Creating a Classy Personality


Create Personality That Radiates Class, Elegance & Sophistication To Mesmerize The World​. 

All Of Us Come Across People who are so










Just their Presence in a group attracts us towards them - Irrespective Of Their Gender, Position, Looks, Expensiveness Of Clothes Etc. 

We Have Also Come Across People – Who We Feel Are 








8.Ill At Ease 

9.Lacking Confidence 


How Many Of You Want create a very Classy personality for yourself?

Being classy does Not Need Money Or Position [Professional, Social, Financial] Or Looks.

Having a Classy and sassy Persona can Give You and Edge, Power , Charm & Advantage In Your Personal, Professional, Business, Financial Growth & Success. 

Although to build a Classy personality is not very difficult - but – It May Take From Months To Years - To Master The Art Of Being Classy & Sassy. 

Simply Put It Needs Practice – and Initially It Will Be Slow progress=> But Once You Get The Momentum => You Will Be Surprised By The Direct & Indirect Benefits. 

48 Do's for becoming a classy person

1.They Maintain Their Dignity => By Turning Into Humor – Something That Is Ridiculous => One Day I Was Standing In The Queue At The Enquiry Counter Of New Delhi Railway Station – Probably The Most Busiest Station In India => There Is Always Rush In The Enquiry & Unreserved Ticket Counter. One Guy Who Was Ahead Of Me - Asked The Counter Guy " When Is The 1st Train Of The Day To Bombay – He Replied That At 6am – Then This Guy After Few Seconds Asked "There Is No Other Train Before That" => Now Because They Are Always Facing Huge Crowd – Many Get Irritated => NOT THIS GUY => HE ANSWERED WITH A SMILE => YES THERE IS [Now Everyone Was Thinking How Is That Possible] => So This Guy Asked => When => Counter Guy Said The Previous Day => WOW 

2.They Handle Rude-Ness Or People Who Push Them Or Impose On Them – In Very Easy & Unforgettable Ways => Like The Classic Comeback Line => 1. A Guy Is Asking A Female In A Lewd Manner "Your Place Or Mine" => Females Says Both "You Go To Yours & I Go To Mine" OR 2. Yet Another One => A Female Sitting Alone In A Table => A Guy Stranger Asking – Is This Seat Vacant => She Says "Yes - & - This Seat Will Become Vacant Too – If You Sit" 

3.They Ignore Unworthy Comments - Without Getting Upset 

4.They Have Confidence & Don't Seek Other's Approval, Or Need Any Extra Attention From Others 

5.They Are Proud Of Who They Are 

6.They Are Original – Not Trying To Be Someone Else 

7.When Someone Is Angry Says Unkind Words To Them => They Either Respond By Saying - I'm Sorry You Feel That Way Or They Walk Away. If It Is Necessary To Discuss The Matter, They Delay Till Anger Subsides 

8.They Practice Wittiness 

9. They Stand Up For Themselves & Their Friends And Family 

10.They Never Lower Themselves To The Level Of Other People With Rude Behavior. 

11. They Understand Charity Is Wanting The Best For Everyone, But It Doesn't Mean People Can Take Advantage Of You. 

2.They Don't Worry What Others Think 

13.They Challenge Their Fears – They Are Not Afraid To Try Out New Things 

14.They Praise People Behind Their Backs 

15. They Are Educated - Don't Confuse Education With Qualifications/Degrees/ Certifications => It Is About Common Sense & General Awareness And Knowledge About Wide Topics & Interests 

16.They Have Decent Manners 

17. They Are Reliable And Not Flaky 

18. They Are Not Bored With Their Life 

19. They Know When And How To Apologize When They Are Wrong 

20. They Know How To Handle Losses And Disappointments - Gracefully 

21.They Honor Their Word And Keep Their Promises 

22.They Know When To Ask For Help, But Avoid Desperate Behaviors 

23.They Are Responsible 24.They're Incredibly Spontaneous 

25. They Have Empathy 

26. They Are Ambitious 

27. They Follow Strong Core Values & Work Ethics 

28.They Are Extremely Down To Earth 

29.They Don't Feel The Need To Stalk On Social Media 

30.They Are Passionate 31.They'll Surprise You Almost Always 

32.They Will Introduce You To New Things 33.Their Conversations Are Never Boring 

34.They Can Light You Up In Strange Ways 

35.They'll Get Along With Your Friends Quickly or Strangers with Ease 

36.They Are Always Up For Adventure 

37.They're Very Comfortable With Themselves – At Home In Branded As Well As In Pajamas 

38. They Treat Others Well 

39.They'll Always Have A Strong Viewpoint 

40.They Find Happiness In Small Things 

41.They Maintain Their Cleanliness In Their Appearance -by 

I.Well Fitting Clothes, Clean, Starched And Ironed 

II.Shoes Clean And Polished 

II.Clean And Well Groomed Hands And Feet 

IV.Clean And Neat Hair 

V.Modest Apparel 

VI.Well Maintained Dental 

VII.Not Overly Perfumed Or Wearing Strong After Shave (Doesn't Leave A Trail) 

VIII.Has Good Posture; Walks With Confidence, With Head Up And Shoulders Back 

IX.Conservative About Tattoos And Body Piercing, Or Better Still Has None At All 

X.Abstains From Tobacco And Drugs Which Denigrates Looks 

XI.Avoids Trends 

XII.Distinguish Yourself With A Clean And Manicured Look 

42.They Are Considerate & Kind To Others 

43. They Are Polite 

44.They Respect Others 

45. They Are Choosy About The Words They Speak 

46. A Classy Person Speaks A Little And Listens A Lot. Avoid Finishing Other's Sentences, And Never Correct Anyone's Grammar 

47. Coming Across As A Know-It-All Irritates Others, And Makes You Look Like An Idiot 

48. They Avoid Using Profanity Or Vulgarity

19 absolutely no-compromise Don'ts 

1.They Don't Curse 

2.Don't Be The Loudest Person In The Room 

3.Don't Talk About How Much Class You Have 

4.They Avoid Gossip, Slander And Insulting Remarks 

5.They Voice Their Opinions Only When Necessary, And Do So Constructively And Appropriately 

6.They Don't Try To Draw Attention To Themselves unnecessarily 

7.They are not Arrogant 

8.They Don't Laugh At The Mistakes Of Others Or Insult People 

9.Classy People Aren't Nosey Or Back Biters -They Mind Their Own Business, And Are Gracious And Affable Toward Everyone 

10.They Are Not Nasty, Mean Or Cheap - When Angry Hit Below The Belt By Saying Wrong Things – Indecent Things 

11. A Classy Person Is Not Flashy And Is Not Into Bragging And Chest Beating 

12.They Don't Talk Bad Behind Back 

13.They Don't Give Excuses, Blames Others 

14.Please Don't Confuse Snobbiness With Class 

15.They Are Not Drama Queens 

16.They Don't Throw Tantrums 

17.They Don't Have Victim Mindset 

18.They are Not Slobs 

19.They Don't Feign Knowledge – when they don't know about it & Want To Carry The Conversation –They Ask For More Information About The Subject

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