Get Motivation To Beat Burnout, Stress, Depression


What Is Motivation – In The Most-Simplest Explanation => We Are Said To Be Motivated => When We Have The Enthusiasm, The Drive, The Hopefulness, The Energy, The Optimism, The Passion, The Perseverance To Take Action Towards Our Objectives/Goals/Dreams/Needs/Desires and Whatever are important for us.

Motivation Is The Catalyst Or Stimulation To Make You Take The Right Actions – Irrespective Of How Tough It May Seem Or How Say Boring It May Look.

Motivation Can Happen Through Internal & External Factors

  • A.External Stimulants Like
  • 1.For Benefit -Monetary Or Any Such Tangible Gain
  • 2.To Avoid Loss – If We Do Not Do It
  • 3.When It Is Forced Upon Us & We Are Left With Say Do Or Perish[In This Point It Is The Powerful People's Demand & In Above It Is Our Own Reasoning Of Avoiding Loss]
  • B.Internal Stimulants Like
  • 1.We Have A Passionate Goal
  • 2.We Want To Prove Others Wrong Or Right – Like If They Say That You Can Not Do It
  • 3.We Have The Fire To Reverse The Failures/Setback/Mistakes
  • 4.We Are Competing With Others – Like If He Can Do Why Can't I
  • 5.We Are Competing With Ourselves – I Have To Become Better
  • 6.We Have Been Inspired By Someone
  • 7.We Sense A Bright Opportunity
  • 8.We Feel Disgusted Of Say Inaction/Routine/The Type Of Life We Are Living
  • 9.We Have To Survive As The Change In The World[Economy, Technology, Job Redundancy, May Be A Strong Crisis Has Created Tina[There Is No Alternative] Situation


Demotivation Can Be Temporary Through Some Sources Where It Will Dip Your Motivation For A Short Time – This Is Not That Serious, As Many Times Bouncing Back Is Automatic.

But When The Demotivation Is Prolonged It Leads To Many Un-Resourceful States Like Burn-Out & Psychological Disorders Like Chronic Depression Etc – Which Is Too Serious To Ignore & May Need Expert Help.

36 Causes Of Demotivation Can Be Many Of The Following -The Ones Given Below Can Happen In Every Aspects Of Life [Although Some May Be Applicable Only In A Particular Part Of Life Like Professional, Family, Relationship, Personal Etc]

1. Unexpected Failures 
2. Insult Or Put/Downs By Others
3.Rejection By Your Boy/Girlfriend, Peer Group
4. Having Too Many Responsibilities 
5. Forced To Take Many Decisions
6.Your Handling Responsibilities Of Others – Without Any Credit
7.Others Having Unrealistic Expectations & Demands From You
8.Excessive Demands On You In Your Job
9.Unrealistic & Wrong Goals Chosen By You
10.Fear Of => Unknown, Failure, Making Mistakes Etc
11.Totally Being Clueless On - How To Handle A Problem/Situation
12.Lack Of Clarity In What Is Expected From Us – But Getting The Blame If We Do Not Perform As Per Their Unexplained Expectations
13.Pressure To Have To Deliver Results – Without Having The Right Resources/ Authority/Ability/Support
14.Getting Stuck In A Routine Life With No Challenges
17.Indecisiveness – Due To Internal Conflicts Based On Values
18.Lack Of Career Path/Career Growth
19.Insecurity – Job Or Psychological
20.Feeling Undervalued/Feeling Worthless
21.Having No Self-Development/Learning Opportunities
22.Bad Bosses
23.Poor Leadership
24.Bad Culture – Biased Towards Some Specific People/ Lack Of Meritocracy
25.Too Much Interference In Your Work
26.Lack Of Growth In Job, Life, Roles
27.Lack Of Recognition & Rewards
28.Poor Or No Communication Especially Lack Of Clear Communications From Top
29.Working In Job Totally Incompatible With Your Personality
30.Toxic Colleagues
31.Negative Friends/Associates
32.Having Low Self Esteem
33.Inability To Act Assertive/Able To Say No
34.Lack Of Appreciation/Encouragement
35.Regular Conflicts/Arguments/Fights
36.Suppression Of Your Rights/Feelings

Prolonged Demotivation Will Cause Burnout [This Is Especially In The Case Of Job => But Can Happen In Very Close Relationships Also – Where Your Trying To Mend/Improve/Repair Relationship Is Not Giving You Any Positive Results].

Untreated Burnout Situation May Turn Into Depression And Other Major Issues Needing Expert Help. You May Get Into A "Fight, Freeze, Fright, Or Flight" Syndrome If Not Taken Help.

Symptoms Of Burnout

If You Have At Least 3-6 Major Signs Out Of The Following => You Are Either Already Burned –Out Or On The Way To Getting Burned-Out

Physical Symptoms

1.Always Feeling Fatigued - Lack Energy , Tired ,Physically And Emotionally Exhausted, Drained, And Depleted

2.Trouble Falling Asleep Or Staying Asleep

3.Stomachache, Headache, Fainting/Dizziness

4.Frequent Falling Sick Due To Weak Immune System

5.Loss Of Appetite

Mental Symptoms

  • 1.Not Remembering Or Inability To Recall Even The Simple Things – Which Cannot Be Forgotten
  • 2.Losing Concentration And Inability To Focus
  • 3.You Are Scared To Take Actions
  • 4.Find It Difficult To Relax
  • 5.A Generally Negative Attitude, Often Paired With The Feeling That Nothing Is Going To Work Out

Emotional Symptoms

  • 1.Worrying Most Of Time
  • 2.Feeling Low
  • 3.Losing Ability To Laugh
  • 4.Feeling Sad,
  • 5.Having The Sense Of Hopelessness
  • 6.Feeling of Guilt
  • 7.Anger
  • 8.Loss Of Enjoyment
  • 9.Feelings Of Apathy
  • 10.Increased Irritability
  • 11.Sense Of Failure And Self-Doubt
  • 12.Feeling Helpless, Trapped
  • 13.Acceptance Of Defeat – That All Is Lost
  • 14.Increasingly Cynical And Negative Outlook
  • 15.Decreased Satisfaction And Sense Of Accomplishment
  • 16.Feeling Alone In The World
  • 17.Do Not Look Forward To Future
  • 18.Feel Worthless Or Unworthy
  • 19.Frequent Boredom

Behavioral Symptom

  • 1.Trying To Be Alone Isolation From Others, Detach From Family, Socially
  • 2.Using Food, Drugs, Or Alcohol To Cope
  • 3.Taking Out Your Frustrations On Others
  • 4.A Lack Of Interest In Social Activities
  • 5.Now No Longer Going For Exercise Or Physical Activities

Work/Professional Symptoms

1. Loss of Productivity And Poor Performance

2.Withdrawing From Responsibilities

3.Skipping Work Or Coming In Late And Leaving Early

4.Procrastinating, Taking Longer To Get Things Done

5.Find It Difficult To Take Initiatives

6.Feelings Of Stagnation

7.Constantly Worry That You May Make Mistake

8.Loose Control Over Minor Issues And Tend To Over-React To The People/Situations

9.Disengagement From Work

10.Increased Absenteeism And Accidents

11.Slipping Job Performance

12.Interpersonal Problems At Home And At Work

13.Being Preoccupied With Work ... When You're Not At Work – Always Thinking About Work

54 Tips on What To Do to generate motivation
  • 1.Understand That This Is A Slow Process => You Cannot Hurry The ProgressionIn Most Cases. In Some Cases It Is Not In Your Own Control => There For Don't Go Desperately Looking For Inspiration
  • 2.Take A Moment To Breathe And Reflect On Your Goals
  • 3.Give Yourself Space - Don't Take Life / Yourself Too Seriously -Loosen Up
  • 4.Make A List Of All The Situations That Is Causing You Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Frustration, And Helplessness
  • 5.First Resolve That You Want To Get Better
  • 6.Then Refuse To Take More Burden => Just Say No To Any New Demand Or Pressure
  • 7.Accept That You Are Not Well & Getting Better Is The Most Important For Yourself & Your Loved Ones
  • 8.Start Delegating Most Of Your Tasks At Work Place, Even If The Person You're Delegating To May Not Do Them As Quickly Or As Well As You Would.
  • 9.Take Breaks Between Different Projects
  • 10.Become Part Of A Social Group Outside Your Professional Group. Participate Openly & Share What You Are Going Through => But You Are Not To Take Any Suggestions Seriously. Only Listen – But If Something Appeals To You Try That Out
  • 11.Prevent Working At Home After Office Hours – Have An Understanding With Your Boss
  • 12.Consider A Support Group – Online, Friends, Well-Wishers, Mentors
  • 13.Avoid Gossip And People Who Talk Negative & Spread Rumors
  • 14.Look For Hidden Perks In Your Job => How It Is Helping You, Your Family, Your Future
  • 15.Take Your Vacations – Don't Try To Be A Person Who Never Takes Vacations => These Persons Later Have All Their Vacations In The Hospital - Recognize When You Need A Break
  • 16.When You're Sick, Focus On Getting Better.
  • 17.When You Work, Be Productive & Focus On Doing Well => Excellence Yes But Perfectionism Absolutely No
  • 18.Take Relaxation Seriously
  • 19.Cultivate A Rich Non-Work Life – Full Activities With Kids, Family, Spouse
  • 20.Unplug From All Gadgets – Which Makes You Connected With World – While Relaxing => Even Tv, Mobile Internet Absolutely No No. Take A Daily Break From Technology
  • 21.Get Organized – Plan Your Day => Identify The Most Important Ones – Do These. Avoid The Unnecessary Ones
  • 22.
    Try To Be More Sociable With Your Coworkers
  • 23.Invest In Your Closest Relationships, Such As Those With Your Partner, Children Or Friends.
  • 24.Get Enough Sleep
  • 25.Connect With A Cause Or A Community Group That Is Personally Meaningful To You
  • 26.The Power Of Giving – Start Devoting Your Time For People's Welfare
  • 27.Try To Find Some Value In What You Do
  • 28.Reevaluate Priorities
  • 29.Set Boundaries. Don't Overextend Yourself. Learn How To Say "No" To Requests On Your Time.
  • 30.Identify & Ignite A Passion For Your Hobbies & Interest
  • 31.Nourish Your Creative Side – By Always Looking For What Better Can Be Done – As Long As You Enjoy & Feel Recharged
  • 32.Go For Healthy Diet - Minimize Sugar And Refined Carbs- Reduce Your High Intake Of Foods That Can Adversely Affect Your Mood - Give Your Mood A Boost,Avoid Nicotine, Drink Alcohol In Moderation- If It Relaxes .Alcohol Temporarily Reduces Worry, But Too Much Can Cause Anxiety As It Wears Off
  • 33.Take Small Risk – Go For All Those Thing You Are Scared Of – Start With Small => If Possible Later Go For Sky-Diving/Bungee Jumping To Pumping Adrenaline
  • 34. Do Something Fun And Unusual Everyday – Think About Creating Surprises For Your Loved Ones
  • 35. Smile And Laugh More – Watch Real Tricklers Movie –Sometimes Faking Smile Too May Work To Make You Feel Lighter
  • 36.Focus Of Small Things Like Innocent Smile Of A Child & On Your Small Successes & Accomplishments
  • 37.Identify Among Your Problems & Divide Them Into Within Your Control & Those Out Of Control & Then Learn To Ignore The Impossible Problems
  • 38.Avoid Peoples Who Drains Your Energy & Make You Feel Bad About Them & Toxic People => If You Can Eliminate Them Altogether Nothing Like It
  • 39.Spend Time With People Who Inspire You, Who Are Positive, Who Are Very Clear About Life, Who Are Wise
  • 40. Make A List Of Past Accomplishments
  • 41. Hang Out And Play With A Kid
  • 42. Have A Ceremony/Celebration
  • 43. Listen To A Good Song On Full Volume
  • 44. Smile At A Stranger
  • 45. Get Out Of Town
  • 46. Meditate
  • 47. Help Someone
  • 48.Cause A Little Trouble By Disrupting The Status Quo.
  • 49.Forgive Someone.
  • 50.Thank Someone.
  • 51.Visit A New City.
  • 52.Discover A New Restaurant.
  • 53.Take A Weekly Sabbatical. Do Absolutely Nothing
  • 54. Join a Forum Of People Who Can Relate To Your Challenges.

Create Your Own Customized Happiness Booster & Relaxer Methodology By Using Your 6 Senses + Choosing What Works From You Using Nature

Use Nature For Lifting You Up

  • 1.Go Trekking, Hiking
  • 2.If Possible Have A Pet Dog/Cat & Play With Them
  • 3.If You Have Access Practice Deep Breathing While Listening To Natural Sounds, Like Water Fall/Birds Chirping In Early Morning
  • 4.Plant Something – Go For Gardening – If It Is Indoor Plant
  • 5.Cook Or Bake Something
  • 6.Spend Time In Nature Bird Watching – Just Lying Outside – Even At Night Watching Stars
  • 7.If Possible Go To Beach – Take A Walk Early Morning Or At Night – Moon Lit Would Be Very Exciting

Use Internet To Read, Watch, Listen

  • 1.Type Your Situation With How To Overcome In Google => Select Few Which Appeals To Your Situation
  • 2.Write Your Condition As A Question For Help On The Sites Like Quora
  • 3.Watch An Inspiring Talk On You Tube/Ted
  • 4.Search & Read Blogs Written By People Who Have Faced Your Situation.

Do Something Unusual

  • 1.If Possible Just Go For An Adventure Trip/Activities Under Expert Guidance
  • 2.Go To An Underprivileged Area – Help Someone In A Meaningful Ways
  • 3.Identify & Read An Inspirational Book – Even If You Are Not A Reader
  • 4.Create Your Dream Journal – Keep Adding It Whenever You Get New Ideas
  • 5.Attend A Training Program
  • 6.Join A Forum To Deliver A Talk On Something You Are Good In

Using Visuals

  • 1.If Possible Have Large Picture Of Nature
  • 2.Identify & Keep A Photo Folder Of The Photos Of The People You Love & Your Vacation Photos
  • 3.If You Believe In God – Have Pictures Which Actually Makes You Feel That They Are There & Looking At You With Blessing
  • 4.Build A Collection Of Movies Based On Real Life Stories Or Motivational Movies + Also The Collection Of Movies That Makes You Laugh
  • 5.Make A Time To Recall The Good Memories, Of Success Of Happiness – Simply Lying Down & Imagining With Closed Eyes => Feeling The Feeling & Making It Feel As If It Is Happening Right Now – With Practice You Can Do That Very Nicely & It Will Change Your Mood Fast

Using Acoustic

  • 1.If You Are A Music Lover – Then It Is Ok => Get Some Very Soft Music & Meditation Music
  • 2.Select Some Leaders You Respect – Have Their Inspiring Speeches
  • 3.Get Some Motivational Speeches From Movies – You Can Look For These In Youtube

Using Sense Of Smell To Pep You

  • 1.Get Some Good Scented Incense Sticks/Candles
  • 2.Lemon/Orange Smell Them Eat Them/Drink Them
  • 3.There Are Many Natural Scents Available In The Market With Dispenser => If You Do Not Have Allergy & Can Afford Try That => Don't Go For Chemical & Air Fresheners

Using Kinesthetic Method

  1. Try Playing A Field Game
  2. Give Your Loved Ones A Hug
  3. Squeeze A Stress Ball Or Similar Having The Belief That It Is Going To Reduce
  4. By Starting From The Neck – First Make Your Muscles Taut 7 Then Relax Them
  5. Get A Warm Towel Put It On Your Face With A Nice Scent
  6. Message Your Back Of Neck – By Finding Your Pressure Points & Also Catching Your Neck Muscles & Squeezing Them
  7. If It Is Warm Put Ice In A Soft Clothes – Keep It On Eyes/ And Neck 7 Wherever It Feels Good
  8. Go For Swimming
  9. Go For Hot & Cold Shower – By Finishing With Cold One

Use Your Taste To Lift You Up

  • 1.Chocolate – As Hot Drink Or Solid = Have Them
  • 2.Squeeze A Whole Lemon & Put Lots Of Sugar & Little Salt => And Drink It Up => Unless Advise Against By Doctors For Your Medical Condition
  • 3.Sometimes You Can Indulge Your Tongue By Going For Junk Food – If It May Make You Happy
  • 4.Sometimes Can Go For Carbonated Drinks – Only For Rare Bust Of Energy => But You Must Do Some Other Things To Keep The Energy Levels As These Junk Food & Drinks Only Lift You Up Momentarily & Then It Goes Back To Worse
  • 5.Go For Something Like Bitter Guard/Margosa Juice => It Helps Many Times
  • 6.You Can Go For Certain Water Rich Fruits & Nuts + Raisins

Changing Your Position Changes Your Mood

If You Are Feeling Low, Dull, Listless, Depressed, Sad, Unhappy => Sometimes Changing The Location By Movement & Doing Some Activity Which Needs Focus Can Reduce It => You Can Do The Following

  • 1.Go For A Jog Or Run Or Very Brisk Walk
  • 2.If Possible Swim
  • 3.If Possible Go & Meet A Person You Like
  • 4.Call Up Your Friend To Your Place For A Sudden Party – Cook Something Yourself
  • 5.Unweed Your Garden
  • 6.Clean And Organize Your Wardrobe Tables
  • 7.Unclutter Your Home
  • 8.Make It Look Clean, Airy & Lighted
  • 9.Go For Heavy Exercise In Short Burst
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