Retaining your sanity during turmoil, upsets and bad-luck

Remaining sane when the life is falling apart due to bad-luck Make yourself lucky when going through bad luck

 What to do when you are having bad luck - Remaining sane when the life is falling apart due to bad-luck

In this article you will learn

  • -77 Tips to make you feel and become Lucky as well as deflect, minimize and lower the impact of your bad-luck
  • -19 Myths and Thought-Pointers about Bad-Luck and Good-Luck theories and real-time happenings

How to stay sane when the world is going crazy for you.

Have you ever been plagued by bad-luck?

Are you full of fears, anxieties, pain, anger, stress and depression – because of your suffering due to back to back misfortunes - in present?

Then right now – STOP - and take a deep long breath [the repeat for at least six times]- the world will not going to change in few seconds or in few minutes or even few hours if you are in this state – at least your world.

Please understand that our fears, anxieties, pain, anger, stress, frustrations and irritations – can be the catalyst for high growth and productivity – only if it makes you take actions moving you forward towards the outcomes, results and solutions – that you need.

But – if these erodes your ability to function – and has become a chronic condition and has become self-feeding and ever increasing its hold on you.

Then it is very-very harmful to you.

Many people who have had a series of long setbacks and failures – get into this mode – unless taken action and help and treatment – it would create a pathetic existence for you and in all probability for your loved ones.

Fear can save your life – and fear can destroy your life – it is true for all the negative emotions mentioned above.

19 Myths and Thought-Pointers about Bad-Luck and Good-Luck theories and real-time happenings

  • 1.Some people go through years of setbacks – back to back – and we can't find any rhyme or reason to explain this phenomenon – except accepting this as sheer bad luck.
  • 2.There is no scientific explanation for bad-luck or good-luck – although they do happen to us and to people we know.
  • 3.Many times for few people – these three proverbs becomes chillingly real – troubles never comes alone AND when it rains it pours AND the unlucky ones attract more bad luck.
  • 4.Seemingly bad-luck can last quite long – longer than good-luck for few people.
  • 5.Many times there are phases in your life – where you seemingly – are stuck – nothing works, no progress, all ideas backfire etc. etc.
  • 6.Then sometimes people can be in the right place at the right time and take the most apt actions – the reverse can be true as well – check your life – you will find both the examples.
  • 7.For some people, good luck comes naturally – they seem to hit the jackpot every time in almost most areas of their life.
  • 8.But it is possible to turn your luck around – through developing a pragmatic-attitude which will not only make you feel luckier but actually make you become luckier.
  • 9.Life's is always a mix of positives and negatives - never an absolute good or an absolute bad and neither it is fair for most of us – although our expectations of it being fair causes more troubles.
  • 10.When you are being hit from all sides – to be able to face these phases in better emotional states – we have to train ourselves to expect long-phases of down-times [again there will be plenty of uplifting moments during this bleak phase] AND also to expect triumphs and victories and successes and wins [and in this phase too there will be failures and setbacks]
  • 11.Many of us have this hallucinated belief that life is like machine where we need to only input the good values to get back all things great – and that the good guys always win - while the bad guys ultimately get caught and punished.
  • 12.That is the reason – all of us get shocked – when we follow the path of righteousness and still we find catastrophe.
  • 13.If you believe that – you have to put right quality of virtues, efforts and actions and positive intent – AND - you will be happy, peaceful, and successful along with wonderful relationships – then you may find yourself highly disappointed [most of time].
  • 14.Some of you might even have experienced - that you get punished for doing perfectly legit things [the right things the right ways] - and the guys who did wrong things – go scot-free and also get sympathy as bonus ONLY you end up receiving blame.
  • 15.Having faced these phases numerous times – I know that many of you too would have faced the times – where your efforts only resulted into bigger exhaustion and despair – and in this process -few of us eventually get burned-out, get into severe depression which develop into more sinister psychological dis-orders.
  • 16.Then we try – the meditation, the self-help, the God-men – but – nothing works.
  • 17.Are our values and beliefs are wrong – absolutely not – so what most of us are missing
  • 18.Most of us have been conditioned to believe our inner peace and happiness comes from external factors like power, money, status, name, fame – but – because these are ever-increasing and ever-expanding hunger – that is why even when we attain these things - the happiness they create is temporary and unreliable these external rewards bring a surge of quick elation - but fades fast as well
  • 19.When our values are in complete harmony with our core-values – and – we drive our happiness and joy – from doing things those create sustainable values for us and others

Want to get lucky - bring more luck into your life with these tips.

77 Tips to make you feel and become Lucky as well as deflect, minimize and lower the impact of your bad-luck

  • 1.Kindly understand that even the luckiest people aren't lucky all the time – they too have their share of pains, hurts, losses, failures and setbacks.
  • 2.We can always tilt the odds in our favor. Having faith that you are a lucky person actually makes you more likely to notice opportunities and more likely to be in a position to take advantage of them.
  • 3.Get to the ground – out of all the people in this world – there will be thousands of people who will
  • I.Lose their job
  • II.Have accident
  • III.Lose money
  • IV.Miss an opportunity
  • V.Make bad decisions
  • VI.Have relationship breaks and pains
  • VII.You children will not do as well – as you expected them
  • VIII.You may lose your loved ones
  • IX.Only this time – it is you - we all experience bad luck - if you start observing you may find someone far worse off than yourself
  • 4.Take actions hoping that things will get better
  • 5.Think positive and accentuate the positive with visualizing your taking right actions - this technique makes you see yourself in mind accomplishing something that you want – this makes you plan out the steps to make that thing happen.
  • 6.Clear all the clutter on your desk, computer, home and your brain – by identifying and focusing only on highest pay-off and most important meaningful goals
  • 7.Keep your debt to nil or zero level – by spending less than what you earn or you have
  • 8.Increase the power of cause and effect - through helping others become more successful and accomplish their dreams, needs and wants.
  • 9.Use the law of greater efforts of a large group - it may seem very right and logical to use all your talents – to make only you very successful – but many times the fundamentals and principals behind the multi-level-marketing [I am not advocating MLM the way it is being practiced today – only the concept]
  • 10.Reach out to a higher power and seek blessings – and believe to be given the rightest, the correctest and the bestest – ideas, solutions, reactions and responses to your turmoil
  • 11.Thinking smarter and apply this while working hard towards taking small-steps which brings you closer to your future goals
  • 12.When nothing works – you don't have a job, relationships disintegrates, debt-mount high, savings – start learning and upgrading your skills – no money – go online
  • 13.Read and listen to inspiring people
  • 14.Identify - acquiring whichever character traits, skills, habits, attitude and knowledge can make you more valuable
  • 15.Then just get into upgrading and inculcating these on full-time basis
  • 16.Develop interests that makes you see your strengths and situation in new perspectives
  • 17.Teach whatever you know to those – who need them
  • 18.If possible – be with people who are in very high energy, smartness and very resourceful emotional states
  • 19.Become more active on professional forum – by participating in talks, webinars etc.
  • 20.Always be on lookout for opportunities – then take actions till you either fail or succeed – if you fail just forget and look for another opportunity
  • 21.Luck at times operate in very peculiar ways - what feels like a bad-deal ends up being a blessing – or a seemingly great break – breaks you down
  • 22.Try to solve problems of others by putting yourself in unfamiliar situations
  • 23.Accept challenges and challenging tasks - which makes you exercise your brain, creativity, thoughts and emotions – in totally unprecedented ways
  • 24.Become master in improvisation and learn to either pivot or course-correct your decisions and actions which did not work
  • 25.Force yourself to take action into the realm of fear – the ones which may give you breakthrough
  • 26.Learn to listen and trust your intuition
  • 27.Take risks – know that both possibilities exists – of failing and succeeding – if fail learn and move on and move forward
  • 28.Hang out with lucky, happy and successful people
  • 29.But – prepare yourself for – how you will deal if worst things happen in multiple
  • 30.Stop thinking about what you could have done differently and wishing if only the circumstances were little different
  • 31.Instead start focusing on what you can do now – to lessen and mitigate the effect
  • 32.Stop magnifying what has happened by overanalyzing and overthinking
  • 33.Take action now – with what you have and which are within your area of control
  • 34.While chance events certainly occur, they are purely random in nature.
  • 35.Try becoming more social – by increasing interacting with happy people
  • 36.Stop watching news channels – to avoid unnecessary exposure to unneeded negativities
  • 37.Identify which areas of your life makes you feel unlucky – is it your relationship or children or finances or professional and career or business or social
  • 38.Create focused and determined intentto take actions to change your situation
  • 39.Then create action plan by working backwards from the outcome you want – the worst thing you can do is nothing – as nothing is going to change that way.
  • 40.Go through your life and check – whether you have been doing the same things again and again yet expecting a different and better result – this could be your best opportunity to create a better you – remember metamorphosis – larva can't turn into butterfly without undergoing solid pains.
  • 41.If you think life has treated you unfairly and has favored others – find out if possible – what all they endured before getting the success or anything that makes you envious of them
  • 42.If you want to change your luck you have to grow and better in many of the roles you have and the skills that you posses
  • 43.Work with a life coach - mentor someone else
  • 44.Expose yourself to new people
  • 45.If you want something more for your life you've got to get around new people. This doesn't mean to just ditch your family and friends. It does mean to get around people who are doing what you want to be doing.
  • 46.When you start to express interest in new things and goals the you need to build and invite people who are doing what you want to do
  • 47.Your mindset can be your biggest friend or your reason to fail – choose yours
  • 48.Start focusing on the areas of your life where you feel blessed – initially it may be difficult but you can find few
  • 49.Take a risk with the intention of not giving a damn if you do not succeed
  • 50.Ask yourself – is yours a case of "nothing good is happening for you in this phase" or the case of "bad things are only happening to you.
  • 51.You might feel unlucky because play too-safe
  • 52.Not taking risks can get you a life – where you never achieving anything worthwhile plus you spend a lifetime doing things you don't enjoy and missing out on your love, potential and living with regrets
  • 53.If you're doing what you know would change your luck – then stick with it until you get what you want
  • 54.Create pro-active ways to productive, powerful and positive boosters and throwing yourself into something that is meaningful
  • 55.Become involved and absorbed in something that gives you purpose and fulfillment and make you feel come-alive
  • 56.If your life is not where you want it to be, you may feel the urge to blame others for your plight.
  • 57.After all, you would never intentionally bring unpleasant circumstances onto yourself, so how could they be your fault?
  • 58.Remember, it's not just what happens to you-it's how you deal with it that determines your quality of life.
  • 59.Ask yourself "how can I improve my life and gain better control in my life" - accept responsibility and stop the blame and excuse and justifying game.
  • 60.Appreciate what you have
  • 61.Take care of something new each day - changing your mindset isn't something that happens overnight – that is why change a little everyday
  • 62.Accept uncertainty and changes
  • 63.Stick to the facts – challenge your assumptions and perception of the situation – which is making you stressed
  • 64.Avoid all-or-nothing thinking
  • 65.Take care of yourself
  • 66.Identify – whether you are not living in denial
  • 67.Avoid falling in the trap of substance abuse
  • 68.Feel pain and let your grief or loss cycle take its pace
  • 69.Take this opportunity of despair – to become your true self
  • 70.Are you looking at your life through a negative filter
  • 71.Realize your personal power
  • 72.Seek help – and become generous – to give to others
  • 73.Laugh – even at your misery
  • 74.Find meaning and make your life meaningful – introspect and identify your own dreams and start working on long-term projects, relationships, interests and commitments through meaningful activities
  • 75.Start living a life full of compassion, love, care and admiration
  • 76.Be mindful of your energy – manage your energies well and use all the healthy methods those work for you
  • 77.Stop fighting and resisting during the bad luck time – instead practice accepting the changes
  • 78.In case you don't feel like doing anything – don't fore yourself – instead surrender for that time without GIVING-UP

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