95 signs behaviors and traits of fake people

why-people-fakewho-are-fake-personhow-to-spot-a-fake How to spot a fake person from a genuine one - Are you a fake or genuinely authentic person

95 signs behaviors and traits of fake people

If you pay attention and observe - you will find that there are more fake people around these days than ever.

Why there are so many fake people in this world - one of the reasons is increasingly large numbers of people are suffering from deep emotional insecurities - because of many factors - including this corona covid19.

And to cover up their insecurities which makes them very disturbed - they feel that they need to portray an image of their being powerful and attract many people.

Few fakes are such great masters that even they are 100% convinced of their fake-ism as being the real them.

Everyone acts fake sometimes - here in this article we are talking about those who are fake almost all the time.

The key difference between fake and genuine people - is sincerity - although superficially both may look same to people [who are meeting them for some time or 1st time or do not know them well].

Fake people act nice only to manipulate - using words which sound wonderful.

On the other hand - genuine people don't try to manipulate and when they say something they mean it.

Irrespective of how smartly you try to make yourself look authentic [when you are fake] - you will give loud and clear signals - for others to recognize you.

Yes even the psychologists/psychiatrists can be fooled by fake who have fine-tuned their art to almost the levels of perfection for - short-times - but not all the time.

Using the given signs, behaviors, clues and traits in this article - you would be able to differentiate between authentic-genuine and fake people.

Appearances can be deceiving - words can be unreliable - and the one off behaviors misleading.

That is why all students of human-nature - you need to focus on patterns - patterns over a period of time validate your initial intuition and gut-feelings.

95 signs, behavior and traits of fake people

  • 1.They always want to please - those who they think can help promote their cause
  • 2.They will change/reverse their decisions - the moment powerful people become angry
  • 3. They seek attention - all the time
  • 4.If they feel threatened or ignored -they will do whatever it takes to move the spotlight back on themselves - like walking ahead of an august gathering
  • 5.They use every means to show-off - cars, dresses [males changing multiple dresses in a day], yacht, aircraft etc.
  • 6.​They are always high of self-boasting and bragging - they will inflate the most insignificant things how they accomplished it like it is the greatest thing the world has ever seen
  • 7.They only talk about things that they did by - that too by exaggerating and lying
  • 8.They will ​back stab without any remorse -they will say one thing on your face and another on your back but very rarely they will say bad things to your face only at your back
  • 9.They can never give you an honest opinion as they are not honest and sincere with themselves
  • 10.They are people of words and no action - they will tell you about grandiose plans of what they are going to do - but none of these will ever happen
  • 11.They don't like others to question them for fear that their weaknesses will be uncovered and that others will discover the truth
  • 12.They are not at all worried about the quality of their character or becoming trustworthy
  • 13.They are hold grudges against others - they will never forgive who they feel have gone against them
  • 14.They are full of vengeance and are highly revengeful and many of their actions stems from vendetta
  • 15.They consider themselves perfect and that is why everyone else is far below them
  • 16.They have unrealistic perceptions, expectation and understanding of situation, facts and figures
  • 17.They are usually more interested in breaking down rather than creating something meaningful
  • 18.They often take advantage of a situation through instigating mob mentality using false religious and other insignificant reasons without any intellectual rationales
  • 19.Disappearing acts are common among fake people -they disappear when the situation has become too-hot and tough for them to handle
  • 20.They always have to be the leader and get recognition - they don't mind stealing the spotlight if possible- and they have no compunction about doing so.
  • 21.In rare occasion they will shed tears and they may apologize - but you will be able to see through their façade
  • 22.They keep bouncing from one JUMLA to another
  • 23.They also spread themselves too thin by trying to do everything and be everywhere and as a result miss deadlines and then make excuses and blame others
  • 24.They are drama queens who are annoying as hell
  • 25.They will never respect your boundaries or any boundaries
  • 26.If they have a need - they will demand that you respond - they don't have any respect for you at all
  • 27.They expect themselves to be treated like royalty and have all their boundaries respected
  • 28.They are self-absorbed and they think about themselves more than they think about others
  • 29.They believe that controlling others will improve their life
  • 30.They express out insincere sympathy
  • 31.They avoid accountability
  • 32.They take credit from others give themselves credit for all those things that they never did
  • 33.They are rude and hurtful and make harsh comments without a second thought
  • 34.They are very poor listener and observer - they listen only what suits them
  • 35.They surround themselves with book-lickers
  • 36.They can't handle criticism and rejections well - they tend to get offended by constructive feedback
  • 37.They are manipulative and mean and fanatics
  • 38.They will never address any problems head on
  • 39.They look for ways to make themselves appear more important
  • 40.Their energy is focused on building themselves up and tearing others down
  • 41.They always flatter those in power
  • 42.They never honor their promises - as they themselves know it is empty and hollow
  • 43.They will go at any length to hide their weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • 44.They tend to play god
  • 45.They are never sincere
  • 46.They ignore and don't even look at those people whom they think are below their level
  • 47.They criticize and look down at others
  • 48.They are judgmental and discriminating and partial
  • 49.They may cancel their plans last minute with a false excuse
  • 50.They will use words that suits the occasion and which they feel will appeal to their audiences
  • 51.They can't keep a secret if you have confided with them
  • 52.They would not text back and if caught will blame it on a dead phone or they reject calls and tell people that they missed it
  • 53.They always blame their mistakes others
  • 54.They are willing to speak badly of others to get ahead in life
  • 55.They are pathological liars
  • 56.They break relationships with others without telling them the real reasons behind it
  • 57.They always speak about people behind their backs instead of confronting them
  • 58.In the arguments they will take the side one who's most popular or more powerful
  • 59.They have no scruples about bad-mouthing anyone and spreading rumors
  • 60.They fake laugh to show that they understood it - when others are laughing and they don't have any clues to what is going on
  • 61.They judge people by their appearance
  • 62.They're a fair-weather friend - you can't count on them to be there for you
  • 63.They are there with you - because they need something from you
  • 64.They will always compete with you - in case they feel you are superior to them
  • 65.They make you feel bad about yourself - by puling you down and insulting you in front of others
  • 66.If they are celebrating with you for your accomplishments or wins - they might be cursing you internally
  • 67.They drain your energy - their demand on your time and resources
  • 68.Your friendship with these people is always one-sided
  • 69.They are always seething with jealousy of you in many ways
  • 70.If they can - on every opportunity they will try to sabotage you - if they feel threated by your charm and personality
  • 71.They are normally full of themselves - in their talks as well as actions
  • 72.They have low self-esteem and are highly insecure emotionally
  • 73.They use their bloated ego and vanity to cover up their inadequacies
  • 74.They are unable to express their emotions freely and clearly as they don't know how to cope with their emotions and they end up running away from who they really are by covering up their own feelings
  • 75.They can never accept their mistakes so not interested in learning from their mistakes
  • 76.They can't have meaningful relationships - they will have relationships based on their greed and self-interests - because they are unable to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings.
  • 77.They have a limited view of the world like on anything else - they keep things at a surface level
  • 78.They make decisions and build their life based on flawed perceptions as they see things through their distorted lens
  • 79.They have a hostile and pungent sense of humor
  • 80.Under their fake smile they are storing up resentment and anger at those around them
  • 81.They can't trust anyone
  • 82.They use sarcasm and mockery to bolster their self-esteem
  • 83.They lack consistency are unable to stay on track and remain focused
  • 84.There's usually a reason behind why fake nice people are acting so kind and considerate - if they are acting nice and their words are sounding wonderful - immediately go on guard as they are just saying it to butter you up to get something of importance
  • 85.They lead people on with sweet lies
  • 86.They always want the spotlight to be on them
  • 87.They may actually care about their friends - and go all the way to make them richer
  • 88.Gas-lighting is a favorite tactic with them to make you confused and unsure
  • 89.They expect you to become their slave
  • 90.They have grand expectations about what life owes them and how it should turn out
  • 91.They are always attracted to power
  • 92.Genuine people want to make you happy - fake people think of how they can be happy by using you - fake people only tell you what you want to hear
  • 93.Genuine people celebrate your success - while fake people resent you for it
  • 94.Fake people are pleased when you suffer in sadness
  • 95.They pretend to listen but are almost always focus on their I, ME, Mine and MY - dialogues or interest

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