How to be unique from others


To Be a Champion Be a Mis-Fit Do Not Be An Unfit or a Fit

Consciously choosing to be Unique & choosing to Stand out in any crowd – can be decision that can transform you and may have the potential to impact the world.

Conventional & nice people never ever catalize the world – it is the weirdos – who create big changes.

Because of our education – we are forced to conform or better still forced to think & act in the same way, as is considered norm.

When I talk about not conforming to norms – I do not mean that you do anti-social/people harming things to look different.

I am asking you to look at the same things – the million others are looking at => But see it from different perspective, look for different meanings and different solutions and different opportunities.

We are born Unique – thank God for that – otherwise if all of us think, act the same way all the time => I think the world will become a completely boring place.

If you take the most closest of relationships – it is seldom because they both are alike in maximum possible ways – but it is always because they compliment & supplement by adding value through being different.

All the discoveries, victories & success of mega nature are achieved only by people who break the limiting beliefs or stereotype thinking.

So guys and off course gals – please identify, polish, apply & celebrate your USP & become a winner in life.

Some advantages of being different could be

  • You will be a mystery to the world
  • You will be held in awe
  • You will be considered role model
  • Your opinion will be sought after
  • Your self confidence will be very high
  • You will be able to explore newer paradigm & your achievement would be at exponential level than the sheeps.

Know that you already are uniqueEven twins don't share the exact same traits.

Then HOW TO BE UNIQUE – By Being Yourself Truly & Fully – No façade

The Starting point would be

  1. Challenge Your Opinion Everytime => Whenever you come across any person or face any situation/issues/ problems => Your stereotype thinking will form an opinion or solution => Train yourself to ask "is this the only available solution/way/ meaning" + What could be the other distinctive angles to look at
  2. rain yourself to look at a person/situation from the perspective of a Eagle's Eye – from below, from same level, from higher level, from sideways => And when you have all the perspectives – then form a balanced view/opinion
  3. Treat every irritating person & situation => being the teacher to make you a better human being
  4. Approach all the obstacles/difficulties/challenges with a view that it has a hidden opportunity => Look till you discover the opportunity
  5. Get into the habit of assuming all the sad events, failures, mistakes are there to prepare you for your Noble goals
  6. Whenever you feel the solution that you have is the best – identify the assumptions – which makes you feel so & then attack these assumptions till you can see another view
  7. Getting to be Empathic with others – is a major tool to make you understand others & thereby yourself better.
  8. If you can always focus on "What is in it for me" from other's perspective & focus on these while interacting with others – Sky won't be the limit to your success & accomplishments
  9. Listen to others but do not be ruled by others – be assertive internally – take decision as per your own comfort
  10. Read & listen to people who have opposite view
  11. Learn to Prepare & present your case from your Opponent/ Audience's wants & needs
  12. Be unpredictable – by doing things differently all the time – but with only one focus to make it better
  13. Develop a thick skin – to make the ridicule, criticism & insult by others ,of no impact on you
  14. .Do not try to be different just for the sake of being different – it has to be done on logic & excellence focused mindset
  15. Be bold to share opinion in any front – but never impose your ides on anyone
  16. Be open to receive & modify your views if you find other's suggestions have real merit
  17. Learn to be graceful when you have made a mistake & accept the same without justifying it or by giving excuses
  18. Have the courage to ask questions to understand something fully – do not bother about what others will think about you

Some Tips to Further Polish Your Uniqueness

  1. Read, Read, Read => To Learn Learn Learn as much in your area & in different fields
  2. Remain Informed of what is happening in the world – Generally, professionally & in many other different cultures & geographies
  3. Practice till it is perfect – all the things that you need to know in your area of influence in different aspect of life
  4. Learn to shake Hand firmly + Practice Look in other person's eyes while talking + practice walking with confidence + Learn to have a smile
  5. Compliment others
  6. Listen well
  7. Instead of telling others - learn to Ask questions which shows you as an expert
  8. Create your smart wardrobe within your means
  9. Always deliver what you commit – do not commit what you can not deliver
  10. Learn how you can make your shortcomings as your strength
  11. Help people to grow
  12. Help people who needs help – work for a cause
  13. Identify & Stick with your values – stand up for something valued but not practiced
  14. Develop wit – develop to turn a situation into a laughter genuinely – If you can laugh at yourself Great
  15. Develop unique hobbies that you actually enjoy
  16. Identify yourself, Know yourself & be proud of your strengths
  17. Do not preach – make your life unparallel to be noticed by others
  18. Live Your Dreams
  19. Develop your elevator pitch
  20. Do not be afraid to take a view-point which is against the majority or of the powerful people
  21. Read, Listen to the WorldThen go & Develop your own views & The share it with the world => Use the power of Internet of Things to Promote yourself
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