How to make the best out of the worst situation

Best from Worst Make the Best of Every Situation

How to make the best out of the worst situation

In this article you will learn

  • -Why it is possible and mandatory to bounce-back from crises and setbacks
  • -39 ways How to make Best out of your worst

Like in the epic movie Forrest-Gump Tom Hanks says SHIT-Happens – which it invariably would for each one of us.

Then IF SHIT HAPPENS for you - TURN IT INTO MANURE and Fertilizer – and then use it to grow your own garden.

In the face of setbacks - some people just fall apart – a few keeps moving-on till they have overcome the insurmountable odds and challenges.

The difference between those who crumble under the weight of the world and those who persevere - is the mindset of Hope, Faith and Resilience to make the most out of the worst of situations.

We all have days now and then when nothing goes right and it feels like as if everyone along with the universe is conspiring against us.

On these days all our decisions, choices and actions bring outcomes that makes us further depressed.

We need to get into our psych that whenever we are facing unexpected life-rocking and life-shocking problems, difficulties, obstacles, challenges and struggles – it is an indication that we need to create Giga transformation and changes in all our perspectives and all aspect of life – mindsets, attitude, habits, our expectations, our dreams etc. etc.

Irrespective of how horrible the situation is - we not only have to go through the nasty ride – but ensure that we retain our sanity.

These could one or all of these and more situations like - losing your job, businesses going bankrupt -and your life's savings might have completely wiped out OR anything worse than these.

History is full of incidences where in the darkest-time - countless individuals, communities and societies persevered and after long struggles - attainted triumphs of greatest nature to set examples for the generations to follow.

Tragedies, disasters, crises of mammoth nature - always brings out the bravest selfless-acting leaders, heroes and heroines and the worst times can trigger the Best in few People – many of whom remain unsung.

Our normal life itself is filled with little-little setbacks, upsets, disruptions.

Right now we are going through scariest, trying and very tough times - and things are likely to get worse before they get better – therefore we all need to look for ways for – in every possible ways to make it better for ourselves as well as help those who does not have the requisite energies, caliber and strengths.

The large disasters always disrupt and make us free from our earlier assumptions, beliefs and expectations – which is a prerequisite for growth of exponential proportions.

When this happens – we need to experiment radically different things and try totally new ways – which in turn creates things which were unimaginable till it happened - but when it happened it felt like a need of how we existed without them.

39 ways How to make Best out of your worst

  • 1.Once you feel that you are up-to thinking rationally and are able to take stock of the situation- and - It may sound ridiculous to think and dream when you are in the eye of the storm – BUT – we need to redefine, re-think, re-dream – Our new goal post
  • 2.After this we need to Plan backward from the end-results - to the today's action-steps
  • 3.While planning – Take inventory all your resources – like our emotional-professional-family support system, our skills-expertise-experiences-competencies-strengths and so on.
  • 4.Focus ONLY On – the actions, decisions and activities – which are fully within our area of influence and control
  • 5.Now it is the time for pushing yourself forward to generate the momentum – and as long as you keep moving forward--even with tiny steps- you will move towards winner post
  • 6.Experiment, fail, improvise, innovate and try – THIS IS THE MANTRA THAT WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH
  • 7.We also need to understand that sometimes not getting what you wanted desperately could turn out to be a wonderful thing
  • 8.Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and inspired
  • 9.When you just can't think what to do – DO NOTHING
  • 10. Learning to face the brutal truth - Don't ignore, neglect and avoid the problems just because something doesn't fit your perception – this is one of the most counterproductive habits to be in denial
  • 11. Decide how to deal with it most effectively using creativity and innovation AND then take action
  • 12. Use the power of pain to catalyze yourself into actions towards something you are passionate about and also to give you the energy you need to move toward better things
  • 13. Understand that only you will have to take actions to make your life better and create the changes that you want un life – so just go and do it
  • 14. If you don't actually believe that you can change your situation, then you have no motivation to try to make that change - you feel doomed from the start.
  • 15. None of us can make someone else change. But we can control how others make us feel.
  • 16. ACTION is a great remedy for fear and dread
  • 17. Break your large action plans into bite-sized baby steps - to break the fear apart.
  • 18. Avoid associating with someone who degrades you on a daily basis or who discount your worth or who don't believe in you
  • 19. Stop complaining and start negotiating solutions
  • 20. Stop whining and take action to mitigate your sufferings
  • 21. Stop playing victim mindset – being a martyr, a victim, a rescuer and a persecute – instead take complete responsibility for all your actions and decisions
  • 22. Be proactive, be ready – jump into the sea of uncertainty – after creating plans on how would you handle if the worst happens
  • 23. Imagine the worst-case scenario and figure out how you'd deal with that
  • 24. Act swiftly but smartly – avoid foolish impulsive actions
  • 25. Never cut corners -deal with it sooner rather than later to solve the problem for long-term
  • 26. Be flexible and pivot fast if something does not work
  • 27. Forget the sissy mindset of weeping on what should happen, what you could have done etc. Etc.
  • 28. At times - let go of the control and allow things to fall apart so you can put them back together the way they were meant to be
  • 29. Don't wait for the right and perfect - opportunity, person, time - Take action as soon as you have basic information AND improvise as yo8u go along'
  • 30. Nurture important relationships
  • 31. Focus on excellence at everything that you do
  • 32. Take calculated Risks
  • 33. Never settle for mediocrity
  • 35. Engage with other people -When you are sad or stressed, you often don't want to be around others. But there are several advantages to social engagement.
  • 36. Stop comparing your suffering with others
  • 37. Don't repress your feelings – of Anger, Grief, Jealousy, Sadness, Despair and Melancholy – if you feel like crying go right ahead it is healthy
  • 38. Identify what you could have done better – now think what you can do now to improve your existing situation
  • 39. Commit doing something nice for somebody less fortunate than you
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