Strategies make your life great


Brilliant Strategy To Take Your Business, Career & Life To The Top​

What Is Strategy – A Plan Which Is Mutually Exclusive & Collectively Exhaustive To Include Every Part Of The Whole => To Take You Towards Your Big Dream?


These Are Absolutely Non-Negotiable => Whether You Are A Start-Up Or An Established Business, One Man Or A Mnc

1.Creating Value Proposition

a.For Your Employees

b.For Your Customers

c.For Your Vendors

d.For Your Contractors/Suppliers

e.For Your Product & Services

f.For Public/Social – Who May Not Be Your Client

2.Creating A Positioning For Your Product & Services

A.Even If You Are The Leaders – Ensure That It Is A Category, Which Is Only Your USP

B.If You Are Not The Category Leader – Then You Have To Have Guerrilla Marketing Techniques – Who Only Survive On Their Special Niche[Like Rolls-Royce Or In India The Small Grocers Who Survived The Big/Super/Hyper Market]

C.Making Your Category Competitor Proof – By Continuously Adding New, Making Old Obsolete, Innovating Not Thought About Value Addition To Customer

3. Setting Bench-Mark Of Global Standards With Your Quality Of Product & Services – Which Can Only Be Defined By The Words Outstanding, Excellent Etc
4. Identifying The Profitable Customers – Those Who Are Responsible For Your Maximum Profit/Revenue => Treating Them Like God – So That Competition May Not Have Any Chance
5. Identify The Customers – Who Give Less Value Than The Cost Of Servicing Them & Slowly Remove Them 6. Identify Newer Markets – Geographical, Gender, Age, Sector 7. Learn From The Best Practices Of All Your Competitors – Whether They Are Start-Ups Or Big Ones

8. Identify The Core Business Based On Pareto Principal – That Is Responsible For Your Maximum Growth & Eliminate Those Who Are Only White Elephant

9. Create Marketing Strategy – Based On The New Technology As Well As Old One That No One Is Using In The Following Areas A. Market Expansion B. Diversification – Forward & Backward Integration C. Acquisition & Mergers D. New Product/Services For Future E. Product/Services Ready For Phasing Out F. Elimination Of Revenue Sucking Businesses G. Market Opportunity Based On Emerging Trends H. Competition Elimination I. Threat To Your Existence J. Customers Changing Needs & Their Feedback About You K. Your Distinctive Differentiation In Your Offering
10. Talent Management => The Following Needed To Be Done At The Least a. Talent Attraction b. Talent Acquisition c. Employee Engagement d. Employee Development & Growth Path e. Meritocracy & Reward + Recognition f. Mentoring & Coaching & Deskilling + Reskilling g. Talent Retention h. Healthy Competition – Equal Opportunity – Clearly Defined Targets – The Performance Parameters & Indicators + The Rewards + Total Support i. Phasing Out Sliders/Drainers/Road Blockers j. Get A Learning Organization Focused On Innovating, Improving & Re-Inventing
11. Cost Optimization Elimination Of The 8 Lean Wastages A. Defects B. Overproduction C. Waiting D. Non-Utilized Talent E. Transportation F. Inventory G. Motion H. Extra Processing
Absolutely Mandatory Investment A. In Talent Development & In Growth B. In Researching Future Trends C. In Incorporating The New Technology To Save Efforts, Cost & Improve Quality D. Continuous Innovation To Make Your Product/Services Outdated
12. Revenue Management Strategies A. Managing Your Cash Wisely B. Negotiating & Re-Negotiating To Get Better Worth From Your Vendors/Suppliers/Contractors C. Keeping Track & Control On - Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) And Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) D. Cutting Unnecessary Cost – Like Energy – Go For Solar Etc E. Getting Rid Of Your NPAs F. Creating A System That Your Customer Payments Comes In Faster Time Frame Than You Have To Pay To Your Vendors G. Stop Investing In Assets – Just To Create Show-Off H. You Can Barter – Product/Services
13. Retaining Customers A. Always Communicate & Keep The Customer Engaged B. Create Continuous Value Addition Schemes So That The Competition Cannot Get In C. Deliver More Value To The Customers Than What He Can Get By Paying Same Or Less Anywhere D. Reward The Loyal Customers
14. If You Need Funding A. Start Small - Locally B. First Try A Dry Run With A Real Customer C. Get Customer Feedback D. Get Few More –Customers E. When You Have Established Your Core Competence & Value Differentiation Proposition Then Only Approach The Financiers F. Negotiate With Bank, Compare And Then Select G. Go For Crowdfunding As Well
15. Marketing Channels A. Identify All The Traditional, Current & Future Marketing Channels B. Use The Power Of Internet, Social Media, Professional Media
16. Your Culture, Systems & Processes A. Get The 6 Sigma Mindset & Culture B. Get The Lean Mindset & Culture C. Get The Innovation Mindset & Culture D. Hire The People From The World's Giants To Inculcate Their Culture E. Imbibe The Best Practices Of The World Leaders


Strategic Goal Setting

  1. Keeping The Big Picture In Mind=> Begin At The Position You Want To Reach At The End – Working Back Wards
  2. In Case You Are Not Clear – Research, Explore & Interview Till You Are Absolutely Sure
  3. Create Yearly Milestones
  4. Regularly Update You Career Goals With Change In Technology, Job Market & Consumer Changes
  5. Identify The Resources & Tools You Need To Reach Your Milestones & Ultimate Goals

A.Skills – Technical, Soft & Hard






6. Identify The Mentors, Powerful People You Need To Connect For Progressing Towards Your Goals

7. Identify The Business Groups, Industry Forums, Professional Circles – Which Will Aid On The Wa

8. Start Expanding Your Professional, Social, Political Network

9. Start Creating Your Own Personal Brand – Get Yourself Exposed & Visible On The Internet & Relevant Groups

10. Join Social Platforms Like Golf Clubs – Where You Can Come Across People Who Matter

The Tactics - Tactical Goal Setting

  1. Besides Your Daily Work Priorities – You Must Include In Your Schedule The Goals Needed To Be Completed On Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis
  2. All These Goals Have To Have Deadlines & If You Miss – It Needs To Be Completed In Next Possible Time Frame
  3. If You Miss 3 Times In A Row – Revisit & Realign Your Goals
  4. Maintain A Journal – To Record Your Specific Accomplishments – You Have To Create Measurements That Shows The Improvements
  5. Maintain A Diary Of Mistakes, Crisis, Problems You Came Across First Time & Then Create Sops So That It Never Happens Again
  6. Make Learning Your Priority – Everyday – There Has To Be Some Element
  7. Volunteer To Take New Challenges
  8. If You Fail In Your New Role – Take Feedback & Learn From Criticism
  9. Engage A Person Who Has The Abilities & Interest To Coach & Mentor You
  10. Start Paying Attention To The Emerging Trends & Start Preparing Yourself Pro-Actively
  11. Always Ensure That Your Performance Is Excellent & In Case Of Lay-Off – You Are The Last Person
  12. Learn The Cutting Edge New Skills[E.G. Decision Making Science, AI Etc] – To Keep You Employable
  13. Identify How You WillMake Your Strength Deliver More
  14. Identify All Your Weaknesses That Are Obstructing You - & Create A Plan How You Will Minimize Or Overcome It
  15. How Can You Demonstrate Your Expertise – Consider Writing Blog Or Making Youtube Video
  16. Find Out Which Of The Soft Skills You Lack – Like Leadership, Communication, Innovating Mindset Etc Etc & Learn It On A War Footing
  17. Make Plan On How Will You Overcome Your Fears
  18. Do Your SWOT – In Case You Lose Your Job Right Now => Then Plan To Counter Threats & Weaknesses
  19. Make Yourself Interview Ready – Keep Preparing & Practicing
  20. Create A Financial Plan – To Keep You In Peace – If There Is Unexpected Lay-Off
  21. Keep Increasing Your Expertise Areas – Get Exposure To All The Aspects Of Business => As A Top Man You Need To Know About Everything
  22. Learn From Everyone
  23. Make Yourself Curious & Practice Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
  24. Always Deliver More Than Expected
  25. Learn To Enjoy The Uncertainties
  26. Learn To Enjoy Doing The Tough Task
  27. Master The Art Of Taking Difficult Decisions
  28. Understand That Your Career Growth Depends On Your Growing Your People – Do This Unconditionally –Without Being Afraid That They Will Steal Your Job.


Building & Executing Actions To Create A Blissful Life In The Following Areas

  1. Relationship – Identify Important Family, Social, Professional Relationships
  2. Getting In Touch With Your Passion & Dreams
  3. Defining Your Happiness Criteria
  4. Understanding The Importance Of Your Family's Contribution & Impact On Your Overall Life
  5. Creating Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, Spiritual Health Consciousness
  6. Making A Blue-Print For Building Wealth

Some Of The Actions Steps Would Be – These Are Just Ideas To Fire Your Own Imagination & Create Your Own List In The Above 6 Areas

1.Identifying Your Priorities

2.Identifying Your Values & Sticking With It

3.Becoming Respectable – By Choosing To Do The Right Thing

4.Let Go Of Your Need To Be Popular, Seeking Others Approval & Pleasing Others

5.Be Yourself – Do Not Try To Be Somebody Else – Learn To Respect, Love & Admire Yourself

6.Give On Making Excuses, Blaming Others => Take Responsibility For Your Actions & Your Life

7.Stop Comparing & Competing With Others => Your Only Competition Is With Yourself

8.Understand Failure & Making Mistakes Are The Steps For Growth – Stop Being Afraid To Make Them

9.Start Living Your Life – You Way => Which Brings Happiness To You & Your Near Dear Ones

10.Spend Time, Take Break With Family

11.Make Happiness Your Top Priority

12.Do Whatever It Needs To Be Happy

13.Change What Is Not Working

14.Identify The Limiting Beliefs & Reframe And Change Them

15.Move Around With People Who Make You Feel Good About You Genuinely

16.Let Go Of Toxic People

17.Take Bold Decisions For Big Results

18.Live A Comfortable Life – Save More To Create Wealth

19.If You Have Affluence – Use It To Make Difference In The Life Of People

20.Reading, Listening, Watching & Surrounding Yourself With Successful People Can Give You A Totally New Perspective Of Life

21.Sometimes To Get A Better Life – Hard Work Is Necessary => Love That

22.Do Not Expect The Life To Be A Fairy Tale – Everyone Has Setbacks => Move On As Soon As Possible

23.Do Not Postpone Your Happiness To Some Future Milestones – Enjoy The Journey, Have Fun On The Way

24.Create A Social Support Network Of Neighbors, Friends And Other Groups

25.Stop Complaining & Start Acting To Make The Cause Of Complaint Go Away

26.Stop Judging People

27.Stop Criticizing, Down Rating Yourself

28.Make A List Of All Those People – Who By Their Nature Make Your Blood Boil – Create A Plan To Slowly Erase Then So That They Lose Their Power To Hurt You – Forgive Them

29.Make A List Of People Who Had Added Value To You – Create A List How Will You Show Them Your Gratitude

30.Make A Diary Of Your Current Blessings & The Things That You Have

31.Make Sure That – Whenever You See Someone – Who Is Helpless – At Least Pray To God For Their Up-Liftment – If You Cannot Do Anything Else

32.Ensure That You Charge Your Creativity & Mental Faculty By Taking Challenges Which Seems Impossible & Then Creating At Least 3 Possible Solution + Indulging In The Mind Games & Puzzles

33. Stand Up For Weaker/Harassed People

34.Stand Up For Your Own Rights

35.Say No To Time Wasters/People Who Have Ulterior Motives & Those Who Are Using You & Taking Advantage Of You

36.Treat People Fairly, With Kindness & Respect

37.Apologize When You Are Wrong

38.Thank People When They Do Good To You

39.Do Random Acts Of Kindness – Like

a.Smile At Strangers

b.Pass A Great Motivating Message

c.Compliment Strangers Or People You Know

d.Make An Unconditional Help

Feminine Leadership is All About Being a B.i.t.c.h
Get Motivation To Beat Burnout, Stress, Depression