Are You a Relationship Killer

What Destroys Our Relationships with Others

All of us have numerous significant relationships in our life – in all the different areas of our lives [Personal, family, professional, business, social etc] .

Our degree of stress and quality of life and level of happiness and successcomes from having great relationships with all the people in our lives, who have the power to affect these [ of impacting and/or shattering whatever we want and desire in life].

Y(Our) life depends on it – literally.

Our success, happiness, mental and emotional health and well-being – hangs on – how well we manage, nurture and qualitatively improve these critical relationships.

Having made many-many uncountable major mistakes in my parental, marital, business, professional, social relationships – I have identified the following relationship breakers.

Many of these behaviors, actions, attitudes and emotional-n-mental-get-up – are those we practice sub-consciously.

Some of these are definitely applicable only in the romantic/marital relationships – but – majorly most of them are applicable to all the relationships – that we may have.

Again - when I say relationship these are only with those major stakeholder of your life – who can make or break you emotion, physically and maybe financially and otherwise too.

As a Professional Counselor - I find couples who come for therapy with their relationship dying a slowly and painfully.

This article is only meant for self-corrections and not prove how wrong the others are and to identify the ways you may be hindering communication with others - without realizing it.

All the points are self-explanatory – but – those with *mark throughout this article MEANS that there is a detailed Do-it-Yourself Blog [like all my other article in the DIY Blog section – from the Heart of Subhashis in Success Unlimited Mantra].

What you need to do is – introspect either Self or can take support and help of an emotionally balanced objective person => to help you realize what and where in YOUR CRUCIAL RELATIONSHIP [which is not working] – you are using these behaviors.

Although you may use this information to identify a dysfunctional relationship – please seek help of a professional – for solutions.

35 Causes why our relationships become BIG PAIN in you know where all

  • 1.Denial and Acceptance of your own role in the situation
  • 2.Refusal to admit your own fault
  • 3.Deflecting complaints back to the other person
  • 4.Gaslighting – this phrase is although used in connection with Narcissist – this is something that someone does or say[as well as doesn't do or doesn't say] – which makes you angry . Gaslighting is more complex than simply denying or lying (those are two foundational points, though)
  • 5.Stonewalling intentionally refusing to give indication of listening or giving feedback what another person saying
  • 6.You dismiss their concerns
  • 7.Showing Disinterest in Their Ideas
  • 8.Pointless Criticism* – for hurting someone OR to just vent our frustrations OR To boost our ego
  • 9.Incessant Complaining*
  • 10.Bribing to get something at the cost of other's rightful needs
  • 11.Not offering help when others need it
  • 12.Being indifferent to other person
  • 13.Accusations
  • 14.Blaming
  • 15.Faultfinding
  • 16.Using negative labels to attack character
  • 17.Just walking-out – when someone important is trying to express, complain, share etc
  • 18.Contempt
  • 19.Lack of respect
  • 20. Attitude of looking down at others
  • 21.Name-calling
  • 22. Put-downs
  • 23. Sarcasm
  • 24. Cynicism
  • 25. Swearing
  • 26. Rolling of the eyes
  • 27.Mockery
  • 28. Hostile humor
  • 29. Disgust
  • 30. Provocation
  • 31.Threatening
  • 32. Using silence to control
  • 33. Ignoring other's needs, wants and desires
  • 34. Using your power to suppress others feelings
  • 35. Disregarding other's feelings

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