How to make good luck happen in your life

does-luck-really-matters-you-betcan-you-increase-the 45 tips on How to increase the probability of good-luck happening to you more often

In this article you will learn the following

-27 basics about LUCK - what all can falls under the realm of LUCK - this includes both good and bad

-45 tips on How to increase the probability of good-luck happening to you more often

How to make good luck happen in your life - Importance of luck in your life - Is there anything like luck - Does luck really has any impact.

If anyone had asked me Does Luck Really Matter in Life [even 10 years back] - I would have just laughed at his or her face - and would have given many examples of - there being no such thing as luck and that if you do things right consistently you can achieve everything that seemingly lucky people have manage to accomplish.

But in last few years after listing and analyzing all the significant emotional and life-disrupting events in my life AND also what is happening in the world with many people - I have become a firm believer in that LUCK does have significant role in both positive and negative happenings which have huge impact in anyone's life.

Let me qualify and explain the rationale of my belief in LUCK being important.

Hard work, going through 99% perspiration & keeping your inspiration and motivation, continuously improving yourself, raising the benchmark and delivering excellence, rigorous planning and brilliant execution - all of these are undisputable and are 100% mandatory - to succeed big-time. 

In this article - I have tried to highlight the importance of luck - in two scenarios 

First when something happens over which you had any control[before or after or in both scenarios} and which you never ever expected[both tragedies & say windfall of the type where you did something on hunch(albeit with solid preparations and planning) and it paid really huge-dividends] 

2nd situation - when you go into hall of fame category - say like Byju [this type of jumps needs LUCK along with your doing everything right. 

And here I am not talking about Adani-story - although that too needs a different type of luck.

If you are going to be in the top 10% in any category nationally as well as globally - you would need very-very strong good-luck.

If you feel that luck does not have anything to do with you and your life - well good-luck to you.

27 basics about LUCK - what all can falls under the realm of LUCK - this includes both good and bad - through some examples from my life - I am sure you can add many of your own

  • 1.You are born to rich, educated, socially well-connected and successful parents - then you are almost guaranteed to have a good and easy life & would have the chance to acquire qualifications and can begin the life at a level which the persons born in the next paragraph would take ages to reach - Although you can certainly screw-up all these advantages of luck.
  • 2.But suppose - you are born - into a family - with one earning member and 10 dependents and are always struggling to have two square meals every day - You could still manage to get a good education and a good job - BUT - to acquire these you have work much-much harder and will have to constantly fight for every advantage that the person born in the above category does not even have to think about
  • 3.You are male - in this still male-dominated world - this can create solid difference to say your career-choices
  • 4.You are born in a fully developed country
  • 5.You meet a perfect mentor - who becomes your Godfather and guides you throughout you career and helps you reach pinnacle professionally
  • 6.You find most wonderful romantic partner - who adds rainbows to your life and you have that proverbial live happily ever after life
  • 7.You happen to launch your business - in a niche - which becomes a very powerful startup and goes on to become an unicorn
  • 8.You are perpetually battling one illness after other - without any medical reasons OR you never fall sick
  • 9.You happen to get connected with people of influence and who takes instant liking to you and help your path becomes smoother
  • 10. You find the best doctors and other professionals and other service providers - who just feel great going out of their way to delight you
  • 11. Or you have expenses and losses and unexplained demand on your resources and are bankrupted by your medical bills
  • 12. You launch a business with all the right process BUT it sinks all your savings and you are back to searching for a job
  • 13. You have created a very decent nest for yourself for retirement - but when you went to encash it - the stock market has crashed or you bank has failed and you manage to lose everything
  • 14. You never even think about hurting anyone or cause loss to others - BUT - still others think of you as negative
  • 15. You only attract toxic and negative people
  • 16. You are accident-prone
  • 17. You have a large-client with whom you have solid-track record going back almost two decades - one small insignificant mistake [which was not a mistake but actually the ego-hurt of a person] - makes you lose this client forever - these happened during a phase with some large clients within 12 months - and still you can't see - your fault EVEN you have discussed with others who too feel clueless
  • 18. You have asked your investment consultant to invest in some specific instruments and have asked him not to invest in few - after sometime you find he has put most of your money in those which asked him not to - and you lose almost all your capital
  • 19. You had adequate medical insurance - but once you miss premium by 15 days - as you never receive the premium notice because it was never sent by the insurance company - and during this period of without cover you happen to incur heavy hospital expenditures - which dents your savings and financial security in a big-way
  • 20. You do only good for others unconditionally - still people think of you as a villain
  • 21. You try to do the right thing - but somehow in the end - it turns out to be bad-decisions
  • 22. Luck can also be things - which you never even in your wildest imaginations expected certain things to happen
  • 23. You luck can also be effected by the decisions other people made on your behalf
  • 24. Sometimes there's nothing that you could have done - and nothing you can do to change an outcome - things just happen
  • 25. Whatever you can't control and which impacts you can be your luck
  • 26. Most of the negative ones given above ARE THOSE WHICH HAVE HAPPENED IN MY LIFE
  • 27. Luck can be all these things - on which you just can't have any iota of control

45 tips on How to increase the probability of good-luck happening to you more often

  • 1.Wish everyone good-luck and fortune - from your core
  • 2.Feel happy and excited with the success, happiness and accomplishment of others
  • 3.Understand that the seemingly Lucky people aren't always lucky — but they have learned to handle adversity more effectively
  • 4.Find ways to relax [this you have find the right ways and practice to make it part of your daily habit - so that when adversity strikes - you can use this effectively]
  • 5.Make you nature to work within your area of control and influence and ignore what is beyond
  • 6.Learn and strengthen your capabilities to face tougher situations more effectively
  • 7.Proactively seek challenging, tough, difficult scary assignments and tasks - which makes you step into the realm of unknown and uncertain
  • 8.Become comfortable with change and adversities
  • 9.Look for solutions - rather than giving up
  • 10. Create positive and empowering ways to respond to disappointments in your life
  • 11. Stop comparing yourself with anyone else
  • 12. Stop becoming jealous of what others have
  • 13. Take complete responsibility for all That Happens in Your Life - at least you are in control of your thoughts and actions
  • 14. Stop Blaming - as this can never improve your situation - you must accept the fact that whatever happens to you - only you need to find solutions and take actions to get out of that
  • 15. Maximize Opportunities - try newer approaches
  • 16. Learn by doing things
  • 17. Take decisions after exploring the options and possibilities
  • 18. Take actions - after you have done due-diligence
  • 19. Start small - experiment with lots of projects and ideas - see what works and what doesn't
  • 20. Start Listening To your Hunches, intuition and gut-feelings
  • 21. Create positive expectancy by visualizing success in your future projects
  • 22. If you feel that some good-luck charm works for you - use it by all means - many times these can enhance your performance
  • 23. Hang Out With Other Lucky People
  • 24. Learn to view failures as part of everyday life - Fail more by trying new things, taking risk and stretching yourself beyond your current capabilities
  • 25. Always identify and Examine the choices you have and make
  • 26. Invest in tomorrow - by making learning continuously your nature
  • 27. Network with people who matters strategically - Build relationships with people who can provide opportunities
  • 28. Always plan and Be prepared for the worst
  • 29. Avoid toxic people, Keep away from energy vampires, get rid of people who make you feel bad about yourself
  • 30. Identify who are your real well-wishers and those who are jealous but show that they are your friends
  • 31. Stop complaining - start negotiating solutions
  • 32. Safeguard Your Business Success Through Savvy Legal Planning
  • 33. Be open to changes and proactively seek changes - Be flexible and adaptable to new things
  • 34. Listen to your heart -Learn to slow down to spot opportunities
  • 35. Discover your WHYs and what makes you feel fulfilled and what makes you excited in life - then work on those passions
  • 36. Understand that in many cases the Luck is a spectrum - it can range from a great good luck to very bad luck
  • 37. Sometimes you may make all the right moves - but it might not be the right time or the conditions were not set for success
  • 38. Understand that people do go through strings of bad luck - if happen to be in one - don't take many decisions
  • 39. Many times you are the most talented and capable person - yet the person with mediocre abilities but with great connections - will be in limelight - this is the way world works
  • 40. Understand that Success is much more than Hard Work, Talent and perseverance are all necessary but not a sufficient condition to succeed in life.
  • 41. Learn to relax and manage your stress
  • 42. Make your self-care a most important aspect of life
  • 43. Make your most important relationships your greatest asset
  • 44. Seek help - when you are not able to manage
  • 45. Just do nothing when feeling too overwhelmed - till you start feeling some degree of control

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