DNA Of Super Salesman and How To Sell Magically

Give Me A Person Who Is 6 Months & Older And S(He) – Does Not Need Selling => All Of Us Are Selling Something To Meet All Our Wants & Needs.

Where Selling Is Needed

  • 1.In Entrepreneurship
  • 2.In Getting Job
  • 3.In Getting Promotion
  • 4.In Getting Recognized
  • 5.In Getting Your Sweetheart
  • 6.In Convincing Others
  • 7.In Negotiation
  • 8.In An Interview
  • 9.While Making Presentation
  • 10.In Leadership
  • 11.In Relationship
  • 12.In Getting The Result You Want/Getting The Work Done From Others

DNA Of A Super Sales-Person

  • 1.Pride In Being A Sales Person
  • 2.Devoted To Make Their Client's Life Better
  • 3.Passionately Dedicated To A Great Big Dream
  • 4.Patience, Practice & Persistence To Face Rejections/Objections/Challenges & Turning Them Into Success Pillars
  • 5.Wonderful Storyteller
  • 6.Innovation, Flexibility & Experimenter
  • 7.Emotionally Mature
  • 8.Socially Intelligent
  • 9.Constant Learner With The Focus To Evolve
  • 10.Focused On Fulfilling Life & Happiness Through Creating Happiness All Around

Some Beliefs/Perceptions/Myths About Selling – All Of Us Won't Agree With The Following But All Of Us Would Agree With At Least One Point

  • 1.It Can Be Done By Anyone
  • 2.There Are People Gifted With This Skill
  • 3.If You Tell/Present Powerfully You Can Sell
  • 4.If Your Idea Is Unique – People Will Buy
  • 5.I Am Not A Sales Person – My Real Job/Profession Is …….
  • 6.It Is Not A Very Dignified Profession
  • 7.There Is A Formula Only Few People Know About[Like We Keep Searching For Why The Stock Market Rise/Fall Or Why A Particular Video/Photo Becomes Viral]
  • 8.If I Am An Entrepreneur – I Can Hire The Sales People & Leave It To Them To Sell – So That I Can Focus On My Core Idea[In A Establish Company Selling Product/Services This Can Happen But In Startup It Is Not True]
  • 9.People Who Have A Forceful Personality Can Hard-Sell – Only Can Sell
  • 10.I Am An Introvert/Shy So I Can't Sell

There So Many More Such Beliefs That Makes Us Avoid, Outsource, Look Down, And Ignore The Selling.

Because It Is Considered Mysterious –So Many Formulas And Methods Have Emerged. Even Though Few Of These Courses & Formulas Definitely Work Sometimes – There Is No Single Formula For Both The Sales Person As Well As The Buyer.

Selling Is Not Science – It Is A Combination Of Common Sense & Basic Human Psychology. Please Read My Blog On How To Use Hypnotic Words & How To Use Language Of Utmost Influence For Additional Tips.

Since Last 30+ Years Professionally – I Am In Selling [Although We All Are In Selling Profession From Our Childhood] => But Whatever Methods, Tactics, Formulas, Tricks, Scripts & Strategies I Had Used In My Corporate Life – Does Not Work Anymore [I Am Not Sure Whether They Worked At That Time – But I Was Moderately Successful In My Job – So I Guess They Worked].

With The New Technology & Disruptive Way Of Businesses – If I Have To Bank On Those Earlier Techniques I Would Be Totally Outdated, Obsolete & Out-Classed.

Mastering The Selling Skills – Is The Easiest – That Is Why Most Of The People Cannot Sell.

When The Super Sales Person Sells – It Is Using The Following Fundamentally Common-Sensical & Psychological Concepts, Laws Of Nature

  • 1.Selling Has To Be As Natural As You Speak With A Friend
  • 2.To Start Selling You Have To STOP SELLING – The More You Try To Sell, The Less You Would End-Up Selling – Instead Start Adding Value to Your Prospect
  • 3.The Selling Has To Start With You – If You Have Any Concern About Being A Salesperson, About The Product's/Service's Efficacy Etc – Do Not Even Try To Meet The Prospects
  • 4.The Selling Begins With Your Understanding Of The Implicit Need/Desire/Wants Rather Than Their Explicit Ones of Your Prospects
  • 5.To Master The Number 4 You Need to Learn & Practice
  • I.The Art Of Asking Tough Questions & Probing To Discover The Implicit Needs As This Is The One Only Which Will Make Them Buy
  • II.The Art Of Listening – Both Said & Unspoken
  • III.The Art Of Not Telling/Speaking More [The More You Tell About You/Your Product/Service – The Less You Sell]
  • 6.The Only Reason – People Would Buy – When They Have Convinced Themselves – Mind You - You Cannot Convince Anyone Unless They Do That Themselves [Through Your Master Practicing Of 3 Arts In Point 5]
  • 7.People Would Only Buy The Product/Services – If They Need It Very Badly At That Time. If They Do Not Have Any Urgency – They Will Only Waste Your Time To Gather Information For Later
  • 8.They Would Buy From You – Only If They Feel
  • I.You Are Genuinely Trying To Add Value & Not Doing It For ONLY Your Benefit
  • II.They Are Convinced That You Are A Genuinely Authentic Person & Are Not Trying To Trick Them Into Buying
  • III.When Instead Of Forcing Them To Buy – You Actually Tell Them About Competition[In Case You Cannot Meet Their Needs Fully Or Because You Are Putting The Correct Perspective Of True Pros & Cons, Yours Vs. The Competition] – See The Movie "Miracle On The 34 Street" => Now A Days The Prospects Are More Knowledgeable Than You
  • 9.After You Have Done This – You Have To Simply Use The Power Of Your Smile, Silence & Sincerity & Then Leave Them With Powerful Questions That Are Your USP Alone.
  • 10.Even If You Know That – You Have Not Made The Sale – Do Not Show The Desperation[Even If It Means Losing Your Job Or Not Getting Your Next Meal] – As Very Few Sales Are Made On Charitable Mindset Of The Prospects

Understanding Basic Psychology Of Yourself & Off-Course Your Prospects – It Is The Same For All

How Many Of You Want To

  • 1.Be Known As A Leader On A Global Scale
  • 2.Deliver Awesome Results
  • 3.Solve Unsolvable Problem
  • 4.Get Recognized As An Expert
  • 5.Get Jobproof – Will Always Get A Job
  • 6.Want To Become The Person Your Clients Wants
  • 7.Want To Be Respected By Others

How Many Of You Are Scared Of

  • 1.Losing Your Position, Your Job, Your Power
  • 2.Losing Your Credibility
  • 3.Losing To Competition
  • 4.Losing Clients
  • 5.Losing Your Best People
  • 6.Losing Your Face

To Start Making Sales You Have To First Stop Selling And Start Helping To Build Value For Your Clients. Here's How To Start:

  • 1.It's About Them, Not You
  • 2.You Have To Totally Honest - No Bullsh*T – If You Are Not The Best Choice For Your Prospect Say That
  • 3.Do Your Research, Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Tough Questions - Focus On The Outcome
  • 4.Be Direct – No Beating Around The Bush
  • 5.Try To Sell Why You Are Selling, The People Behind The Project, The Real-Time Benefits That The Existing Users Are Getting
  • 6.After You Have Highlighted The Major Benefits - Don't Follow Up Too Much.
  • 7.Give People What They Want Before They Even Know It Themselves - Eliminate GUESSWORK In Your Business
  • 8.Find The Best New Market To Pursue - Determine If A New Market You Have In Mind Is Worth Pursuing
  • 9.Identify The Top Challenges In Your Existing Market - Find The Underserved Or Ignored Segments Of Your Market
  • 10.Identify The Best New Product To Pursue - Determine If The New Product You Have In Mind Is Worth Pursuing
  • 11.Determine Why People Might Not Be Buying Your Existing Product - Identify What Might Be Missing In Your Existing Product
  • 12.Capitalize On Overlooked Profit Opportunities

If You Are New Entrant You May Have The Following Concerns

  • 1.No Having A List Of Prospects - Nobody Starts With A List
  • 2.Thinking Your Idea Might Not Work
  • 3.No Money To Market
  • 4.No Credibility For Self, Product, Company
  • 5.Too Much Needed To Be Done By Me
  • 6.The Pricing Is Not Correct
  • 7.The Competition Is Very High Or I Am Probably The First To Launch This

Example Of Questions – That You Can Ask During The Sales Interview

  1. Why Your This Particular Service/Product Not Working For You Right Now?
  2. How Long This Issue/Problem/Challenge Has Been Existing?
  3. What Is The Impact Of Issue/Problem/Challenge On Your Organization/Customers/Staff?
  4. How Much Is Issue/Problem/Challenge Costing You In Respect Of Time/ Money/Resources/Staff/Energy?
  5. How Much Longer Can You Afford To Have The Problem Go Unresolved?
  6. What Kind Of Return Or Payoff Will You Be Looking For If You Get A Successful Resolution Of The Problem?
  7. What's Your Role In This Issue/Problem/Challenge?
  8. Does This Affect Other Parts Of The Business? - What Kind Of Pressure Is This Causing You And The Business?
  9. Does Your Competition Have These Problems?
  10. Can You See How Much Money You/Your Organization Loses Every Day By Not Solving This Issue?
  11. Does This Issue/Problem/Challenge Cause Problems With Employee Morale?
  12. Does This Issue/Problem/Challenge Cause Problems That Negatively Affect The Motivation Of Your Staff?
  13. How Does This Issue/Problem/Challenge Ultimately Affect Your Current Customers?
  14. How Does This Issue/Problem/Challenge Would Ultimately Affect Your Future Clients?
  15. How Does This Issue/Problem/Challenge Ultimately Affect Your Reputation/Goodwill/Brand?
  16. What Competitive Advantage This Issue/Problem/Challenge Gives To Your Competitors?
  17. If You Were In Your Competitors What Strategy You Would Adopt Advantage Of Situation?
  18. Keeping All The Above Facts What Would Be Your Prioritization For This Issue/Problem/Challenge?
What Is The Sales Interview All About
  • 1.Clarifying The Needs For The Client - Taking The Client's From Their Explicit Needs To Implicit Needs Through Above Questioning
  • 2.Creating Urgency & The Horror Of Inaction - Letting The Client Feel The Over Powering Loses – They Are Facing/Would Face If They Do Not Address This Issue Immediately
  • 3.Why Should They Consider Only You For This Situation By Demonstrating Your Capability To Solve Prospect's Problem/Challenge More Effectively Than All The Competition
How To Demonstrating Capability

This Is Called FAB Methods

  1. Features – Some Low Value Sales Can Be Done Using Features Only Method. Features Are That Say A Pen Is Available In 15 Different Colors This Works For The End Users & Not Decision Makers/Main Stake Holders
  2. Advantages – This Is About What You Offer Better Than Your Competitors
  3. Benefits – This Is The Real Selling Point For The Decision Makes – Where It Addresses The Implicit & Explicit Ways It Will Add Value To The Company, The Customers, The Owner, The Employees, The Bottom Line Etc Etc
You Will Face Objections Of Two Types – If You Have NOT Followed All Steps Properly as Per Above Guidelines
  1. Value Based Objections – Meaning That Your Prospect Isn't Convinced About Your Product's ROI Or Cost Vs. Benefit, They Feel Cost Is Higher Than The Perceived Benefits
  2. Capability Based Objections – It About You, Your Organizations & Your Product/Service's Credibility Of Meeting Their Specific Needs. Can't: Your Solution Cannot Solve One Of The Buyer's Main Priorities


1.Define Purpose, Identify Questions That You Need To Ask, Prepare Answers To Common Objections

2. Unclutter Your Workspace – Let It Look Neat & Organized

3.Listen To Your Voice Pace, Tone, Volume, Speed & Adjust It For A Slower Pace With Each Words Being Heard & Understood Nicely By The Listener - Be Natural

4.Be Passionate While Speaking - Instead Of Hmm Uggh, Say Brilliant, Certainly, Absolutely, Wonderful, Fantastic, My Pleasure, It Is No Trouble, I Will Find Out For You, Rest Assured Etc

5.Visualize & Imagine While Practicing & As Well As During Actual Call As If You Are Talking Face To Face

6.Never Apologize For Interrupting Your Prospect Rather Make It Like You Are Doing A Favor

7.Use The Best Quality Headset To Talk & While Talking Use Gestures As You Would In A Face To Face & Smile Almost All The Time Mentally & Actually

8.Do Not Use Clichés

9.Use Precise Sentences – Clear Message Don't Be Long Winding & Beat Around The Bush

10.No Interruption From Your Side – Avoid Background Noises

11.Give Time For The Listener To Get Used To Your Voice For Around 15 Sec Then Come To The Main Part

12.Dress Officially

13.Do Not Put On Hold Unless It Is Unavoidable

14.Avoid Mondays, Fridays, Weekends

15.Time It For Tuesdays To Thursdays Between 11 To 2

16.Be Honest, Follow-Up On Your Commitment & Their Request

17.Do Not Lie Or Exaggerate Your Claims Or Promise Impossible

  • 18.Summarize What The Customer Says & Clarify Key Information Points And Then Present Solutions - Your Script. This Should Be Uncomplicated And Direct
  • 19.The Gatekeeper. This Is The Person Whose Job It Is To Shield Your Target From Unwanted Telephone Calls. This Person Is Not Your Friend, But Don't Make Her Your Enemy.


  • 1.Have A Website With Features Like
  • A.Create Different Page For Each Product Plus Provide Description Of Each Product
  • Make Sure Your Website Is Fast
  • Product Review
2. Influence The Influencers 
3. Start Blogging 
4. Build An Email List
5. Sponsor An Event 
6. Interview Industry Influencers
7. Experiment With Google Adwords
8. Try Associate Marketing 
9. Pay Attention To Statistic – Use Google Analytics

10.Do A Survey Using- Survey Monkey And Type Sites

11. Get Connected With Professional/Discussion Forums 

12. Offer A Giveaway 

13. Start Tweeting On Twitter 

14. Expand Connections On Linkedin & Facebook 

15. Use Pinterest, Instagram, And Vine, Reddit Etc 

16. If You Have A Comparable Product Get Featured In The Comparison Shopping Engines 

17. Have A Clear Idea Of Who Your Target Customers Are 

18. Familiarize Yourself With Finesse Of Ecommerce

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