How to prevent Fear of Missing Out, Anxiety, and Insecurities & Stress to ruin your life


How to prevent Fear of Missing Out, Anxiety, and Insecurities & Stress to ruin your life

In our current age all of us are YOLO, which is an acronym for "You only live once".

Many of us live this life full of anxieties, insecurities, fears and stress which does not have any basis & those which can be easily eliminated or minimized by do it ourselves practices to inculcate them into our day to day habits or makes them part of our nature.

In this article we will talk about all the FOMO, Insecurities, Irrational Fears & Anxieties and how to overcome them better.

What is FOMO

FOMO is an Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media. FOMO is a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent". This social anxiety is characterized by "a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing"

FOMO affects all of us, whether we're single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between.

Causes of FOMO

1.Our perception of everlasting happiness

2.Wishful thinking about fulfillment of all that we desire & want

3.Getting all these without putting the real efforts those which are mandatorily basic for the desired outcomes

4.Our time spent on social channels, where many people put a façade of being happy & successful.

5.Then we start believing & comparing our lives with these assumed happy, problem free, stress free who have it easy all the way

6.Because we constantly compare with illusions & our perceptions of how the things should be, we constantly struggle with the uncalled for pressure of FOMO, as we feel we are the only unlucky people

7.Then this FOMO nurtures & feeds an ongoing cycle of isolation, hopelessness & insecurities. And in many cases it becomes the whirlpool we cannot come out

8.Because all of desires are based on being someone else, with whom we compare ourselves based on their social media publications, we stop being ourselves & that adds to our already overburdened misery

9.We also have a false perception that we should not project an image as a weakling, so we can to relate with others on a deeper way, as we don't let our vulnerability show

10.Then our EGO tells us to stop adjusting, we tell ourselves that, why should be compromise with others

11.Our romantic expectations are all time high as we expect all our needs, wants & expectations get met through one person.

12.We start depending on one person instead of our total social circle for our emotional, physical, mental & other needs and expectations

13.Because we are looking for instant gratifications, we look for alternatives very soon instead of putting efforts to cultivate & make the existing work. We start changing jobs & partners

14.Fear of being in the wrong job & spending time with wrong partner drives our FOMO further

15.Our values are not the end values like happiness, meaningful relationship, love, care, and adding value to others. Instead they are money, name, fame, glamor, recognition etc

16.The reality shows on the TV too are adding fuel to fire

17.We never think we can make any mistakes, so if anything goes wrong it is the other person's fault. As a result we never work on ourselves before looking for another job or another partner

18.Because we feel that we are perfect, we start changing the world, which turns out to be a recipe for disaster

19.Because FOMO is a self-esteem issue, because of in securities we are constantly chasing to be included & accepted by groups & people

20.The people suffering from FOMO also have a grate need for approval, recognition & appreciation from others

How FOMO impacts our Jobs, Relationships & our other day to day life areas

It impacts our Relationship Satisfaction It impacts our doing well in our profession or job

Why, Because

1. Our continuously being aware about how some of the people whom we are connected with, are doing so well in their Job, Business, Profession, Marital Life, Relationship, Money, name fame => through their social media posting

2. Our paying attention & importance to these notifications with keen interest

3. Our comparing our lives with these Lucky & Happy, People & Couples

4. Beating ourselves down that rest of the others have everything that we desire, but me, my unlucky self does not.

5. We make their make belief pictures & updates as the only facts, we fail to realize that they might be posting these to hide the fact of their unsuccessful, boring & traumatic life, based on their selfies, photo & write-ups

6. We fail to see the good in our life, & start thinking why can't I have those as well Glittering

Signs FOMO Is Ruining Your Dating Life & Relationships

1. Because we are connected with thousands of people through social media & see their ever being happy & successful. When we come across a person whom we like. But this likeness lasts only for very small time as when we see that He/She does not have many qualities that many of our multiple choices have. We start looking for another

2. As we believe in perfect life, perfect relationship & perfect soul mate, we don't want to make mistakes in choosing the wrong ones as "We only live once".

3. Therefore we keep on constant lookout for the perfect person & are terrified of settling with the one we are dating right now. This becomes the ultimate paradox of choice

4. Because of perfectness of our perception of our ideal partner, we have very high expectations unrealistic expectations, even though we ourselves have lots of lacuna

5. Because one person cannot satisfy you entire portfolio of needs & we look out for a better fit, we miss out on cultivating relationships with fine people, whom we are connected

6. Because the world is moving at a breakneck speed, we may come across people with mind-boggling connection & then we make that person our soul mate very fast. Later we realize on seeing their faults to which we were wearing blinkers, that we have made the wrong choice

7. Many times as we expect our perfect & ideal soul mate to appear from nowhere, we date just to fulfill our temporary needs and to pass time till that moment of connecting with the best person arrives.

8. Because of the above points, we always find our exes better than our current ones. That is why many of us maintain relationship with our ex in case the current ones does not work out they can always go back to their ex. This is totally inadvisable

9. We start projecting our insecurities on our partners, without making efforts to identify, understand & cure our own faults

How to combat FOMO, in Jobs, In Relationship & Everywhere else

1.Admit that you have FOMO

2.Understand that engaging in FOMO is unwinnable

3.Understand that FOMO is based only your perceptions & assumptions

4.Understand that you have the capacity to defeat FOMO

5.Creating a journal of the positives that we have, Create an abundance mindset by looking at the blessing that you have

6.Understanding just because we think [actually assume] something, doesn't make it true

7.We do ask ourselves the following questions before believing our assumptions as the Gospel Truth

I.What are we actually missing, are we missing attention of potential partners or are we missing out on activities with our friends or we are missing out on career opportunities because of the time you invest in your relationship

II.Is this something I really wished I was doing

III.Is this feeling telling me something that I need to change

IV.Is this something that is viable for me right now? Is this an accurate representation of reality?

8.Make yourself Busy by remaining engaged in meaningful activities

9.Keep your My-Space and be social the same way with your friends like before, Don't sideline your friends

10.Stay active and live a healthy lifestyle

11.Exercise, meditate

12.Go for vacations

13.Join different interest groups

14.Widen your areas of interest & base of your knowledge & skills by learning and keeping yourself updated

15.Have social relationships with different types of groups & people & hang out with them to see the reality by asking questions to verify your doubts

16.Avoid & minimize social media addiction, stop spending time on them, especially reading about your presumed Happier & more Successful Connections

17.Learn to see the real things when you hang out, people cannot project happiness facade for long. The chink in their armor always will show cracks

18.Listen to everything they say.

19. FOMO is all about your perspective, You always want what you think other people have, but you don't always consider the downsides to what they're going through.

20.For those who feel they've won the dating/job/career lottery and are with a highly desirable partner, FOMO obviously doesn't matter much. But for those dating a partner who doesn't seem as desirable, other options in the dating pool

21.When you believe your job or your partner has more positive then you put a lot of effort into your career & relationship would be more satisfied. The trick is to see it that way by identifying all the positives.

22.Understand that Humans Are Designed to Fear of Missing Out, entire gossiping is based on that which most people indulge in time to time

23.The perception of Sticking together is safe, being left out is insecure, is reinforced when people have got in touch with the social media

24.Understand that Most people don't have the capacity to pay attentions to their entire social sphere, online or in-person, so you'll always be left out of events

25.Identify The Joys of Missing Out, to experience the joy of missing out, you need to realize that your own worth comes from within. You are the only person you can control. Approve yourself and make the security come from within.

26.Clarify your needs & wants when you're clear about what you want, the things you miss out on tend to be less important.

27.When you build self-esteem through these methods and take care of you, the need for FOMO will slip away

28. Don't be friends with your ex-girlfriends on Facebook. With time, you forget the bad stuff about her that caused you to break up in the first place, a process accelerated by her only posting flattering updates and pictures. Soon you'll be wondering if you should get back together and feeling jealous when she starts seeing other guys

29. Don't engage in a FOMO arms race. When other people's updates are putting you in a funk, it's tempting to "retaliate" by trying to post things from your own life that you think will induce FOMO in them. But engaging in such a practice only magnifies your own feelings of insecurity, deepens your propensity for making comparisons, and perpetuates the cycle

30. Accept That Things Are Happening Without You

31. Accept that The fun (or other positives) that you're missing out on might not be as huge as you imagine it to be

32. FOMO is an unwinnable game

33. Block the Distractions, We're already fans of taming information overload, especially if that information only causes you distress, as FOMO does. Turn off all notifications, except the immediately actionable ones.

34. Relish the Present, Feel more relaxed and in control, by taking pro-active actions towards your meaningful goals

35.Slow down. Most of us move at a faster pace than is necessary or beneficial to our best interests. Practice taking your time when eating, driving, talking, making love, or engaging in the tasks of everyday living

36.Practice discernment in regard to distinguishing what is truly important and necessary from what is merely desirable, and choose to eliminate some of the things that don't contribute

37.Go for the experience & memories and not materialistic trophies

38.Be willing to not have it all, start focusing your Needs as they are limited instead of Desires which are endless

39.Stop Multi-tasking, do One thing at a time

40.Practice Mindfulness through strive for the deep satisfaction that comes with the cultivation of mindfulness

41.Try not be judging others based on hearsay [social media or gossip]

42.Give Priority to relationships, love, understanding & intimacy over materialistic pleasures

43.Savor the moment Enjoy the journey and the process rather than waiting for the ultimate results

44.Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude

45.Stop thinking about what I could have done, instead focus on what can you do to improve and take appropriate actions

46.If you feel they are having fun without you, create give a dman & start having fun without them

47.Learn to enjoy your company

48.Whenever you get the feeling that you are a loser, tighten your belt & resolve how I can bounce back

49.Understand that the Real cost of FOMO is actually missing out on those beautiful moments which you wasted on suffering due to FOMO

50.Always understand nobody will post the reality on the social media

51.Accept that life has its ups and downs, it can not always be rosy or always be bad

52.Accept that with your time you cannot be more than one place, so choose your priorities & act on the most important ones

53.Looking at social media & others for happiness is a bad idea

54.We all have bad things we could think about. But they don't bother us when we pay them no mind. Your happiness is determined by how you allocate your attention.

55. Appreciate current positivity, assets, relationships, support groups you are thankful for

56. Make real connections with your close relationships

57. Learn the difference between real & REEL then "Highlight Reel"

58.Get More of the Important Things Done, Commit to strong, specific goals. Know the high-value activities needed to hit your goals

59.Start saying no to people who bring you down. Recognize the trade-offs. When you are thinking about saying yes ask yourself what you're giving up. What is the most valuable use of your time right now? If it doesn't help you reach your goals then the answer is no

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