Creating powerful business presentations


Powerful Presentations Through Captivating & Enchanting Story Telling Methods

​Tips That Creates & Takes Top CEOs, Great Businessmen, Excellent Leaders To The Apex

How Many Of You Want To

  1.  Become The CEO/Chairperson/MD of Large Organizatio'
  2. Want To Enchant Your Audience Create Unforgettable Advertisements
  3. Sell Yourself/Your Product/ Your Service Very Effectively
  4. Want To Give Fascinating Presentations – Whether Professionally, At Talks, Globally
  5. Want To Enroll Mentors, Supporters In Your Ventures
  6. Want To Impress Like Diplomats & Statesmen
  7. Want To Sail Through Job Interviews
  8. Want To Attract Investors For Your Entrepreneurship
  9. Want To Be A Inspirational Leaders – Socially, Professionally, May Be In Politics, Business-wise

Then You Must Identify, Learn, Develop, Practice & Become An Expert In Making The Powerful Presentations Through Master Story Telling.

I Define Presentation – As Anytime You Are Speaking In Front Of Important People & Selling Maybe Your Opinion/Yourself/Products/ Services/Ideas=> Be It

  1. As A Boss
  2. .In A Business Or Any Other Leadership Role – Attracting Talents, Retaining Talents, Eliminating Competition
  3. In Interviewing & Giving Interviews Both For Job & Maybe Media
  4. Selling 1-On1 Or To The Masses
  5. Creating Great Centuries Unforgettable Advertisements
  6. Or Even Trying To Impress Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  7. Using In Your Blog
  8. Website
  9. Videos
  10. Audios

Global Best Presenters USE THE POWER OF – You Should Too

  3. SHOCK
  5. HUMOR
  13. Surprise
  14. Challenging
  15. Creating/Identifying & Resolving A Big Conflict

Understanding The Basics Of Presentations Through Story Telling Approach

How To Do It

  • a.When You Are An Individual
1. First Understand The Psychology & Human Needs
Most Of Your Prospects Wants I. More Money. II. More Power. III. More Responsibilities. IV. More Recognition. V. More Freedom. VI. More Security VII. More Fun. VIII. More Visibility IX. More Of ………., Whatever They Value
Most Of Your Prospects Have The Fear Of
  1. Their job.
  2. Possible Promotion.
  3. Their Credibility.
  4. Respect from their Superiors, Peers, and Juniors.
  5. Power
  6. Authority.
  7. Trust
  8. Responsibilities.
  9. Others……..
  10. People Buy Change, Not 'Products' - Changing Customers' Lives For The Better
  11. What People Really Buy, Then, Is Hope Of Improvement => If You Can Actually Show That Your Proposition Takes Care Of Not Only The Basics Needs But Very Actually Satisfy Your Nobler Aspirations Like In Say Maslow's Hierarchy Of Need
  12. Great Stories Are Built On Truth – Get Customer Feedback To So That
Tell The Story Like You Are having A Conversation
  Make It Visual - Don't Be Monotonous & Totally Dependent On PowerPoint – Videos Yes They Add Value If Greatly Enhances Value – Show Don't Tell
  1. Use The Visualization Creating Words To Create An Engaging Picture In TheMind If You Cannot Show It
  2. Create Subconscious Anchors to Get Your Audience Focusing On You – Say By Say Asking – Can You Hear Me Clearly/ So What Was The Last Thing I Said
  3. Use The Timeless Technique Of Felt, Found, Feel Technique – The Most Inspiring Sales Persons & Leaders Use
  4. Deliberately Hide Information – Initially Till The Climax – Create Suspense, Curiosity & Interest - Create Twist
  5.  Be Authentic - Make It Easy To Relate with You For Your Target Group – Tell A Personal Story -Don't Be Afraid To Share The - Your Weaknesses, Your Failures, Your Mistakes
  6. Create Humor – If You Can Laugh At Yourself with Dignity – Nothing Like it => Never Laugh at Helpless =>Learn Some Timeless Intelligent Jokes & Tell Them with Deadpan Face
  7. Use Simple Language - Avoid The Highly Technical & Jargon
  8. Create Your Own Vocabulary - Learn To Use Short, Powerful Words 13. Read, Read And Read As Much As You Can
  9. Watch Watch Watch & Listen Listen Listen the Madters = Observe & Note How They Constructed it? What Kind Of Opening And Closing They Used? How Were Examples Presented? How Did They Engage, Inspire And Educate The Audience?
  10. Practice Practice Practice
  11. Do Not Interrupt Your Story To 'Explain'
  12. If You're Telling A Series Of Stories? Present Your Second Best Story First, The Weakest Second, The Best The Last
  13. You Forget Something In Your Story – Don't Bother Just Carry On – If It Is Very Essential Simply State Without Apologies => In Addition To The Other Point I can Also Say
  14. Deal With Unexpected Interruptions/Breaks – Calmly – If It Is More - Summarize & Complete The Story 20. Make Eye Contact With Audience Members One By One
  15. Speak Slowly – Put Emphasis On Clarity Of Each Word
  16. Notice & Focus On Your Supporters – Who Are Keenly Listening To You & Not People With Negative Gestures, Expression, Body Languages
  17. Learn & Practice to Create Excitement From Your Nervous Energy
  18. Keep Time At The End Of Your Presentation For Questions & Answer
  19. Say Thank You When You're Done
  20. Dress Properly
  21. Ask Questions - Frame Your Stories Into Questions Involve Your Audience
  22. If You Can, Visit The Room Where You'll Be Speaking- Practice Standing At The Podium Imagining & If Possible Giving The Complete Presentation Looking At The Row
  23. End With A Climax To Build The Passion & Retention
  24. Ensure There is an Unforgettable Learning/Takeaways - Don't Sell Anything – Add Un-Parallelled Value

b.When You Are An Organization Selling

  1. The Most Important Thing Any Organization Can Do Is Become A Storytelling Organization
  2. Customers Are Doing Their Own Research And They're Asking The Most Important Question: How Will Your Product Or Service Make My Life Better?
  3. This Means Elevating Your Product Or Service Discussion To One That Focuses On The Human Needs Of Your Audience
  4. Your Best Stories Are That Makes Your Customer The Hero
  5. In This VUCA World - Features Evolve Rapidly, As Product Lifecycles Are Becoming Shorter – Especially In Technology
  6. Moreover, The Way Customers Are Is Totally Change About 60 To 90% People Have Already Decided What To Buy Before They Approach You
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