Creating awesome gravitas and memorable leadership-presence

gravitas-and-leadershippresence-do-you-know-how-important How to Build Gravitas and Leadership presence naturally

 In this article you will learn the following

-30+ Elements of Gravitas

-84 tips on How to Build Gravitas and Leadership presence naturally

-19 things you must stop doing - to make people take you seriously and respect you naturally - each of these are independent actions

-65 actions you need to take to create awesome gravitas and memorable leadership-presence

How to build your gravitas and leadership presence

Because I never had Gravitas - I always admire - those people who display this one of the greatest leadership trait and quality.

Having gravitas fine-tunes your leadership-presence - and makes you comfortable in most situations and most people - irrespective of how formidable, powerful and great leader he/she might be - it also makes people accept you as their leader and creates Trust in your decision-making authority as it exudes a higher purpose.

Making a powerful impression happens through your prominence or gravitas - with the people you are communicating with - this can also be referred as Leadership Presence.

Executive presence alone will not get you faster promotions - but lack of it certainly will impede your ability to get as far as you want to go and would stamp you as a part of crowd or an average person.

Gravitas is the way you carry-yourself, conduct-yourself and communicate - which creates power over others and a lasting-influence without authority.

This power gets build-up through - the non-verbal as well as verbal cues your send - unconsciously - which tells others that you are person with power and have to be given attention.

Without Gravitas - your potential, talent and skill may not get translated into real leadership-power, leadership-position and growth opportunities.

30+ Elements of Gravitas

  • 1.Magnetic pull-power of attraction - which commands attention and respect
  • 2.Sophistication, suave, refined, dignified, elegant, cultured
  • 3.Grounded, realistic and practical
  • 4.Worthy with deep core-values and High Moral Integrity
  • 5.Thoughtful, wise, meaningful
  • 6.Decisive, courageous and problem-solver
  • 7.Graceful, Confident, Composed and Poised
  • 8.High Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • 9.Admired, Accepted and Looked-upon as role-model
  • 10.Visionary and Great Communicator
  • 11.Powerful trendsetter and change-maker
  • 12.Well-balanced, impartial and just

Building your gravitas is an important part of becoming a great business and social for masses.

Never confuse gravitas with - over-confidence [although the line differentiating confidence from overconfidence can get blurred at times] OR arrogance [arrogance comes from deep insecurities and inadequacies]

84 tips on How to Build Gravitas and Leadership presence naturally

All the tips given below - have 3000+ detailed do-it-yourself blogs and answers in my two websites as well as on my Quora page

  • 1.19 things you must stop doing - to make people take you seriously and respect you naturally - each of these are independent actions
  • I.Stop competing to get attention
  • II.Stop looking for getting validation and approval of others
  • III.Stop focusing on what others will think or say about you
  • IV.Stop stealing limelight
  • V.Stop seeking and taking credit
  • VI.Stop giving excuses
  • VII.Stop blaming others
  • VIII.Stop trying to prove that you are smart or the smartest
  • IX.Stop trying to hide your fear
  • X.Stop trying to be someone else
  • XI.Stop trying to show-off
  • XII.Stop trying to impress others [let this not be your focus of doing things on day to day basis]
  • XIII.Stop trying to please others
  • XIV.Stop trying to satisfy others
  • XV.Stop berating yourself for your mistakes and failures
  • XVI.Stop carrying regrets and feeling guilty
  • XVII.Stop playing victim
  • XVIII.Stop wallowing in past
  • XIX.Stop chasing fame, power and ego
  • 2.65 actions you need to take to create awesome gravitas and memorable leadership-presence
  • I.Identify over a period of time - what qualities, behaviors, habits and thought-process - you want to inculcate in yourself
  • II.Identify a role-model who is the epitome of Gravitas - note down what they do - how they speak - how is their body language and mannerism - what types of dress they have
  • III.Film yourself - while practicing - giving a speech or presentation - then seek someone who has an eye for sophistication and communication for feedback and then make appropriate changes
  • IV.Use visualization - to see yourself doing the same as your role model - then make appropriate changes in your own habits, style and communication
  • V.Listen to people who impress you deeply - identify what enables them to have such power over you - then try to use these in your communication and interactions
  • VI.Create a personal thought leadership window to increase your drive and motivation for future
  • VII.Find out the motivations of others - before you try to influence or impress them
  • VIII.Ask yourself - What do you need to do to become totally confident - and How will you personally benefit when everyone believes you are perfect for your job
  • IX.Learn powerful yet easily understood words and use them in your communication
  • X.Work very-very hard to develop your emotional intelligence as well as social quotient
  • XI.Read my blog on 42 types of intelligence - and create your routine by incorporating some practice from these tips
  • XII.Learn to identify, Know and Value Your Efforts
  • XIII.Learn to remain calm and poised even under challenging circumstances
  • XIV.Know When to Speak and When to be Silent -When to give your all and when to avoid arguments -When to assert and when to ignore
  • XV.Learn and practice using the power of silence - powerfully
  • XVI.Avoid repeating other's ideas
  • XVII.Practice coming out with original ideas - for this you have read a lot and become aware of what is happening and form your opinions based on your explanations
  • XVIII.Be An Effective Communicator - Practice How to create connection with your audience and make them feel that you care
  • XIX.Give credit where credit is due - Highlight and put them into limelight - the people who help you achieve your results - because being a positional leader who takes credit for other's good work feels awful - Don't be that leader
  • XX.Pay attention to your expressions and body Language
  • XXI.Take ownership of what went wrong and take the right actions to fix it - when instead of doing this you start to play the blame game - you only come out as arrogant and compassionless
  • XXII.Take responsibility for your mistakes
  • XXIII.Don't try to do all the work - Let other stakeholders share the workload - in fact empower your team to do the work
  • XXIV.Develop your team and the people around you
  • XXV.Learn and practice to Vary your tone of voice and as well as volume to create an impact of a well-balanced mind and confident personality
  • XXVI.Be precise and concise - use a strong, confident tone [You don't have to be an amazing public speaker - although it certain would help being one]
  • XXVII.Be serious, focused and earnest - Be deliberate and considered
  • XXVIII.Talking endlessly is not effective - if you have nervous-mannerism learn to control it
  • XXIX.Learn how you can remain calm when you are getting hit from all sides and all hell is breaking-loose
  • XXX.Work on your communication and assertiveness
  • XXXI.Take challenging assignments and risks
  • XXXII.Learn to make disruptive decisions and own the consequences
  • XXXIII.Identify your values - Develop courage to live your core-values
  • XXXIV.Learn to be yourself and live your life being yourself
  • XXXV.Work on building your own personal-brand
  • XXXVI.Take yourself seriously People with gravitas don't need the constant affirmation of others, they are comfortable in their own skin.
  • XXXVII.Avoid making casual jokes and self-deprecating comments - all the time
  • XXXVIII.Speak briefly Make your point concisely, focused around the key message, then stop talking
  • XXXIX.Don't repeat yourself - Don't talk about yourself too much or reveal unnecessary personal information
  • XL.While speaking learn to use the power of deliberate-Pause
  • XLI.Be relaxed and comfortable with silence
  • XLII.Learn to Breathe slow and deep - while interacting with people
  • XLIII.Listen intently - have eye contact to make a real connection
  • XLIV.Don't be the first person to volunteer for everything
  • XLV.Set and enforce healthy boundaries assertively
  • XLVI.While expressing your ideas keep them short, simple, clear and in the correct context
  • XLVII.Express your disagreement-You don't have to incessantly agree with others all the time
  • XLVIII.While speaking and especially while listening - stop looking at your mobile, laptop or any other device
  • XLIX.Sit back in relaxed and be horizontal - never sit forward showing extra eagerness
  • L.Stop being domineering or overbearing
  • LI.Treat those you don't respect with respect - even if they don't deserve it
  • LII.Notice when you are becoming awed or even intimidated by the intellects or accomplishments of others around you - stop undervaluing or berating yourself
  • LIII.Executive presence and leadership effectiveness - is a mixture of poise, confidence, seriousness of purpose, solemn and dignified behavior and being perceived as important and authenticity
  • LIV.Upgrade yourself constantly - by reading and attending conferences and going for courses as well as interacting with people with great gravitas
  • LV.Connect with people to understand their needs to add unparalleled value and to make positive difference
  • LVI.Don't be afraid to make mistakes while sticking your neck out
  • LVII.Look for ways to achieve goals that are in sync with your prioritized personal values
  • LVIII.Proactively seek Feedback from stakeholders - when handling a project which has profound impact
  • LIX.Invest your time In Meaningful Conversation with people you admire
  • LX.Don't fake confidence - accept your vulnerability and face it with all the courage - this way your Confidence gets build up naturally over time
  • LXI.Never compromise with integrity, your values, quality, excellence and discipline
  • LXII.Have clarity of purpose - always know your WHYs
  • LXIII.Be aware of the impact you have on others - Assess how you sound to others - take corrective actions
  • LXIV.Build positive relationships and networks – with your stakeholders, peers, subordinates and bosses
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