How leaders Use Whataboutery to shift blame


Art and science of Whataboutery and cockwomble-ness

In this article you will learn the following

-What is Whataboutery

-Who are Cockwomble

-How Whataboutery works

-19 tools Narcissist Whatabout-leaders use to make their opponents/ victims crazy and confused

-10 Examples of Whataboutism - when the other person is guilty and you point it out to them

-20 tips on how to deal Whataboutery and Whatabouters

Use of Whataboutery is on all time high in today's time - it is because of The number of extremely insecure people who are in the highly powerful positions has also become all time high - globally.

Because of their deep-rooted emotional-insecurities as well as the resulting psychological disorders - Whatabouters use various tricks to - not only create impressions of being powerful but also to control gullible masses.

Many of the people who practice Whataboutery also happen to be a Cockwomble.

Cockwomble is a person who is typically a male - who has reached position of power and who makes outrageously stupid and irrational statements and indulges in inappropriate behavior and who has a very high opinion of his own wisdom and importance.

How many of you will accept any of the following four incidents and similar ones

  • 1.If your kid said that he/she failed in his/her exams but nothing to worry as each of his/her friends also failed
  • 2.Or that he/she is not going to do his/her homework because none his/her friends are doing it
  • 3.Or this one - where you went to complain about a defective product and the salesperson asks what about others products that you bought which failed and goes on saying - that all brands and all products fails
  • 4.Or if you have a complain about the food at a eating joint and the manager says that the food at other places are worse

Above are the examples of say harmless for of Whataboutery.

In this article we will be exploring the toxic practice of Whataboutery and its impact.

You will be surprised about times you have actually accepted the Whataboutery of politicians and leaders and even applaud them for making such effective retort or comeback to counter their opponent's factual and logical and truthful claims.

All the tricks and techniques of Whatabouters - are driven from inherent cunningness, scamming and conning mindset and intent.

The techniques and tools that they have mastered are subtle and initially most people can fall in their trap - later only those people remains with them, who have their own axe to grind.

Because one person alone cannot control the world - he enrolls a large army of supporters for his objectives - One of the major manipulating technique that they use is Whataboutery.

Invariably you will find that the master practitioners of Whataboutery and Cockwombleness are - corrupt tyrannical politicians, power-hungry bureaucrats of all levels [includes judiciary as well as administrative cadres], unethical businessmen, unscrupulous media, celebrity religious characters and big criminals.

Almost all these people have excellent communication skills fine-tuned to establish their lies as truth.

They create an impression of their opponents being morons - through various ways to put-down, humiliate and insult - using media and all institutions that they control - to troll.

Whataboutery is used to suppress the truth and confuse others.

The large mass of people who support these highly toxic people in positions of power - are mostly unemployed, ill-educated, uneducated - brainwashed youths and even highly qualified well to do people who have secured their own interests fully well and now are indulging in their vile pursuits to satisfy their evil nature.

Whataboutery is used by hypocrites and who also use psychological projection as their defense mechanism -Their awareness is such that they are blind to the fact that they do just what they are complaining about- by making an accusation of hypocrisy of corruption, cheating, inciting violence etc. Of which they themselves are guilty.

They actually feel proud while using continuous multiple blame games and finger pointing.

Whataboutery is bit hard to recognize, because they look deceptively valid - and is used as an argumentative tactic where a person or group responds to an accusation or difficult question by deflection. Instead of addressing the point made, they counter it with "but what about x

The practitioner of Whataboutery attacks others - whenever they feel threatened by bringing out something from the distant past or an altogether irrelevant issue - it is used to ignore their major blunders and yap about something that is not of any significance.

They deliberately choose an out-of-scope, hostile counter-argument.

In many instances Whataboutery may feel very eye-catching and influential - but it is only side-line the real issues - ultimately nothing changes

Whataboutism is the most popular tactic for RW-politicians.

They view everything as battles to be won and their goal is to suppress their opponent by always being on offensive to puts their opponent on the back foot.

They are not interested in finding solutions or having a healthy open discussions or solutions.

They will never say sorry or accept their mistakes - unless to gain something great - that too in a manner that shows their total disregard to the serious issues - resembling crocodile tears.

Whataboutery is a way of responding to any subject which rattles them making a counter-accusation to gain control and to make themselves feel better.

Whataboutism is having double standard [unfair application of different sets of rules for different situations] countering accusations with accusations.

Whataboutery allows people to make incredibly self-contradictory arguments which they are never going to actually address it.

Whataboutery is thus extremely useful for propagandists who don't give a damn about logical consistency but are only focused about appealing to their loyal followers.

These propagandists can - use the same incident to project two opposite claims - like - they may show people happy through photos in media of smiling people to claim that people are happy to be liberated - and when needed they may show photos of children killed in bomb blasts to project as an attack on humanity.

They always show the evidence that fits their narrative and never show the truth - although they get entangled on many contradictory lies of their own making - but surprisingly their followers are always happy - as a result the propagandist does not need to defend their point any further.

In politics - when a party don't do what they promised - they would almost always point what was wrong in earlier and during the opposite party's rule.

All of us need to learn to avoid the dangers of Whataboutism for better relationships, better mental health, growth and sanity.

Whataboutery is a highly negative and self-defeating, self-sabotaging and self-harming habit - because its rewards are so intoxicatingly high - you may find it very difficult to break.

In long term it can stunt your happiness, growth, success, relationship, health, financial independence etc.

19 tools Narcissist Whatabout-leaders use to make their opponents/ victims crazy and confused

  • 1.Trolling is a great supporting tool for Whatabouters
  • 2.Constant criticism
  • 3.Showing contempt
  • 4.Attacking below the belt
  • 5.Stonewalling
  • 6.Physical abuse
  • 7.Mass hysteria
  • 8.Creating mob violence
  • 9.Mass violence
  • 10.Mass
  • 11.Going for emotional abuse
  • 12.Cheating on their commitment
  • 13.Fake news
  • 14.Suppressing truth
  • 15.Repeating lies till their supports accept these as truths
  • 16.Division on religious line
  • 17.Fanning riots
  • 18.Encouraging criminals
  • 19.Ridiculing, mocking, insulting - without any bars

10 Examples of Whataboutism - when the other person is guilty and you point it out to them

  • 1.Suppose you raise a point - they will counter it by saying - but you did it first [whether or not it is true - especially when it is not true]
  • 2.You ask them - that they did not do the shopping [or anything] - they will counter it by saying - what about the last week when you did not take children out
  • 3.If you are discussing male violence against women and the unsafe conditions women live under - they will counter it by saying - what about the attacks men are under now
  • 4.When you talk about the massive number of women who suffer sexual assault - they will counter it by saying - what about the men who get sexually assaulted
  • 5.When you raise the point racism - they will counter it by saying - how other religion do the same
  • 6.You point out their brutality and human rights issues - they will counter it by deflecting by pointing to the history of slavery in the united states - irrelevant you say but they continue to harp
  • 7.You point out their lie -they will counter it by pointing out how everyone lies
  • 8.You ask your children about bad grades - they will counter it by questioning your never going to college or you too having poor marks
  • 9.You point out their performance issues - - they will counter it by saying - they counter by saying - say Africa has worse record
  • 10.If you ask them not to drink - they will counter it by saying -but how come someone you respect can

20 tips on how to deal Whataboutery and Whatabouters

  • 1.When you are getting the urge to lash-out or strike-back or attack - take few deep breaths
  • 2.Take a break - get out of the situation if you are unable to calm yourself
  • 3.Seek time to have this discussion other time
  • 4.If the conversation or discussions are getting derailed or going off-track - bring the conversation back to the original subject - by saying maybe what you are saying is true but right now we need to focus on this issue
  • 5.Use critical thinking and assertively point out their trick of using Whataboutery for what it is - point out how they are trying to deflect and change the subject to avoid the original subject
  • 6.Force them see their Whataboutery
  • 7.Practice to learn to actively listen to the speaker - seek clarifications by asking open ended questions
  • 8.Learn to use facts and evidence instead of hearsay
  • 9.Learn to get rid of the urge to control others
  • 10.Learn to get rid of your ego which makes you go for unfair means to establish one-upmanship
  • 11.Learn to accept your weakness and flaws
  • 12.Learn to show to true self to the world
  • 13.Learn to be comfortable in being genuine you
  • 14.Learn how to handle difficult, toxic, manipulative, tyrannical person effectively
  • 15.Learn ways to manaage your anger
  • 16.Learn the effective ways to deal with your uncomfortable emotions and feelings
  • 17.Practice to have discussions to search for truth rather than trying to win an argument and to prove yourself right
  • 18.If you're in a relationship - especially marital one - you have a ready stage for
  • 19.Understand that even if your spouse is cause for 90% of the problem -you still have to deal with your 10% role in the issue
  • 20.You may get some success with few less expert Whatabouters but master Whatabouters will still disagree, argue and Whatabout - because it is their field they are experienced at doing this
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