Entrepreneurship intelligence


Intelligence types and its impact on relationships & human life as a Whole

This article is far-far beyond the scope of IQ & EQ.

Elements of Entrepreneurship & Business Intelligence

1.Learning the art of reading the emerging trends

2.Predicting the trend

3.Understanding the difference between past its age, on the peak & future ways in the business world

4.Ability to apply the best practices from a totally unrelated field to your field

5.Learning to view all the challenges you face and a mass of people face, as the future opportunities. And exploring them to en-cash

6.Understanding customer behaviors, buying patterns and sales trends

7.Knowing & using the technology to your advantage

8.Knowing how to market your idea successfully

9.Learning & Using the concept of 6 Sigma, Lean Manufacturing etc in your day to day business & professional life

10.Using the most of Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding to make the best of the concept of creating wealth through Other People's time, efforts, money, energy & connections

Elements of Financial Intelligence

1.Knowing the difference between investment, cost & expenses

2.Knowing the benefit of sacrificing short term benefit for long term gain
3.Knowing the importance of being aware and planning to avoid unnecessary expenses
4.Knowing what is the cost of cheap & advantage of paying for the quality
5.Knowing when to do it yourself & when to outsource it to the experts
6.Knowing your value & worth of time & delegating the rest to others who can perform for a fraction of the cost
7.Knowing the difference between the investment & insurance
8.Knowing basics of finance & financial terms and its significance in our day to day Business & family life
9.Knowing the advantage of saving
10.Knowing the basics of wealth building through living comfortably yet avoiding the unnecessarily splurges 

Elements of Time-Intelligence

1.Instinctively Prioritizing & avoiding the time-wasters

2.Learning and building muscles in versatile fields

3.Paying attention to Mental, Emotional & Physical health & well being

4.Believing in investing for long term though material, learning, success & happiness, relationship basics

5.Not letting the big picture get diluted

6.Paying attention to sleep & healthy diet

7.Practicing self-discipline

8.Making time for relaxation & vacations & breaks regularly

9.Being smarter about your online time

10.Teaching others what you have learned and value

Elements of Conversational Intelligence

  • 1.Developing empathy to understand & connect with others
  • 2.Knowing instinctively when to talk, when to shut-up & when to ignore
  • 3.Developing the power of asking questions to make people relate with us & themselves
  • 4.Listening to understand & minimize misunderstanding
  • 5.Using conversation to build bridges through resolving conflicts & creating intimate bond with others
  • 6.Learning the way to make people big about themselves as well as to feel excited with future
  • 7.Learning the art of observing the body language accurately
  • 8.Learning the people's implicit desires, Wants & needs
  • 9.Enrolling people for our dreams
  • 10.Building trust, rapport & credibility instantly
  • 11.Creating positive impressions faster
  • 12.Avoiding the judgment, prejudices & assumptions to cloud our perception

Elements of Creative Intelligence

1.Connecting totally unrelated ideas & things

2.Exciting for & Eager to Experiencing newer things including pain, fear etc

3.Getting charged with the possibility of learning in new areas

4.Practicing Observing everything & then playing it back

5.Keeping track of all the ideas & trying them out

6.Finding ways & places to use your ideas or implement what you observed

7.Bouncing even the ridicules sounding ideas to experts without inhibition

8.Volunteering for uncertain & unknown work or challenge

9.Taking up interest in activities like learning to play musical instruments & learning new languages

10.Getting excited by the possibilities of the change & emerging trends

11.Doing routine things in altogether different ways

12.Developing & fine tuning the humor bone by practicing wit & sarcasm in a constructive ways

Habits that may indicate that you're smarter than you think1.USING FILLER WORDS
2. Daydreaming 3. Fidgeting, it not about fidgeting when you are nervous but fidgeting because of the energy within, you have many things to do & are jumping to take action. Or when you are in deep thoughts & doing this sub-consciously 4. Being disorganized & messy, this is again not about because of laziness, but because you are involved in many activities. Things may look chaotic to others but you can find what you want in time of need. 5. Noticing fault or problems or missing elements immediately. It is when you are the one who notices the things which are important but ignored by all others. This happens through sub-conscious only.
  • 6.Laziness, this gain is applicable when you are capable but do not want to work hard & find innovative ways to reduce the efforts, time, energy, money needed.
  • 7.They are aware of what & how much they don't know
  • 8.They just cannot be, act & think on a stereotype way
  • 9.They get distracted easily, because they are always focused on newer & more effective ways of doing things, they jump to new ideas
  • 10.They always are around people who are smarter & challenging them to reinvent themselves
  • 11.Paying attention to & remembering little things gestures etc
  • 12.Taking notes
  • 13.Avoiding wastages
  • 14.Being money smart
  • 15.Investing & utilizing the time in a worthwhile & meaningful manner

Challenges of being Smart

While being smarter sounds appealing, actually living everyday life as an extremely intelligent person can throw up some very real, but rarely acknowledged, challenges.

  • 1.They find it difficult to find their life partners & friends
  • 2.They're weighed down by expectations
  • 3.They are most of time misunderstood for wrong reasons
  • 4.They have difficulty in accepting mediocre behavior so they come out like difficult task-masters
  • 5.They are their worst critique
  • 6.They are critiques but people think they are criticizing
  • 7.Most intelligent people can be socially awkward and do not forget things so easily
  • 8.Intelligent people often fear that they are losing their brainpower easily

How to develop Subconscious Smartness in all The Different Intelligences

  • 1.Start reading a wide variety apart from your interest & profession
  • 2.Surround yourself with people who are more knowledgeable, more experienced, more skilled & create envy in you in a positive way to make you learn and outperform yourself all the time
  • 3.Take challenging assignment
  • 4.Take risk of saying & doing things that scares the hell out of you
  • 5.Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zones, make mistakes, fail & then correct yourself
  • 6.Value learning, keep making yourself updated with what is happening in the world
  • 7.Experiment with new radically different ideas
  • 8.Make your ideas & dreams known to the world, especially those that they laugh at you. Then make yourself get excited & do that.
  • 9.The people who want to develop intelligence & smartness always work very very hard. Whoever thinks becoming "smart" is a cake walk has never traveled the path.
  • 10.Never ever compromise with excellence & continuous improvement
  • 11.When you are simply waiting say for bus, train or anything. Try observing how people behave & then relate with how that is beneficial
  • 12.Learn about human behavior, then after few months start predicting their behavior on fun way to yourself. Slowly you would find you are actually able to predict more & more accurately

Focus on the following areas for developing your Intelligence, through NLP

  • 1.Deductive reasoning
  • 2.Verbal Linguistic - Word Smart
  • 3.Visual Spatial - Picture Smart
  • 4.Bodily Kinesthetic - Body Smart
  • 5.Auditory-Musical (Music Smart
  • 6.Interpersonal - People Smart
  • 7.Intrapersonal - Self Smart
  • 8.Naturalistic - nature smart
  • 9.Existential intelligence


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