Change your weakness into strength


In this article you will learn

  • -90+ examples of weaknesses we may have
  • -40+ examples of strengths
  • -8 Basics we need to Identify and Understand before we go about transforming our weaknesses into strengths
  • -27 Action-steps to transform our weaknesses into our strengths
  • -Some of the greatest people who overcame their massive-handicaps and weaknesses and turned themselves into global role-models 

Change your weakness into strength

How to Leverage Your Weakness To Maximize Your Strength

In an ideal scenario – you would be great in everything you did- which will make you super-successful and happy.

Right? – NO – Absolutely wrong – for most of us it may turn very frustrating – as we can't enjoy the thrill of life of facing and conquering challenges, difficulties and obstacles.

If You Believe - That You Have Many Weaknesses - Thank God – Because That Makes You A Human Being Otherwise You Would Be THE GOD.

In Every Weakness – There Are Inherent Strengths and Unexplored Potential To Make You More Powerful - Should You Choose To utilize Them.

And Interestingly - Sometimes Even Our Biggest Strength – If Overused – Can Become A Weakness For Us.

Because Many Of Us Do Not Know How To Maximize our strengths AND Make Our Weaknesses Work For Us – We Live An Unfulfilled Life.

All of us have a Part Of Our Life Where - There Are Things That "We Know About – But Others Do Not Know".

This Is area and Part of our life - Which Makes Us Most Insecure and impacts Our Self-Confidence very negatively.

Let us first go through the types of weaknesses and strengths that we may have

90+ Examples Of Weaknesses – many of us may have few of these

  • 1.Unable To Express What We Feel – without inhibitions
  • 2.Unable To Ask Questions – For the fear of looking dumb - When we are Confused don't know the answer
  • 3.Not Able To Ask For Favors and Help From Others – Even From Those Whom We Have Helped Many Times
  • 4.Feel scared In Front Of Authoritative Figures
  • 5.Looking For Approval, Recognition and Validation from others
  • 6.Putting Other's Interest First Than ours
  • 7.Unable To Stop Others From Taking Advantage – even when we are aware
  • 8.Even Though we Know The Answer and solution – But unable to share in public
  • 9.Find It Difficult To Initiate Conversation With Strangers
  • 10.The Thought Of Going On Stage For Speaking Or Speaking In Front Of People Sends Shivers
  • 11.Avoid coming out as Weak
  • 12.Strong urge to Always Prove our Worth
  • 13.Have Difficulty In Saying No – we Say Yes Even When we just don't want to say YES at all
  • 14.Feel that You Do Not Understand Things As Fast As others
  • 15.Think You Are Not Smart
  • 16.That People Do Not Like You
  • 17.Unable To Take Decisions in crucial times
  • 18.You Get Scared At The Thought Of Certain Situations
  • 19.Not wanting to learn or not putting efforts to learn
  • 20.Spending too much time on social media
  • 21.Being a people pleaser
  • 22.Not able to stand up for yourself
  • 23.Or You May Have Some Other Weaknesses I am giving 42 – like - being
  • I.Aggressive
  • II.Arrogant
  • III.Bossy
  • IV.Chaotic
  • V.Close-Minded
  • VI.Complaining
  • VII.Contemptuous
  • VIII.Controlling
  • IX.Cynical
  • X.Fearful
  • XI.Greedy
  • XII.Hesitant
  • XIII.Ignorant
  • XIV.Impatient
  • XV.Impulsive
  • XVI.Indifferent
  • XVII.Insensitive
  • XVIII.Intolerant
  • XIX.Irresponsible
  • XX.Lazy
  • XXI.Lethargic
  • XXII.Loose-Tongued
  • XXIII.Mistrustful
  • XXIV.Moody
  • XXV.Naive
  • XXVI.Negative
  • XXVII.Obstructive
  • XXVIII.Passive
  • XXIX.Prejudiced
  • XXX.Reckless
  • XXXI.Rude
  • XXXII.Selfish
  • XXXIII.Shallow
  • XXXIV.Short-Sighted
  • XXXV.Shy
  • XXXVI.Sloppy
  • XXXVII.Stubborn
  • XXXVIII.Slow
  • XXXIX.Strict
  • XL.Undisciplined
  • XLI.Vague
  • XLII.Wasteful

There Are Probably More Weaknesses, So Don't Hesitate To Write Them Down

47 Examples of Strengths

  • I.Action-Oriented
  • II.Adventurous
  • III.Analytical
  • IV.Artistic
  • V.Athletic
  • VI.Authentic
  • VII.Caring
  • VIII.Clever
  • IX.Compassionate
  • X.Charming
  • XI.Communicative
  • XII.Confident
  • XIII.Courageous
  • XIV.Creative
  • XV.Curious
  • XVI.Determined
  • XVII.Disciplined
  • XVIII.Educated
  • XIX.Empathetic
  • XX.Emotional
  • XXI.Intelligent
  • XXII.Energetic
  • XXIII.Entertaining
  • XXIV.Fast
  • XXV.Flexible
  • XXVI.Focused
  • XXVII.Helping
  • XXVIII.Inspiring
  • XXIX.Intelligent
  • XXX. Leadership
  • XXXI. Motivated
  • XXXII.Optimistic
  • XXXIII. Open-Minded
  • XXXIV.Organized
  • XXXV.Outgoing
  • XXXVI.Patient
  • XXXVII.Precise
  • XXXVIII.Responsible
  • XXXIX.Self-Controlled
  • XL.Spontaneous
  • XLI.Social
  • XLII.Strategic Thinking
  • XLIII.Team-Oriented
  • XLIV.Thoughtful
  • XLV.Trustworthy
  • XLVI.Visionary
  • XLVII.Warm

Basics we need to Identify and Understand before we go about transforming our weaknesses into strengths.

How it has to Be Done – first we need to Identify Our Major Weakness [Both The Weakness Itself and The Overused Strength – which too becomes our handicap]

Then-- Accepting These and Creating A Plan To Turn Them Into Strengths

The Most Difficult Thing is Understand and Know Yourself AND then accept yourself unconditionally with your weaknesses and strengths

It is Definitely going to be Uncomfortable And Scary - But If You can Make Yourself Walk On This Fire Then You'll Find That You Not Only Have Unlimited Potential But You May End Up Creating An Example For Others To Get Inspiration From.

8 Basics we need to Identify and Understand before we go about transforming our weaknesses into strengths or at least minimize the negative impacts of our weaknesses

  • 1.Understand the 3 Broad Categories of our Weakness
  • I.Weakness Resulting From Emotional Vulnerability [Here We Are Not Talking About Psychological Disorders – But Those Ones You Can Work On to Improve Yourself]
  • II.Weakness Resulting From Overuse Of Strengths [Example - Like You Have A Sense Of Humor, But You Start Using It Too Much And Use It At Wrong Occasions – So People Stop Taking You Seriously ]
  • III.Those Things Which May Not Be The Truth But Your Perception Only [Like You May Believe That You Are Not Creative]
  • 2.Identify your weaknesses – AND – also identify the corresponding strength that is inbuilt in your weakness
  • 3.Like you are slow to come up with solutions and responses USE this by training yourself to think from different perspective
  • 4.Situations You Tend To Avoid –Try To Identify Since When You Started Avoiding Them and What Had Happened To Make You Avoid These Situations
  • 5.People Who Make You Feel Anxious Or Uncomfortable– Write All The Feelings and Emotions You Have When You Face Them Or When You Think About Them
  • 6.Your Favorite Defenses[Excuses, Reasons and Justifications] Of Not Doing Something – In Land Mark Forum Language It Is Called "Rackets"
  • 7.Creating The Worst-case scenario –in case You Fail – after you have listed The Situations and The People List In How Many Ways All The Above 4 Things Are Impacting Your Life Negatively
  • 8.All The Benefits You Will Have – If You Are Able To Handle These Situations and People Effectively

27 Action-steps to transform our weaknesses into our strengths

  • 1.Resolve – It Will Be Slow Journey and Many Times The Results May Not Always Be Positive As Per Your Expectations - Ask Yourself - Are You Willing To Go Through To Go Through It Till End
  • 2.Making Commitment To Self – No Matter What You – You Will Keep Going, If Does Not Succeed – Then Again Changing Strategy Will Try Till Success
  • 3.Creating An Assertiveness Plan As per our article in this website and our YouTube video
  • 4.Start Facing Your Fears – By Taking Small-Small Steps and raising the danger-levels little Higher Than Your Comfort zone at that moment
  • 5.Try To Connect With People Who Are Assertive and Try NLP Modelling First Through Visualization Then In Real
  • 6.Tell Your Well-Wishers and People You Trust – About Your Starting This Journey
  • 7.Identify What Qualities Makes You A Great Human Being
  • 8.Create A Skills Up-Grading PlanLearn, Prepare, Practice - Wherever Lack Of Skill – Like Speaking In Public Or Asking Questions In Important Meeting Are The Ones You Want To Overcome
  • 9.Create A Reframing Plan – Do It By Yourself + You Can Also Involve Others For Diverse Views - For All Your Perceived Weaknesses By Asking What Is The Benefit Of This Weakness and In Which Situation This Can Be Of Advantage
  • 10.Like Being Fussy Can Be Reframed As Having High Standard Or Focused On Excellence
  • 11.Being Impatient Can Be Reframed As Having Energy To Get Results
  • 12.Knowing That You Don't Know - Can Give You Opportunity To Learn and Opportunity To Practice You Art Of Asking Question
  • 13.Cannot Focus On Any Things Fast – Can Do Many Things and Become Jack Of Many
  • 14.Being Very Nice – Very Good For Relationship[The Other Part Of Meeting Your Needs Will Be Taken Care Through Your Assertiveness Training Plan]
  • 15.Maintain A Journal + Start Sharing Your Journey Through Blogs, Small Groups etc.- This May Even Make You A Star Besides Giving An Opportunity To Network And Possible Business
  • 16.Start Learning, Reading, Developing Hobbies, Helping Others
  • 17.Identify, Recognize and accept your weaknesses – instead of denying
  • 18.Identify what makes you feel uncomfortable –find out how can you turn this discomfort into push to make you try something new and something different
  • 19.Create a skill development plan
  • 20.Don't lose sleep over Things Other People Do Better - as you don't have to be good at everything
  • 21.Learn from someone who is an expert in what is your weakness and get guidance from someone smarter than you
  • 22.Overcompensate your weakness with excellent preparation and practice to minimize your weakness
  • 23.Outsource few things you are unable to master
  • 24.Just get better by learning, unlearning, relearning and acquiring newer skills, knowledge AND by practicing these to impact your weaknesses
  • 25.Think how can overcome your deficiency by say teaching the same to others or creating a think-tank to explore how it can be done
  • 26.Similarly List Other Weakness and Reframe Them Or Seek Others Help In Reframing Them
  • 27.Reframing your belief about few weaknesses – BUT – for this you have to create separate action plan to make this reframing real OR it would just be a pipe-dream
  • I.Unrealistic = Visionary
  • II.Arrogant = Self-Confident
  • III.Irresponsible = Adventurous
  • IV.Inflexible = Purposeful
  • V.Childish = Playful
  • VI.Obnoxious = Enthusiastic
  • VII.Disorganized = Creative
  • VIII.Inconsistent = Flexible
  • IX.Independent = Resourceful
  • X.Impatient = Passionate
  • XI.Stubborn = Persistent, Determined
  • XII.Indecisive = Fair-minded
  • XIII.Intimidating = Assertive
  • XIV.Talkative = Expressive

Below Are Some People Who Turned Their Weakness To An Asset

Richard Branson

Richard Branson Struggled With His Studies Due To A Dyslexia And A General Inability To Concentrate On His Studies.

Sir Richard's Teachers Gave Him A Really Hard Time In School, But He Essentially Ignored Them And Went On To Start Student Magazine When He Was Still In School.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Was Absolutely Notorious For Having No Emotional Intelligence When It Came To Dealing With His Coworkers And Employees, But There Is No Question That Steve Overcompensated In His Infinite Desire For Great Design And Product Perfection.

Thomas Edison

During Edison's School Days, He Was Known To Have A Wavering Mind; His Focus Was Poor And He Had Difficulty With Speech And Words. Yet With All These Conditions, Thomas Became A Prolific Inventor And Businessman Holding 1093 Patents In The US As Well As United Kingdom, France, And Germany. His Inventions Include Electric Light, Power Utilities, Sound Recording, And Motion Pictures.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Suffered From A Severe Stutter For The Very First 20 Years Of His Life. This Condition Was One Of His Greatest Advantage. He Is Known As A Mega Star Actor And His Action Packed Kicking Butt Characters In Movies.

He Is Also A Singer As Well As A Producer And Won An Emmy Award For Moonlightning In 1987. His Stuttering Gave Him A Sense Of Humor And Enabled Him To Make People Laugh.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith Was Born In Philadelphia And Suffered From Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Despite His Condition, He Developed A Skill In Art And Was Known In The Legend History As The Typewriter Artist. His Masterpieces Were Designed Using A Typewriter.

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes Is Worth Mentioning Again. Elizabeth Had A Fear For Needles And This Made Her Enable To Take Blood Test. She Decided To Do Something About Her Fears And Thus Was The Birth Of Theranos; A Company That Is Worth $9 Billion Dollars And Helps Patients Undergo Painless Tests Without Visiting Doctors For Blood Tests. She Discovered Ways Of Doing Multiple Test With Just A Drop Of Blood.

Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Was Born Without An Adipose Tissue Which Never Made Her Gain Weight. Despite Her Struggles With Bullies, Awful Stares, Being Ridiculed And Was Even Termed the Ugliest - Lizzie Didn't Despair.

She Became An Author Of Two Books And A Motivational Speaker. Rather Than Focus On The Event, She Discovered Her Purpose On Earth. She Also Has A Youtube Channel Where She Addresses The Issue Of True Beauty.

Nick Vujicic

The Adorable Nick Was Born With Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, A Rare Disorder Characterized By The Absence Of All Four Limbs. Nick Struggled With This Disability During His Childhood Years. It Was Only When He Came To Terms To His Condition, That He Saw His Disability As An Opportunity.

Nick At The Age Of 17 Started A Non-Profit Organisation. Life without Limbs Nick Has Written Four Inspirational Books. He Is A Motivational Speaker And His Message Has Been About Life With A Disability.

Bethany Meilani Hamilton

In 2003, At The Age Of 13, Bethany Survived A Shark Attack Losing Her Left Arm. Despite The Shock Of The Incident, Bethany Returned Back To Professional Surfing Where She Was Second In Billabong ASP World Junior Championship And Just Recently Took First In The Surf 'N' Sea Pipeline Women's Pro.

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