How to enjoy being bored


Boredom to Boardroom, Art of being Bored Profitably

You may know that boredom or utter frustration, has led to many great discoveries, inventions and ideas, that changed the world.

Make boredom your biggest resource and strength, it can literally take you from boredom to Boardroom.

In this article we will talk about how we can cultivate the habit of feeling bored purposefully and use it to transform our life, magnanimously.

Being bored is something all of us go through, time to time. But here we are not talking about being bored that happens occasionally, for a very short period of say few hours.

We would be focusing on those times, when it lasts for days at a stretch, where you felt, a void, an emptiness, a peculiar restlessness.

You felt something was missing, and that you knew that you need to take some action yet did not know what and how.

There are 3 types of boredom, 1st one is situational and temporary. The 2nd one is longer lasting or saturation boredom.

The 3rd type is Chronic or the Inclination Boredom, which is a complex psychological issue, needing expert help, and has been linked to

1.Mindless Rash Driving
2.Snacking on junk
4.Risky sex
5.Problem gambling
6.Inflecting pain to beat the boredom

This third type of boredom is beyond the scope of this article.

What triggers longer periods of boredom

1.You are doing something that is so mundane, that none of your emotionally and mentally satisfying needs are met

2.You are caught in a rut of routine, with absolutely no challenges and no stimuli

3.You chose something that you thought would give you lasting happiness and satisfaction, but it turned out to be short-termed, as you find that your real fulfillment elements are missing. But you are unable to change that state

4.You are doing activities that you are forced to do, but all your body-mind-soul, are protesting against it

5.You are stuck in something, and, can not see your way around. In spite of trying for longer periods

6.When you are doing something that is way beyond your current capabilities and capacities

7.When you have to give up something that you are addicted to or love, for doing something that you dislike

8.When you are overusing or over exposed to few stimuli for very long time – like video-games, mindless internet surfing etc

9.You are in a shock due to some emotionally rattling event in your life

10.You are burned-out

11.You are depressed

12.You have been sick for long

In few of the above, people may need therapy from trained counselors, especially the number 7 to 12.

Let us look at the definition of boredom

Boredom is the frustrating experience of wanting but being unable to engage in satisfying pursuits through engaging their internal (thoughts or feelings) or external (environment) factors necessary to produce a satisfying emotional fulfillment.

Now a day, when the parents hear their child they, that "they are feeling bored". The instant reaction in them is to give them a temporary quick-fix distraction.

This is creating a new generation of chronic people who are bored in an instant and go for a stimulus that in turn creates the vicious cycle of negativities.

The world now is full of instant distractions and ways to fill up empty boring time, which are mostly junk and addictive.

And it getting bigger, longer, stupider, louder, or anything else to keep your brain interested long after you've stopped caring.

The junk quick fix is not the real problem, it the amount you consume for how long which may destroy people, like getting them addicted to drugs in an irreparable way.

This is one of the reasons we have a very large number of people with psychological disorders which leads to insomnia, obesity and many other things like FOMO.

How we can use boredom to metamorphosize our life

1.If we can encourage contemplation and daydreaming, whenever we are bored, it may actually make our creative ability a big strength for us

2.We need to Get used to utilizing, and subsequently, enjoying the boredom

3.By recognizing our boredom as a signal for you to move on and do something else

4.By utilizing Boredom to rest your mind or exercise your mind

5.Because it is in your greatest and worst boredom times, your best ideas can come to life and you can actually make plans for the near or far future

6.Never try to go for a quick fix to fix your boredom

7.Instead let your subconscious brain create new stimuli. You may find yourself thinking and later acting on ideas that would become game changer for you.

8.All you need to do is sitting in boredom for a long period, purposefully and accept that you are bored. Then focus on anything which in happening, find what is interesting that ordinary thing, slowly you will find and start enjoying. As ANYTHING will become interesting, especially the things you're afraid of. In order for this to happen, you have to go beyond, your fear of being bored

9.Learning to use your boredom, the empty time, as a tool. Use it to manage time for later, so you can get to the things and people you enjoy, or to find a solution for an ongoing issue in your life

10.Learning to turn boring times into genius times [like sitting in a meeting], into pro-active day-dreaming for recreating a powerful future, through introspection

11.Understanding that it is more harmful to be continuously busy, under the pressure of peer competition, society's expectations etc

12.Recognizing the sign of boredom as the wake-up call signal, which is telling you that you have already grown bigger than your current, so to go for most ambitious dreams and projects, as your mental and emotional psyche needs bigger challenges.

13.The reason we will bored for longer duration [in case it is not due to psychological reason mentioned above ], is that we do not find meaning in whatever we are pursuing

14.But the point 12 can not be taken, just on the basis of couple of days frustration or boredom, at office to quit the job. It would be disastrous

15.To understand that Occasional boredom is pretty much inevitable and can occur in many situations for many different reasons. The point is not to eradicate boredom or to be bored all the time, but rather to aim for a healthy dose

Dealing with boredom

1.Plan to get out of Your Comfort Zone

2.Identify what improvement in your situation are needed

3.Use time of Boredom to rest and Replenishes your Energy

4.Become comfortable with doing nothing

5.During this time of inactivity, mentally Learn To Focus On something that is important but you are not able to solve it

6.Recognize boredom. Determine if you're really bored
7.Figure out why you are bored. What are you clinging to, what are you pushing away?
8.Ask yourself what emotions you are feeling
9.Ask yourself what emotions you are avoiding
10.Let go. Let go of whatever you are clinging to. Let go of whatever you are pushing away.
11.Sit with the boredom and feel it in your body. Notice it. Do nothing about it. The most powerful way of transforming boredom is to do nothing about it. Simply be.

12.Increase your proficiency at the important task that you handle

13.Rather than the task itself

14.Understand that there are some things that we must do which are always going boring or tough, learn to Fall in love with a outcome the final result of the task

15.Use boredom to delay gratification to develop The Power of Patience

16. Replace your fear of facing difficult tasks, by contemplating and making them divided into smaller chunks

17. Stop caring about your fear of looking lazy or unaccomplished, by others

18. Start enjoying your company to overcome your fear of being alone.

19. Stop focusing on Keeping Yourself Busy and Enjoy Your Life Instead

20. Become curious about everyday things, and sharpen your observation skills
21.Act spontaneously
22.Bring a pencil and paper with you everywhere to write you day journal, draw, doodle, write short story
23.Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
24. Volunteer your time for social service and causes
25.Join new hobbies and activities
26. Exerciseand meditate
27.Play a team sport or physical game
28.Plan an event
29.Try out a new recipe for dinner.
30.Unplugging from all the modern gadgets
31.Take a break in the wilderness
32.Start taking photos from your mind, avoid using your cell-phone

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