Hard Tough Worthwhile Choices to Make in Your Life

The art of making right choices Why making tough choices needed for quality life

In this article you will learn

  • -25 elementary hard-choices you must make in life as the quality of your life will depend on what you choose - all the choices which are given below as easy - will make your life TOUGH DIFFICULT & HARD]
  • -16 examples of hard choices we may face and how to analyze the options - the pros and cons as well as how you can analyze to illustrate the process - is shown for few
  • -45 tips on how to choose the best option among the tough choices - suggestions to help you make tough decisions and move past decision-fatigue

The art of making right choices

Life is tough that is why we need to make hard choices to make it beautiful.

If you look at past and go back to your mindset of that time - you would discover - what you did choose and did - was the best for you at the time.

Many of us base our decisions and choices - solely on short-term.

We have heard that - it is never too late to make a change or correct the wrong decision - yes that is applicable when the right factors and conditions exists and are conducive.

All our choices, decisions and actions creates the consequences - which may continue to impact and dictate - the direction and ups-downs of our life -sometimes even throughout our lives.

When you consciously and proactively identify & choose the correct tough-n-hard options - in your various facets of life - your life becomes more satisfying, more fulfilling, happier and more successful.

Life gives all of us simple yet paradoxical choices to choose from.

I have given two almost equally tough-choices in each of the 25 life-components [some I have mentioned as easy although they have very tough impacts] - both the choices have opposite effects - with their typical sets of consequences.

There definitely are many more additional elements than those I included - you can add other choices which applies to you but does not figure in this list].

25 elementary hard-choices you must make in life as the quality of your life will depend on what you choose - all the choices which are given below as easy - will make your life TOUGH DIFFICULT & HARD]

  • 1.Sulking and not letting others know about your expectations is easy - telling them frankly in the correct manner is tough
  • 2.Not claiming your right is easy - knowing and asking for your rights is tough
  • 3.Maintaining relationship is tough – living alone and feeling lonely is even tougher
  • 4.Blaming others, making excuses, justifying is easy – taking ownership and full responsibility is very tough
  • 5.Whiling-away time having fun or playing useless video-games is easy - discipline is tough
  • 6.Being obese is easy as well as tough – exercising consistently to remain fit is very-tough
  • 7.Not telling what you feel is easy – expressing yourself honestly is tough
  • 8.Asking tough questions is hard and difficult – not asking and living in ignorance is easy
  • 9.Spending is easy – earning and saving is very tough
  • 10. Studying is tough - having fun is easy
  • 11. Finding solutions is tough - ignoring the problems is easy
  • 12. Working hard is tough – finding means to avoid work is easy [although for making wonderful excuses and justifications you would need high level of creativity]
  • 13. Taking risks, making mistakes and failing is tough and accepting that you made mistakes - is even more tougher – but - the regret of not doing is tougher and will sit with you for long
  • 14. Getting into argument to prove yourself right is easy - not letting your ego drive your motivation is tough
  • 15. Letting the misunderstanding to continue and become bigger is easy - taking initiative to resolve conflict is tough
  • 16. Giving in to impulses and instant gratifications is easy - sacrificing the fun of the moment for sustainable future growth is tough
  • 17. Escaping, ignoring, running-away and not facing your problems is easy - Facing the truth and taking actions is very tough
  • 18. Learning-unlearning-relearning is tough - letting yourself become obsolete is easy
  • 19. Blaming your luck is easy - taking charge and taking actions from within your area of influence is tough
  • 20. Giving-up in life and on yourself and on your dreams - is easy - fighting-back and conquering the obstacles to move forward and toward your big-picutre is tough
  • 21. Making-mistakes and failing is easy - consistently getting back and starting towards your goals is tough
  • 22. Sitting of your laurel is easy - creating benchmark excellence is tough
  • 23. Being average and mediocre in life is easy - making your life count for something meaningful is tough
  • 24. Not standing-up for wrongs is easy - courage to face the bully is tough
  • 25. Going for short-cuts and quick-fixes is easy - going for sustainable growth through long-winding path is tough

16 examples of hard choices we may face and how to analyze the options - the pros and cons as well as how you can analyze to illustrate the process - is shown for few

  • 1.Do you study further or start working
  • I.Pro for studying further - you could find a higher paid job when you're finished studying.
  • II.Con of studying further - your student loan will take longer to pay off.
  • III.Pro for working instead of studying - you start earning money right away. (if you're lucky to find a job)
  • IV.Con for working instead of studying - it's very difficult to get back into studying if you've decided to further your education.
  • 2.Should you focus on making money - or creating a happy and fulling life
  • I.Creating few parameters and values to live your life - which does not need money
  • II.They say money can't buy happiness - ask yourself - but it can buy you… you can list and note down all the things money can buy that you need or are desperate for
  • III.Compare what money can buy with what it can - and then see combination of which on them will make you happy
  • 3.Do you follow your passion or do you follow the norm or go along the flow
  • I.Identify what will be the hurdles in following your passion while living your life comfortably
  • II.And what would be the disadvantages of following the norm and do what the world is doing
  • III.List as many points all that drains you emotionally and does not have work-life-fun balance - and ask what has to happen to make it worthwhile for you
  • IV.But if your passion is unable to support you and your dependent financially in all likelihood fill you with anxiety and might actually become a nightmare
  • V.If both are important could start a side-hustle to fund your passion
  • 4.Where do you choose to settle
  • I.What type of house - which city - which location
  • II.What kind of budget do you have
  • III.Can you get to work easily
  • IV.Are all that you need - medical, groceries and public-transport etc. -are conveniently located
  • 5.When will you get married or to marry or not to marry - this hard choice is happening more importantly because of financial and economic instability - education and professional-stability has become very-very important before entering marriage - which invariably delays marriage
  • 6.Should you go for pre-nuptial-agreement - this documents has to focus on how you will get out of marriage in case it does not work-out between you two - while you are still in love and respect each other
  • 7.Should you go for children now or later or not at all - no doubt about it, deciding whether to have children or not is a tough decision - are you of right age, do both of you want to have children - both of you have wonderful relationship and understanding - your financial are in great shape to manage raising the child
  • 8.When to get out of a relationship - just walk away or try harder - are you always putting more effort in than your partner - are you feeling drained and exhausted all the time - have you lost your identity and individuality - you have tried therapy, counselling and open communication with your partner, and nothing has helped
  • 9.Should you get rid of toxic people especially in close relations or keep on tolerating them
  • 10. Should keep living in rented apartment or get financially tied down with mortgage going for your own house
  • 11. Do you pursue a relationship even though others disapprove
  • 12. Do you stay in the relationship for the sake of the children
  • 13. Do you switch off the life-support machine - it's one of the most guilt inducing decision someone has to make and it goes on to haunt you for very long
  • 14. Quitting your job for whatever - usually to be an entrepreneur - funding your business - choosing when and how to expand - figuring out when and how to exit
  • 15. Which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn
  • 16. The choice of walking away from something or someone or trying harder

45 tips on how to choose the best option among the tough choices - suggestions to help you make tough decisions and move past decision-fatigue

  • 1.Look beyond the moment - the worst choices and decision-making is when you choose, decide and act with only the present scenario in mind.
  • 2.Tough decision-making does not happen with focus on immediate-gain but is the result of pursuing potential long-term benefits - when your long-term gains far outweigh the immediate sacrifices - a bad relationship mistake can be made overnight because you only thought of the short-term benefits and instant pleasure
  • 3.First decide if you need to make a logical, rational and decision based on scientific data - like choosing between the right type of doctor or school - this is an intellectual-decision and should make sense on paper
  • 4.There is another type of decision-making - where you may face lots of resistance internally as well as externally - but you go along because of your passions and emotions and because this meets some of your very compelling need and longings - these types of choices are often made through your heart
  • 5.Think-through and evaluate whether you can survive and live the consequences
  • 6.Ask yourself how will you react - if you happen to fail or find this decision to be a totally wrong decision - weigh the cost of failure – not just the financial cost, but the emotional devastation and the time and energy lost
  • 7.Choosing a path that has the possibility of destroying you and which has the possibility of delivering the outcomes which may affect you negatively in big-way - may not be a wise choice
  • 8.Identify, understand and consider - the impact, the effect and the influence of your this choice or decision on those who are closest to you - especially your family members or close friends or associates
  • 9.Make informed-choices and decisions - decisions made solely on hopes, wishes, dreams and potential - fail miserably - use facts to arrive at your decision
  • 10. Ask yourself - are you financially, emotionally and mentally - stable enough to bounce back
  • 11. Schedule time to think and sleep-over - hard decisions which have huge impact needs reflecting on the problems and its various solutions and outcome
  • 12. Clarify-clarify-clarify - become absolutely clear about what is your real problem - and which problem you need to solve right-now
  • 13. Explore all possible options, possibilities and alternatives
  • 14. Commit to long-term thinking - think long-term in years - not tomorrow or next-week- the most successful people are intensely future-oriented
  • 15. Pause - take a breath - before you act - give yourself enough space to think, reflect, review and go-over - between what triggered - the stimulus and response
  • 16. Understand the effects of decision fatigue and take steps to beat it to remain energetic and enthusiastic and mentally agile by using the following 8 ways
  • I.Cut down on the number of decisions you have to make each day
  • II.Simplify your life
  • III.Stick with the basics - the natural laws of success, happiness and relationships
  • IV.Act when you have reasonable data and information
  • V.Consider the opposite and learn to be detached from your choices - to reduce your overconfidence about what you know and to reduce the time it takes to make the decision plus to increase your chance of success
  • VI.Crowdsource and talk with external experts
  • VII.Use your well-wishers as sounding board
  • VIII.Stop looking for the perfect - perfect moment, perfect opportunity, perfect information, perfect team and perfect condition
  • 17. Pick the right challenge - what is not worth spending time don't spend sleep over that
  • 18. Identify, understand and challenge - your sub-conscious psychological biases - to get clarity and it would help you overcome the challenges easily
  • I.Status quo bias - tendency to think in a certain subconscious way without even realizing - that it does not give positive outcomes
  • II.Tendency to stick with what we know as being the best option - instead of choosing something new and different or seeing the alternative as a risk or just not worth the trouble
  • III.Accepting and taking action and decision on our first impression - or relying too heavily on the first thing we hear
  • IV.Choice overload - choice overload can happen any time we feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. We have such a hard time comparing them that we're less likely to choose anything at all - stress can have an impact—both on the quality of our decisions and on our ability to make them
  • V.Decision fatigue - forced to make multiple decisions one after another
  • 19. Tune out outside noise - especially other people's opinions and advises - listen by all means but at the end your own heart
  • 20. Seize any opportunity or anything that looks like opportunity
  • 21. Don't waste your limited and precious time by doing the wrong things - those which are focused on meeting other people's expectations
  • 22. Become the take-action person - because as you put years in your life you will realize that - your major regrets are not for all what you did but all those which you could have but did not do - in long run you won't regret failing and making mistakes unless they are very-very catastrophic
  • 23. Don't wait until the situation is perfect - perfect situation will never come. There will always be something that makes you want to wait again
  • 24. Don't be afraid to be different and unique
  • 25. Understand in the every hard decision you make - somebody will be almost always be upset, displeased and dissatisfied
  • 26. Make hard choices early
  • 27. Understand and find ways to deal with your emotions - instead of ignoring your emotions
  • 28. Don't get wrapped up in avoiding the "wrong" decision
  • 29. Choose to save money - through identifying and avoiding wastages
  • 30. Choose to eat healthily, exercise every day, read a book every day,
  • 31. Choose the right people, choose to love yourself
  • 32. Consider whether or not you will be able to look proudly into the mirror the next day
  • 33. Meditate and listen to your instincts - go deeper to understand how it affects balance within your life
  • 34. Make a patient effort and have confidence in yourself as decision maker - let go of fear
  • 35. Ask yourself three questions before diving into something new or daunting: what's the worst that can happen? How likely is that to happen? Can you deal with it
  • 36. Try to see the situation from all angles
  • 37. Select the one that you feel a sense of excitement for
  • 38. If none of the choice feels right - delay making the decision -sometimes a third option you hadn't thought of before becomes open
  • 39. Listen to your emotional instinct
  • 40. Make the small decisions with your head and the big ones with your heart
  • 41. Align your actions with your life purpose and personal values to know the direction that is right for you
  • 42. Don't choose something just because you are supposed to do that or that because everyone else does it
  • 43. Remember that doing something always trumps and beats doing nothing - always
  • 44. Practice being decisive - that is learn to seek challenging roles and responsibilities and carrying them out
  • 45. Test all your ideas by experimenting and trying out newer ways
  • 46. Fail by conscious choice - through stretching yourself beyond your current capabilities
  • 47. Play devil's advocate - highlight the factors that matter most by challenging to find reasons why you should do it - focusing only on this AND then the opposite one - why you must not be doing it - assess both ways to identify which decision is beneficial long-term
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