Utilizing your full potential


rrefutable Exercise No. 3 – Smarten Your Mental Capability To Tap Into Your Complete Potential => You Ignore At Your Own Risk​.

The Famous Saying That We Use Maximum 10% Of Our Potential Is Actually True For Most Of The Average Or Ordinary People.

Why? Is It Because We Are Less Intelligent? Or Is It Because We Are Unlucky? Or Is It Because We Believe That We Are Doing Maximum That We Can?

The Reason Is The BASIC HUMAN TENDENCY TO BE COMFORTABLE – AND – WE Keep Coming Back To This Again & Again => After Any Change – We Try Our Best To Come Back To The Earlier Comfort Zone.

We Become Slave Of What Is Call ROUTINE – Our Everyday Becomes The Photocopy Of In Many Cases Years Before. We Do The Same Thing – The Same Way – All The Time.

Growth Is A Dynamic Thing – If We Are Not Growing Positively Forward [This Does Not Happen Automatically But Needs Conscious Disciplined Efforts] – We Are Actually Deteriorating In Our Capabilities.

The Classic Definition Of Insanity – If You Do The Same Things Repeatedly & Expect Different & Better Results => Applies To The Majority.

Ask Yourself – What Actions You Have Taken To Improve Yourself In Say Last Few Months, Last Few Years – Chances Are For A Majority Not Exceeding 1% The Answer Would Be => Nothing – And This 1% Are The Most Successful, The Most Capable & In Many Ways Most Happy .

We Equate Learning With Qualifications – And In This Arena As Well - We Stop Making Efforts => After Acquiring Some Qualifications Which Are Considered BE ALL.

Ultimate physical fitness
Improving your social skills