How to be famous


How to be famous

How to become famous without talent, there is no such way, but if you need to be famous without talent then at the end of the article there is guide to do just that.

Many of us are driven by this internal push to achieve fame, name and recognition, in all our day to day affairs as well as in our important pursuits of life.

But, if your most dominating motivation [to make you take action towards anything major or even for smaller goals] - is to get recognized, appreciated, applauded, respected etc.

Then you could be in for some major disappointments, pains and failures in life.

This motivation to be famous can make people take drastic negative actions, which may haunt them always and can impact theirs and their loved one's life in very detrimental ways.

If you can identify with above paragraphs, then in that case you first need to work on your self-esteem, as this urge for external recognitions, stems from deep insecurities within your psyche.

Anybody can get few minutes fame, through doing infamous, negative and anti-social acts.

Here I would not be referring to negative ones, except giving few examples of what this insecurity can make people do and the probable downside.

In this article We would be focusing on how to create foundation to slowly build-up your life to be famous, only as a consequence of our actions AND NOT AS AN END, decisions and choices - without actively looking for and focusing at this outcome at all.

If you are ready to work hard, and if you are ready to enjoy the your life's journey through failures, setbacks, mistakes and continuous learning and improvising, while on the way towards your major passions, your dreams and meaningful pursuits – then this article would add value to you.

Fame certainly has its perks, and you'll find there are many paths to get to fame. One of the best ones is to develop a talent. Then, you can market yourself and that talent to the world, building your base and making you famous.

But you must first need to understand that fame doesn't always last long, also that becoming famous doesn't always mean you'll experience the types of things you might dream about, such as piles of money and a life of luxury.

In fact, famous people would be the first to tell you that being famous often comes with a hefty price tag.

Let us look into few ways you can build a solid base for long lasting fame and legacy

1.Decide what type of fame you really want, do you want to just recognized locally or cannot do without global fame
2.Think about the problems you are facing in your life and try to solve a problem in an unique way which benefits a chunk of significant mass
3.Identify what you invent and create that would have an recognition appeal
4.Create a very own signature style of yours to be instantly differentiated from the crowd
5.Get involved with causes that have significant interest of people, organize activities to highlight and pull people towards this cause
6.Identify your major talent or strength and that which is your passion as ell and go creating a world record
7.To make your strengths recognizable pick the global masters to learn from, do not worry about not having money if you are good enough for them to teach you, when you connect with them, you would find it gets organized automatically
8.Practice your skills so that you develop of a unique style of yours that is niche
9.Manage your brand actively to shape and define the way you want people to see you, by living your values
10.Use the power of social media and internet marketing tools to market yourself
11.Build up your base, by slowly creating an image of an expert
12.Be active in your professional, social communities and showcase your talent at every opportunity
13.Engage actively and involve people, who are connected with you, by adding meaningful value to them
14.Find or create an unclaimed niche and Stay authentic and original
15.Do not try to be what makes you uncomfortable, you should be perfectly at home in whatever you do, wear, eat, look
16.Be active on social platforms and post high-quality content regularly
17.Start becoming known for your contributions rather than glamour aspects
18.You need to learn to break away from the background noise[your real competitors]Understand that because of the onslaught through the over exposure to the media, internet flooding of posts, videos, blogs etc, the following are your biggest enemies
I.There are no spectators any more
II.No one is listening
III.As everyone is involved with themselves no one is actually paying attention to others
19.Develop interests those are shocking and creates awe in mind of people who knows you, then if you market yourself well and practice to make yourself better and better on continuous basis – the law of "word of mouth" would take over
20.Start smaller, Don't jump to the national shows first
21.Study celebrities/successful and famous people in your chosen field
22.Locate people who can help you
23.Develop a relationship with other celebrities/famous people
24.Maintain a good relationship with your fans
25.Use your status positively
26.Inspire, entertain and educate others without thought to making sales or promoting yourself or your business
27.Be helpful and friendly and humble
28.Engage others daily, especially influencers by adding positive value to them
29.Hang out with influencers
30.Never ever talk about your own success, let others do that for you

31. Get featured for your views, opinion and expertise 32. Become identifiable by either creating or being part of a big social cause

Examples of temporary negative fame acts people have done

1.Hoax calls to police about bomb in airplanes etc
2.In order to get famous letting yourself be driven by hallucinations or illusions to create situation where you get few days hours of fame[In India few months back there were, mysterious cases of women finding their hair cut – later it was proved that most of them have some disorders or were neglected people who wanted to get recognized by others]
3.Posting a silly video online
4.You can recall many similar incidents

Examples of positive fame acts people have done

1.Going for a Guinnies book of record, by practicing your passion and taking it to such levels, as to be in the top of its genre
2.Or going for such activities, that gives you fulfilling joy, yet that are enviable for others
3.You can add from your experience similar incidents

Guide to the fastest routes to fame


1. Do something incredibly stupid and obnoxious to attract attention to yourself, record your act of stupidity and publish it on social media

2.Make a scene everywhere you go – be barred by airlines
3.Draw attention to yourself , Dress like a clown
4.Marry someone famous or be related to a celebrity
5.Create AND Post something weird, funny, humiliating or dangerous on the Internet
6.You think about ways through your creativity. You have to remember that the ingenuity of ignorance can sometimes give you the windfall of fame

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