Creating building and sustaining momentum in your life

Momentum-is-the-most-essential tool for our success and growth Create Momentum to Overcome Obstacles and Challenges

In this article we will learn

  • -Why momentum and why it is most important for our improving our quality of life
  • -Momentum starts in mind - you need to identify - the following 16 things - before you can even think of generating momentum
  • -21 steps on How to initiate, build and put power into momentum - which can help you overcome all your challenges
  • -77 Tested tips to Build Momentum - customize and invent what works for you - the following is to get you started

How to Create Momentum in Your Life

Almost all of the phenomenally successful people - use the power of creating, sustaining and building-on their momentum.

What Is Momentum - it exactly like - putting your car in the 1st gear to move from standstill - then continue till you reach a velocity at 5th gear - where the vehicle moves easily and needs less power. In the 1st gear-maximum power is delivered.

Taking the first step and getting started - is the most difficult part - after that if we keep taking the needed actions - and the momentum gets builds - then the small wins and victories keeps giving fuel to propel the pace and momentum.

To create initial momentum we need - both internal as well as external push through disciplined willpower.

Every time we get stuck - we need momentum to get us out - the bigger the type of mess or quagmire we are in - the larger the momentum we will need.

We can get stuck in any area or aspect of life - say - a dead end job or in a toxic relationship or lack direction in life or simply confused or have given-up on yourself and life.

Living a life that we desire is certainly not easy to achieve, maintain and sustain.

The most basic law of nature and life says - Actions create momentum - and momentum creates results - and the quality of results we have - define the quality of our life.

We need momentum in all the aspects of our life – be it business, education, relationships, self-improvement or bodybuilding.

Momentum is the most immutable prerequisite for any meaningful and large Success.

According to one another law - the more things you try - the more likely you will discover the formula - that will create the most significant outcome and difference in your life.

How many of you have tried to change one of your debilitating habits - then you know how incredibly hard it is to start from that level of ground zero.

Those who have managed to create a very powerful and very meaningful life - would have experienced times they almost gave up.

Changing our habits, mindsets and attitude - is not only exceptionally tough - the worst part is that - we may revert back to your old pattern anytime even with a small trigger.

But it is doable - through building a tsunami of momentum - which not only reinforces our resilience - but also takes us past the hurdles, challenges, failures, mistakes and setbacks that we would face.

Recall those times where you needed to take tough decisions as well as take scary actions - and you did manage to start - but later found that you are unable to continue taking actions.

Positive momentum is what propels you to act with perseverance - the beginning of any momentum is always in mind through our thought process.

If you read about and observe successful people - you will certainly discover - that they are always - taking actions and that they are always full of energy - this drive comes from momentum.

21 steps on How to initiate, build and put power into momentum - which can help you overcome all your challenges

  • 1.As momentum starts in mind - you need to identify - the following 16 things
  • I.What uplifts you and makes you come alive - what you love to do
  • II.What are the things you need to focus on - as your big-picture - you Dreams - Create a larger than life goal, aspiration and dream - that is both inspiring and terrifying
  • III.What are the things which are essential and most mandatory for you to take action right now
  • IV.Identify your major complaints that you whine about
  • V.Understand your fears
  • VI.Identify all the areas that you are stuck in - right now
  • VII.Identifying what are those things, habits and mindset - which are holding us down
  • VIII.Identifying what are the things you need to do more of - less of - stop doing - do differently - do altogether different things
  • IX.Identifying which people are holding us down - this is for creating a plan to get them out
  • X.Identifying which people - uplift you - and are great support and dependable
  • XI.Identifying which people - you need to have in your life - as mentor
  • XII.Identifying - which skills, knowledge, habits, education, qualifications, expertise and competence - you need to inculcate
  • XIII.Identifying what are the challenges, fears and anxieties - stopping from taking actions
  • XIV.Then creating SOLUTIONS to all above and strategic action-plan and action-steps - for each of your major goals and challenges as identified above - this we create by working backward from our Big-Picture, Dream and Objective
  • XV.Then scheduling all these identified action-steps - on daily, weekly, month and on specific event basis
  • XVI.Then tracking, monitoring and improvising to improve or solve a bottleneck is what is needed
  • 2.Visualize your accomplishing your dreams - as if is happening right now
  • 3.Stop complaining - start taking actions to resolve your problems
  • 4.Break your vision into the next quarter —set 60 day targets - which are measurable as well as very actionable
  • 5.Instead of complaining - learn to negotiate solutions
  • 6.Start right now - take that action you have been planning since long
  • 7.Ask question to yourself regularly to clarify and challenge - what you want AND WHY YOU WANT - till you get something that thrills you
  • 8.Manage your energy wisely - Keep rejuvenating and recharging yourself - through breaks, vacations and relaxations - on regularly
  • 9.Stop all energy drains and time wasters
  • 10.Avoid people who drag you down
  • 11.Spend more time doing the things that give you energy
  • 12.Face your fears - take at least one action - very small one - in the areas that scares you BUT are essential
  • 13.Manage your finances - ensure that you - spend less and save more
  • 14.Spend much less than you earn
  • 15.Identify priorities - based on your dreams
  • 16.Spend most of your time - in doing highest of high payoff activities - those which gives you maximum results
  • 17.Pay attention to opportunities that are presented to you - let your future evolve to unfold and change in ways you did not imagine when you started dreaming.
  • 18.Commit to your dreams - take at least one action which will bring you closer to your dreams.
  • 19.Let go of the past - the regrets, the guilt, the shames, the embarrassments, the failures and all your hurts - all of which is holding you back
  • 20.This can be done only by taking action keeping your big picture in perspective
  • 21.Invest big-time in your self-development, self-growth and self-improvement - through learning and acquiring skills and experimenting

77 Tested tips to Build Momentum - customize and invent what works for you - the following is to get you started

  • 1.Anything that you want - take action - just do it - Do it now
  • 2.Be prepared for failures - all the big things have failures as mandatory built-in steps
  • 3.Dream big -start small - take small-small actions
  • 4.Become flexible
  • 5.Experiment - Improvise - Excel
  • 6.Become disciplined - contrary to the popular belief - discipline gives us freedom and liberation as well as peace of mind and satisfaction - leading to success
  • 7.Focus on one thing - but create a benchmark which doing, executing and delivering
  • 8.Avoid multi-tasking
  • 9.Make yourself valuable - by adding value to others
  • 10.Create urgency for the toughest and most challenging tasks - urgency creates focus and focus drives execution.
  • 11.Get those people out of your life - who live in past and have given up on their dreams
  • 12.Value Time, Energy and Money - like your life
  • 13.Don't compromise with your schedule - be fully committed commit.
  • 14.Identify, record and Celebrate your small victories - however small - every day
  • 15.Take decisions fast - then act on it immediately - focusing only on your growth
  • 16.Express, ask and demand of others - what needs to be said
  • 17.Solve problems - based on the priority
  • 18.Avoid getting trapped in solving impossible problems
  • 19.Work on creating solutions for the worst case scenarios
  • 20.Learn to get thrill out of doing what scares you - slowly attempting small risk - then raising your bar
  • 21.Promote yourself, promote your dream, promote your products - vigorously
  • 22.Building high irresistible value in what you offer
  • 23.Never under-sell or under-value yourself
  • 24.Never ignore - any opportunity - even the vague ones
  • 25.Focus on creating positive difference to yourself, your family, your clients, your employees and all your relationship
  • 26.Learn to manage your emotions, feelings and impulses
  • 27.Look for bigger problems and challenges - they go and solve them
  • 28.Take risks to break out of comfort zones and also to break the monotony
  • 29.Challenge yourself to stretch physically, mentally and in every important area - to become better than you were yesterday
  • 30.Be fully accountable to yourself
  • 31.Take responsibility for all your actions and decision and the consequence in your life
  • 32.Use setbacks, mistakes, failures and frustrations to create something huge and meaningful
  • 33.Challenge yourself and your capabilities by going for interests, games, hobbies, trips - which makes you explore newer hidden talents
  • 34.Dare and live who you are
  • 35.Identify and Remember your purpose - Get a coach and mentor
  • 36.Wake up early
  • 37.Learn the art of - getting into powerful and resourceful emotional state - instantly
  • 38.Kill Overthinking and overanalyzing - as it kills momentum faster than anything.
  • 39.Focus on small-wins, Little-victories, tiny-triumphs - these in combination will lead you to big victories - by creating snowball effect
  • 40.Create buy-in for your dreams, passions and project - to use the immeasurable power of social momentum
  • 41.Set the goal to be the best - in something that you enjoy doing
  • 42.Discover your calling – Find what area in your life you want to have profound success.
  • 43.Never take advice from people who have accomplished less than you.
  • 44.Find a mentor - who has demonstrated consistent accomplishment and expertise - in what you need to master
  • 45.When you are in mood, energy and right momentum - don't stop
  • 46.Learn, learn and then learn - all the time - and from everyone and everything
  • 47.Create, Consolidate, Reinforce - when you reach a milestone to solidify your competence and expertise
  • 48.Use your pain to create the internal push
  • 49.Make your bed - eat healthy breakfast- Take a shower in the morning - exercise - always wash the dishes after you take meals
  • 50.Do the most challenging task first when your energy levels are highest
  • 51.De-clutter - be organized
  • 52.Reset your home before going to bed
  • 53.Make out with your most important relationships
  • 54.
  • 55.Motivation happens easily when we acquire momentum
  • 56.Practice one new habit that you want to inculcate every day
  • 57.Focus on excellence - Refine your process - DO IT EVERYDAY - do it different ways
  • 58.Even if you work from home - dress up - as if you are going for the most important meeting
  • 59.Create an uplifting environment - by creating changes in light - air, wall and cupboard setting
  • 60.Say no - to demands and people who drain you and pressurize you
  • 61.Work on anything new till you start seeing results
  • 62.Create preventative action
  • 63.Seek and accept
  • 64.Know your values and never compromise on your core-values
  • 65.Help others become better
  • 66.Create positive differences in the lives of people
  • 67.Understand and be clear on all your whys
  • 68.Promise less - deliver more
  • 69.Pivot when something does not work
  • 70.Expect failures, obstacles and challenges - identify them proactively and create solutions for all of them
  • 71.Never neglect self-care
  • 72.Appreciate support and show your gratitude
  • 73.Work on threats — brainstorm and identify ways to address the top two or three threats
  • 74.Create ways to engage and add exponentially better values - to your customers, your employees, your juniors - through creativity and innovations
  • 75.Welcome disruptions
  • 76.Learn to deal with criticism - develop thick skin
  • 77.Learn to ignore the non-essentials
  • 78.Become a momentum leader - by first building your wave and then riding it

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