Self-help tips to fight fatigue tiredness weakness

stop-letting-fatigue-exhaustion-mentalfog-chronictiredness What to do when feeling energy less idealess clueless - How to boost energy when tired

In this article you will learn the following

-12 major quality of life-limiting issues - connected with fatigue-exhaustion-mental fog - I have been living with since 2016

- 19 tips to trigger ideas in you - on how to solve your own specific issues of weakness-tiredness-fatigue-exhaustion-energy less ness - based on what I did to live with and accomplish

-17 major reasons you are always tired

-42 tips you can use to combat your fatigue

-14+ self-diagnosis questions for identifying the cause of your fatigue and extreme-exhaustion

What to do when feeling energy less idealess clueless - How to boost energy when tired - How to get rid of fatigue tiredness weakness

I have been living with - mental-fog, severe-body-ache, exhaustion, grogginess and fatigue - since last 6-7 years -which makes every day carrying-on and doing meaningful work very big-tough challenge.

Fatigue is more than just tiredness -fatigue can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning with enough inspiration, energy and enthusiasm - to do even your essential chores.

Fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion and a compelling need to rest because of lack of energy and strength - emotionally, mentally and physically.

Fatigue may result from overwork, poor sleep, worry, stress, boredom, or lack of exercise.

Fatigue can also be caused by illness, few medicines and some medical treatment such as chemotherapy.

Anxiety and depression can also cause fatigue.

Prolonged physical-exhaustion can lead to mental-fatigue and vice-versa

Symptoms of physical-fatigue - maybe all of these - feeling of having absolutely no strength in your muscles, weakness of very heavy nature and extreme tiredness.

Mental-fatigue - can make you lethargic leaving your will-power powerless besides making you unfocused, sleepy and drowsy and create complete lack of concentration - while working.

12 major quality of life-limiting issues - connected with fatigue-exhaustion-mental fog - I have been living with since 2016

  • 1.Fogginess in brain - unable to think clearly
  • 2.Insomnia - have not felt refreshed after sleep - even after taking strong sleeping-pills
  • 3.Fatigued, lethargy no-enthusiasm and energy less - whole day - every day
  • 4.Unable to do focused thinking - no clarity at all going on with life - like on autopilot
  • 5.Excruciating pains in the joints and body
  • 6.Nose-congestions making breathing almost impossible even through mouth - gets triggered by temperature-moister change and while sleeping
  • 7.Forgetfulness - of the type when I forget what I was thinking now - although recall happens later
  • 8.Allergies from my own sweat and other discharges
  • 9.Have GERD or acid-reflex
  • 10. Have enlarged-prostate
  • 11. Have allergic-rhinitis
  • 12. Had chikungunya

19 tips to trigger ideas in you - on how to solve your own specific issues of weakness-tiredness-fatigue-exhaustion-energy less ness - based on what I did to live with and accomplish

  • 1.I consulted with the top ENT-pulmonologist-immunologist-orthopedic-GPs-urologist -.
  • 2.But most of the medical experts - ether give medications for symptoms or prescribed anti-depressant and mood-enhancers or pain-killers.
  • 3.After noting down my symptoms over a period of 4 years - I connected with NIH USA - who also said that it seems to be the manifestation of auto-immune-disorder and POIS [the national institutes of health (NIH) is the primary federal biomedical research agency in the united states; its goals are to improve national health through discovery and innovation, foster resources that prevent disease, expand the biomedical knowledge base, and to promote high-level scientific conduct]
  • 4.I have tried - naturopathy - yoga - Ayurveda - homeopathic and off-course - along with the allopathic medicines and treatments.
  • 5.Do non-allopathic-medications work - no idea - but - some on the non-traditional popular-belief treatments have harmed me in big way like - I got enlarge prostate through consumption of GILOY.
  • 6.I have tried vitamins, various fruits and diets, supplements and all types of life style-changes plus vigorous-exercises.
  • 7.I have recently been able to kick-out my addiction of last 6 years of sleeping-pills - successfully - it has been almost 2 months since I took my last sleeping pill.
  • 8.Now even though my sleep not fulfilling, refreshing and restful - but at least fogginess has decreased considerably.
  • 9.Also manage to give-up using montelukast - anti-allergic - which make you feel like hell next morning.
  • 10. Doing certain stretch-yogic exercise has helped ease breathing and in nasal-congestion.
  • 11. Regular exercise - makes the pains in joints and body lesser in comparison.
  • 12. Being in the last year of my late-fifties and sudden vanishing of my high-profile professional-contacts have killed my revenue-earning life
  • 13. Therefore I am looking actively to find ways to earn money - where the stigma of late-fifties and contacts are not needed - but so far the ideas are eluding me
  • 14. I started a YouTube channel and after recording 250+ videos - have stopped - because although the topics are great - my methodology-delivery-marketing needs to be changed to be more meaningful and impactful besides reaching to larger mass
  • 15. Although I wrote 1200+ answers on Quora which got me 2.2million views - I somehow am not going to go back to that
  • 16. I have so managed to write more than 600+ blogs on my both websites
  • 17. I also time to time - do online counseling and business mentoring
  • 18. I also started dabbling into cooking - which too works well at times and makes me feel come alive.
  • 19. I know that it is going to be a constant battle - but that is alright as long as I get regular AHAs [sustainable emotional boosts] - through accomplishing different-unique-meaningful and taming this enemy every day.

42 tips you can use to combat your fatigue

1. Do your mental-emotional-physical  health check-up in with yourself to recognize the symptoms as per the following [this is given for clarification and is not exhaustive by any standard]

  • I.Anxiety symptoms may include feeling scared, worried, irritable, and nervous
  • II.Symptoms of depression include feeling sad, restless, and hopeless
  • III.Physical symptoms - like persistent headache or bod-pain or tiredness - as if you have done manual-labor
  • 2. Create a flexible food and eating plan - few guidelines to make you think with concentration and to give ideas
  • I.Prioritize iron-rich foods - like leafy green vegetables, cereals, meat, beans, peas, and lentils, nuts and whole grains
  • II.Have smaller, more frequent meals
  • III.Eat your breakfast of high-fiber foods - like hot oatmeal
  • IV.Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • V.Eat plenty of almonds or peanuts and resins
  • VI.Eat fish
  • VII.Eat chocolate
  • VIII.Control your caffeine intake
  • IX.Maintain a gap of 3-4 hours between your dinner and going to bed
  • X. Quit Smoking
  • XI.Reduce or quit alcohol
  • XII.Eat in small quantities and more often
  • XIII.Drink semi-skimmed, 1% fat or skimmed milk
  • XIV.Juices, smoothies and whole fruits
  • XV.Don't skip meals
  • XVI.Eat a healthy diet –don't overeat
  • XVII. Get-up, move - lie down only for a power-nap or end of the day sleep
  • 4.Learn to relax
  • 5.Sing and dance and move as much as you can throughout your day
  • 6.Get enough sunshine and exposure to greens and nature
  • 7.Hang out with people who make you feel come alive
  • 8.Rule out medical issues and problems- get yourself examined - talk with a doctor you have faith in
  • 9.Maintain your sleeping and waking routine
  • 10. Do the toughest and most unpleasant yet necessary tasks when your energy levels are high
  • 11. Find time for fun and laugh
  • 12. Learn to do nothing and sit and enjoy your own company - this should rejuvenate you - otherwise you are not doing this right
  • 13. Go for aromatherapy - sniff something soothing and energizing 
  • 14. Read real books
  • 15. Create no-screen time and no-gadget time
  • 16. Meet people socially
  • 17. Keep your phone away from bed when you go to sleep and don't let it wake you up
  • 18. Learn to breathe correctly
  • 19. Never sit for longer than an hour.
  • 20. Think fast start activities that forces you to think faster (i.e. Read at a quicker pace the recall, brainstorming in a group, calculating the total in mind, do mental-math or learning a new concept) - this might make you more energized mentally.
  • 21. Take a cold shower.
  • 22. Do something interesting
  • 23. Delegate tasks - when you feel overwhelmed
  • 24. Break tasks into smaller ones - when you are getting demotivated by the quantum of work
  • 25. Take vacations with family - make it unique to fill with what you have never done
  • 26. Change your profession-career-field
  • 27. Go for adventure holidays
  • 28. Try new hobbies
  • 29. Learn new skills
  • 30. Manage your negative emotions
  • I.Meditate
  • II.Practice your faith grateful
  • III.Let go of your regrets, shame, guilt and embarrassment
  • IV.Stop hanging onto anger, grudges, self-pity, or resentment
  • V.Stop comparing yourself with anyone
  • VI.Stop being jealous
  • 31. Volunteer - helping others is a great way to improve your mood and energy and lower stress levels
  • 32. Go for CBT or talking therapy - if you are unable to improve even after doing all the above

17 major reasons you are always tired

  • 1.You are eating too much processed and junk food - especially the take-away and market-food
  • 2.You have a sedentary lifestyle - being a couch or mobile-game or Facebook - you days are filled with no or very less physical and mental stimulating activities
  • 3.You do not have high-quality sleep
  • 4.You eat food which causes unnecessary distress to your body and as a result you feel tired or fatigued
  • 5.You have wrong notions about your body-fat - you are skipping meals and not having proper calories - to get that zero-shape
  • 6.Your sleeping time is wrong
  • 7.You rely too much on caffeine, nicotine and the advertised energy drinks
  • 8.You have very high stress levels
  • 9.Conditions that can cause fatigue include - rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid imbalance, excessive high-cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, liver or kidney conditions,allergies, auto immune disorder, hyper acidity or GERD
  • 10. Mental health issues - like depression, stress
  • 11. Bereavement and grief, eating disorders, anxiety, boredom, emotional exhaustion or burnout, divorce
  • 12. Impact of drugs and medications you are taking - like antidepressants, anxiety medications, anti-hypertensives, statins, steroids, antihistamines, sedatives
  • 13. Medication-withdrawal or in dosage of few powerful medications
  • 14. Interruptions in your sleep-cycle - due to - working late, working in regularly changing shifts, jet lag, sleep apnea, insomnia, acidity
  • 15. Chemicals imbalance in the body - because of - vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, and poisoning due to toxins from pesticides, insecticides, untested Ayurveda preparations,-can all cause fatigue.
  • 16. Consumption of excessive caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, narcotics and other substances
  • 17. Fatigue can also be a symptom of infection - like malaria, tuberculosis, flu, typhoid, hepatitis, HIV

14+ self-diagnosis questions for identifying the cause of your fatigue and extreme-exhaustion

  • 1.Do you feel drowsy, sleepy or weak most of the day
  • 2.Are you struggling with depression or melancholy or feeling hopeless
  • 3.Has your fatigue developed gradually or you have started experiencing it suddenly
  • 4.Does your tiredness come in cycles - like your fatigue is worst in the morning but persists whole day
  • 5.Have you had any recent distressing life events
  • 6.Has there been major changes in your - relationship, financial-position, job, divorce, death of loved one etc.
  • 7.How much sleep do you get each night - do you have trouble getting to sleep or do you wake up during the night
  • 8.Do you snore - do you wake up because of hearing yourself snoring
  • 9.Do you feel as if you have stopped breathing for short periods of time during sleep.
  • 10. Are you overweight or obese or underweight
  • 11. Do you have a too sedentary lifestyle with too little activity
  • 12. Are you working impossibly long-hours continuously for months or years
  • 13. While driving do face these situations
  • I.Do you have difficulty in remembering the last few miles you have driven
  • II.Have you missed an exit or took a wrong turn because you were too tired
  • III.Do you have trouble staying focused while driving
  • 14. Do you have these symptoms
  • I.Aching or sore muscles
  • II.Apathy and a lack of motivation
  • III.Daytime drowsiness
  • IV.Difficulty concentrating or learning new tasks
  • V.Gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, or diarrhea, headache
  • VI.Irritability or moodiness
  • VII.Slowed response time
  • VIII.Vision problems, such as blurriness
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