Best Ideas for Business

Best Ideas for Business

All across the today's world, we see many instances of businesses succeeding with - "Why I Didn't think of it myself or how could have I fail to recognize and en-cash this Opportunity" IDEAs.

These successful disruptive-businesses also becomes the reason for thousands of people to launch similar ventures ONLY TO FAIL.

The absolute truth is that, irrespective of the novelty of any business idea – it would only succeed, if it sticks with the basic-laws of sustainable-success.

In this article, I would try to show – how can you Identify, explore and create opportunities for

  • 1.Creating a Small additional income
  • 2.Or laying the foundation of a business to become a big
  • 3.Or exploring the opportunities to launch a business – "with what you have" WITHOUT jeopardizing and bankrupting your happiness, finances, relationship and peace

Besides the uniqueness of the idea, the following are needed to start, run and maintain the momentum of growth in business

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  • 1.Identifying What you are selling & Who You are Selling & Why They will buy & Why They will buy from you
  • 2.Create a compulsive-demonstratable reason for buyers to pay for whatever services/products you are selling
  • 3.Validating your ideas Real-time with the different target segments
  • 4.The timing of launch
  • 5.The financial and business viability studies
  • 6.The plan of how will you spend and earn money
  • 7.Complete cash-flow needed
  • 8.Choosing the correct business and revenue models
  • 9.Choosing all the right marketing channels
  • 10.Choosing best people, vendors and partners

Few of the wrong reasons to start any business

  • 1.Without your bringing a unique strength to the table
  • 2.Starting your business based on your idea alone – only because you are convinced that your idea is so unique that people would line-up for buying
  • 3.Starting a business – because it is so hot – that everyone is jumping into it
  • 4.Starting a business because you have money to spend – but you borrow the idea from others – as per the following three
  • I.Without having a passion or Interest in the technicality of business
  • II.Without understanding this particular business, itself
  • III.Believing that if you hire experts – they alone can make your business succeed

The most recent successful businesses in the world are built on the following philosophy – they manage to attract, use & retain – on long term basis

  • 1.Other People's Money
  • 2.Other People's Resources
  • 3.Other People's Time
  • 4.Other People's Efforts
  • 5.Other People's Networks
  • 6.Other People's Expertise
  • 7.Other People's Ideas
  • 8.Other People's Passions

The largest businesses like Amazon, AirBnb, Ola, Uber – all are using the aforesaid philosophy.

The key to succeed in this philosophy is to create a model that is easy to learn and make money for others – with minimum quantum of losses, in case someone wants to opt out.

How to Create a Business Using What You have

You can sell any or all of the following to create a business or to make extra money – add whatever I have missed

  • 1.Your Ideas
  • 2.Your Time
  • 3.Your Efforts
  • 4.Your Money
  • 5.Your Space
  • 6.Your Skills
  • 7.Your Expertise
  • 8.Your Knowledge
  • 9.Your Network and connections
  • 10.Your Services to Help Others Sell Their Product/Services
  • 11.Your Life's Experiences
  • 12.How can you help people save money/time/efforts by going through you and your enterprise

Let us explore few side hustle ideas and strategies that'll help you make additional money AND which would ALSO HELP OTHERS MAKE MONEY as well.

Some of the strategies/ideas listed below would need your one-time big chunk investment and follow-up and, in few cases, they would need your regular and sizable investment of your time

THEREFORE - select a idea plus strategy that fits with your skill set, mind-set, need-set and passion-set to ensure that it deliver a serious value addition to you

Please understand that Not every idea will work for you. In any case, it could be a good way to explore other career opportunities without quitting your main job. It would also allow you to network with people in a new career field to explore and identify newer additional career options.

80 Unique [few funny, some silly] ideas to help you make money

  • 1.Becoming a Trusted-expert referrer => Referring the right product, services, vendors
  • 2.Roof-top Solar generation & marketing
  • 3.Translation from one language to another
  • 4.Vehicle/Home-Front advertising
  • 5.Manage Own and Other's Home for vacation rentals
  • 6.Teach People how to use The latest gadgets
  • 7.Teaching Public speaking through creating Toastmaster's type group
  • 8.Start a forum site for your industry. By creating an online hub around your expertise, you can build an audience and a business
  • 9.Peer-to-peer lending - These loans enable you to help people start businesses, get an education, or pursue their dreams while you make money through interest payments
  • 10.Amazon FBA – using your business contacts connect buyers from one country to another
  • 11.Market Online the MSME businesses
  • 12. Care-giving
  • I.To Pets – for owners on vacations/part-time
  • II.To the elders/disabled – part time
  • III.To the elders/disabled - full time
  • IV.As Live-in companion to elders/disabled
  • V.Baby-sitting
  • 13.Party Planning
  • 14.Real Estate – selling, renting on commission basis OR being a Fixer-upper
  • 15.Teaching Online
  • I.Academics
  • II.Arts/Paints
  • III.Music
  • IV.Cooking
  • V. DIY Ideas for various Day to Day Functions
  • 16.Tour Guide
  • 17.Writing and Editing online contents
  • 18.Creating Lessons Plans for other Teachers
  • 19. GST and Income Tax Filing – check your local laws about licenses and permissions etc.
  • 20.Be a Coach
  • I.Life Coach in the areas of your expertise – Health/Fitness, Financial, Career, Profession, Performance etc.
  • II.Sports Coach
  • III.Martial arts Self Help Group
  • 21.Home or office trash collection, cleaning business
  • 22.Online Trouble-shooting for high-tech gadgets
  • 23.Gardening expert
  • 24.Online Handyman services for anything plumbing, electrical, household repairs
  • 25.Rent-a-Friend
  • 26.Rent a Travel companion
  • 27.Become mystery shopper
  • 28.Online Surveys
  • 29.Renting Out Your Car
  • 30.Selling on Snapdeal, eBay, Amazon, Fiverr
  • 31.Virtual Administrative Assistant
  • 32.Teach Language to Non-natives Online
  • 33.Cover Letter and Resume Service
  • 34.Junk Hauling Service, Hauling away debris
  • 35.Moving & Packing Services
  • 36. Voice-over from one language to another in TV Serial
  • 37.Manage social media for small businesses
  • 38.Create an online course on Udemy, YouTube tutorials
  • 39.Teach driving lessons to students
  • 40.Teach people how to use their smart devices.
  • 41.Create a local guide for tourists
  • 42.High-end retreats and event planning
  • 43.Make and sell healthy, natural pet food.
  • 44.Turn your basement into an exercise studio
  • 45.Rent Your Rooms on AirBnb, Bed and Breakfast
  • 46.Online storyteller
  • 47.Drop-shipping Business – dropping anything locally
  • 48.Create presentation decks
  • 49.Medical, Legal and Insurance Transcription
  • 50.Data entry & Voice to data OR Data to Voice
  • 51.Counselling services
  • 52.Wedding planner
  • 53.User testing – Crowd-testing
  • 54.Hosting Theme parties
  • 55.Rent-a-pet for children
  • 56.Professional Video Production and Editing
  • 57.Share Office equipment and space
  • 58.Using Your Space for Play/Adventure area for Children
  • 59.Personalize Gift Ideas
  • 60.In-Home Masseuse
  • 61.Live Chat Customer Support Service
  • 62.Private Investigator
  • 63.Contract Drafting & Review Service
  • 64.Adventure Tours
  • 65.Online Art Gallery Hosting and selling artist's products
  • 66.Internet Researcher & Online Surveys
  • 67.Lead Generator for Local Businesses
  • 68.Creating Online Game
  • 69.Residence for elder – those who have money but nowhere to go, no relations
  • 70.Business & Company incorporation services
  • 71.Video Conference & Board Room Facilities
  • 72.Medical Tour Services – Using Your Website and tying up with ethical medical hospitals and doctors
  • 73.Car parking on the unused space – either your own or leased from others
  • 74.Hobby class Virtual as well as in real-time brick and mortar
  • 75.Rain water harvesting
  • 76.Organic Food Service
  • 77.Herbal & Ayurveda Products Sourcing & Online selling – direct B2C
  • 78.ATM Space Rental
  • 79.Address Verification Service
  • 80.Selling Antiques online
  • 81.Organic farming + Vertical farming

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