Beat Your Stress Big or Small

stress1 How to relax, de-stress and unwind yourself

In this article you will learn

  • -2 major categories of stress
  • -15+ proven ways on How to deal with life's major shockers, rockers and shakers – which cause big stress in our lives
  • -44 ways on How to deal with life's every day stress 

Simple and brilliant ways to relax and de-stress and unwind yourself

Post corona covid19 world - the type of stress, the definition of stress and the quantum of stress - has not only changed in many ways but also have become more complex and complicated.

For many of us it has now become an integral part of our daily existence.

Like we get daily doses of stress in various forms and from many different directions – we also need to learn and incorporate and practice consciously – the various relaxing-techniques while using many different ways and tools to unwind and calm our emotions, nerves, mind – on daily basis.

As all of us are unique human-beings – our stressors as well as well as the antidotes that each one of us need for de-stressing too would be different.

There are no one-size fits all.

The tips I have given here - are here for you to try and test and experiment to find what works for you AND also create your own if these methods gives you new ideas.

In this article we will not be discussing stressors or how the stress gets created.

There are situations and circumstances where – we need expert medical professional's help.

Here it in this article we will be focusing on how to do it yourself.

2 major categories of stress

  • I.THE BIG-SHOCKERS - The events, incidents and happenings – which impacts our lives in kind of irreversible ways and disrupts everything – these could be the death of the most loved one, paralyzing illnesses or accidents, separation or divorce from the person you are deeply attached, total financial ruins, betrayal of major nature, losing your job etc. Etc.
  • II.The second category is of everyday upsets those triggers anger, anxiety and stress – like – fight with your partner, child or boss or failures or anxiety about future of yourself and or your children etc. Etc.

Like I always maintain – that when you are in the actual roller-coaster and going through the big-stress-causing-situation – no technique or methods will work as you won't remember or would in the mental, emotional and or physical state to apply them.

All these techniques – will be useful – in bouncing back and in bringing yourself to better emotional resourceful-states [as per what works for you -after you have tested and retested them in various situation and people]

They only work when you have practiced them enough to make them your subconscious fallback habits.

15+ proven ways on How to deal with life's major shockers, rockers and shakers – which cause big stress in our lives

  • 1. The first thing – you must understand – that – the only antidote – for stress, depression, bouncing-back is taking-action(s) – the following should give you lots of idea – these ideas you have to start using in everyday life till they become part of you reflex action
  • 2. And all these actions can only be taken – when your stressor is over – and you are out of the initial shock and you mind has started feeling-pain and thinking about the incident, event or whatever disrupt you big-time
  • 3. Never try to ignore, suppress or deny – the pain, hurt, anger, shock or any such emotion you are feeling
  • 4. We need to Feel these emotions fully – only then we can get over these and move on
  • 5. Identify your emotions – and – accept that you are going through these emotion(s)
  • 6. Let yourself breakdown, cry, scream – if you feel like it
  • 7. Never put a false bravado by believing – that brave doesn't cry – the truth is only brave can cry
  • 8. Yes – in case – all others who are impacted by this stressful situation are not able to manage themselves on their own – and – you are the only one who can help them – then control your feelings at that moment – to divert your attention to the people who need your caring approach
  • 9. You can grieve simultaneously while helping others – as helping others is also a great therapy
  • 10.We have to understand – all of us grieve differently – and have our own mechanism and pace to bounce-back and move on – whether it is death or separation from a loved one, financial-ruin, sudden-job-loss, discovering a serious illness for yourself or a loved one or any such serious thing
  • 11.Once you have kind of come to live with the loss – then it becomes the time for adjusting and creating the new future or new normal
  • 12.When you are calm enough to sit alone – meditate to introspect – what
  • I.Changes have taken place in your life
  • II.What remains same
  • III.How these new changes will impact your plans and future
  • IV.What you need to change within yourself and in your habits and perceptions and expectations
  • V.Identify your new priorities
  • VI.What type of future you would like to have – this is something that you have to spend time a lot – many-many times on regular basis – as this will keep changing
  • 13.Then once you are clear about what type of future you want – you need to create the action plans for
  • I.Your new priorities and focus
  • II.Your new vision - how to accomplish them
  • III.The new habit formation
  • IV.Getting rid of older habits
  • V.Acquiring newer skills
  • VI.Implementing, improvising and persisting till you start on path of regular accomplishment of milestones
  • 14.Please understand – that if you are unable to come to have control over your grief, loss, shock, anger, hurt – even after say maximum 9 months – it is the time to seek expert professional help.
  • 15.Because if you seek help now – you would be able start living – but – if you hold on to your grief, loss, shock, anger, hurt – you will not only make your life pathetic but also make your loved-one's life miserable.

44 ways on How to deal with life's every day stress

  • 1. Simple, practical and implementable tips to destress, unwind, relax and let-go of the life-sapping negative-energies.
  • 2. If you are stressed about every day upsets – then too few of the above may prove helpful to get yourself back into a more resourceful emotional, physical and mental state faster
  • 3. Get moving – physically change the scene or just move to another space or place
  • 4. Reassess your to-do lists and future plans
  • 5. Cut out things that add to your stress
  • 6. Avoid people who bring you down
  • 7. Only say yes when you want to
  • 8. Recognize when you're stressed
  • 9. Identify your stress response
  • I.Do you get overexcited, angry, agitated, overly emotional, melancholic, revengeful, hitting out at others – then for these – you need to find the triggers and you're your accumulated and overflowing grief, shame, guilt – unless you treat them – you will keep getting stressed
  • II.Do you tend to become depressed, withdrawn and go into your shell and become totally unresponsive – then you need to find ways to love yourself
  • III.Do you freeze when under stress or violence or anger of another person – then you might have to deal with your trauma that you might have undergone
  • 10.Create ritual of activities for quick stress relief – picking from above – till they become your habit - start small
  • 11.Have fun with the process – if something you had hope for did not work – it doesn't matter - don't force anything on yourself - move on until you find what works best for you
  • 12.Practice wherever you are and whenever you can
  • 13.Create your very own space your sanctuary – read my blog on this
  • 14.Create cushions in your to-do calendar – meaning the deadlines should have buffers
  • 15.Put your mental health first and listen to yourself -what you want
  • 16.Identity your stress triggers -while you're not going to be able to eliminate every stress trigger in your life - you can at least remove the ones that you have influence over.
  • 17.Say no – what you don't want to do – use this incident or phase to start asserting yourself in the right manner with people who take you for granted or take advantage of you
  • 18.Totally switch-off from social media
  • 19.Forgive yourself and forgive those who have hurt or harmed you – so that you can get over the pain and hurt faster
  • 20.If possible meditate – but we should be aware of which type of mediation will be most suitable to for us – this depends on your root-trigger of stress
  • 21.Be with a person with whom you are very deeply connected and who understands you well – just be with him or her
  • 22.Indulge in old good memories by going through your albums
  • 23.Practice progressive muscle relaxation
  • 24.Connect with your body – identify what feels are there in every part – began from toes and end only at the head
  • 25.Spend time with your loved ones
  • 26.Hug your loved one
  • 27.Take a walk in the nature - go barefoot in dew-soaked lawn or park - watch the sunrise - go for a swim - swing on a swing
  • 28.If you one of those people who feel sleepy when upset – go ahead take a nap
  • 29.Dance like nobody's watching – this is when you are stressed for other reasons than losing someone through death
  • 30.Take care of small kids – if they are in family – watch the children play
  • 31.Go on a cleaning-spree and de-clutter, do the laundry, organize your closet
  • 32.Cuddle with a loved one – preferably a child who is close to you
  • 33.Engage in physical movement that engages both your arms and legs, such as walking, swimming, running, dancing, climbing, or tai chi etc.
  • 34.Go for exercise and yoga
  • 35.Challenge yourself doing something that makes you stretch yourself beyond your mental, emotional and physical self-accepted limits
  • 36.Take a bubble bath, squeeze a stress ball, eat dark chocolate, try out aromatherapy
  • 37.Watch a movie – you have been thinking for long
  • 38.Smile at strangers
  • 39.Sing or hum a song you have good memories attached or play musical instrument if can play
  • 40.Give yourself a great treat
  • 41.Paint, read a comic book or watch a cartoon
  • 42.Cook a new cuisine
  • 43.Take out the weeds in your garden
  • 44.Go and do something meaningful for underprivileged – which makes you involve physically interacting with them

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