

1."Can I Follow You Home? Cause My Parents Always Told Me To Follow My Dreams."

2."Do You Have Any Raisins?" (No) "Well How About A Date?"

3."Can I Take A Picture Of You So I Can Show Santa Clause What I Want For Christmas?"

4."Girl, You Must Be A Parking Ticket…Because You Got FINE Written All Over You!"

5."Is Your Name Wifi? Cuz I Think I Can Feel A Connection Here."

6."Giant Polar Bear (What?) It's An Icebreaker. Hi, My Name Is…."

7."Do You Have A Sunburn, Or Are You Always This Hot?"

8."Hey I Just Realized This, But You Look A Lot Like My Next Girlfriend."

9."Life Without You Would Be Like A Broken Pencil…Pointless."

10."You Look Like My First Wife! (How Many Have You Had?) None."

Romantic Chat-Up Line – Taken From Internet

1."Can You Give Me Directions To Your Heart?"

2."You're So Beautiful That You Made Me Forget The Rest Of My Pickup Line."

3."Do You Have A Map? 'Cause I Just Got Lost In Your Eyes."

4."Somebody Better Call God, Because He Is Missing An Angel."

5."I'm A Thief, And I'm Here To Steal Your Heart."

6."I'm Trying To Rearrange The Alphabet So That U And I Are Together."

7."Did The Sun Come Up Or Did You Just Smile At Me?"

8."Your Eyes Are Blue Like The Ocean, And I'm Lost At Sea."

9."So Do You Believe In Love At First Sight, Or Do You Want Me To Walk By Again?"

10."Miss, I Think You Just Dropped Something…My Heart."

11."I Hope You Know CPR, Because You Make Me Breathless."

12."I Had To Come Over And See If Your Personality Is As Amazing As Your Smile."

13."Most People Like To Watch The Olympics, Because They Only Happens Once Every 4 Years, But I'd Rather Talk To You Cause The Chance Of Meeting Someone So Special Only Happens Once In A Lifetime."

14."You Must Be In A Wrong Place – The Miss Universe Contest Is Over There."

15."Excuse Me, Can You Empty Your Pockets? I Believe You Have Stolen My Heart."

Sexy Pick-Up Line For Males – Taken From Internet

1."There's A Big Sale In My Bedroom Right Now. Clothes Are 100% Off!"

2."Girl, Are You Sitting On That F5 Key? Because That Ass Is Refreshing."

3."Is That A Mirror In Your Pocket Because I Can See Me In Your Pants?"

4."Your Body Is 70% Water And I'm Thirsty."

5."If You're Gonna Regret This In The Morning, We Can Sleep Til The Afternoon."

Sexy Pick-Up Lines For Females – Taken From Internet

1."You Look Like A Hard Worker. I Have An Opening You Can Fill."

2."If I Told You I Worked For UPS, Would You Let Me Handle Your Package?"

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