55 Tips Building Emotional Bonding Connection Intimacy


In this article you will learn the following

-21 signs of emotional-connection, emotional-intimacy and emotional-bonding

-55 Tips Building Emotional Bonding Connection and Intimacy - how to discover the joys of an deep emotional connection in your relationships

-10 Tips to build team-bonding at work place

-6 Tips How to restore emotional intimacy when trust has been broken

Building emotion connections and bonding

All of us need social, personal, professional, familial, emotional and spiritual connections and bonding - for a fulfilling life as well as for our well-being.

People do exceptionally well in the area where they have excellent bonding and relationships.

Having close bonding in every area is rare BUT not impossible to have ONLY it requires understanding of what you need to do to nurture, maintain and retain - deep emotional connect and THEN take actions consciously as well as unconsciously.

All of us who have very satisfactory quality of relationships - are relatively happier, less-stressed, contended, fun-filled and productive life.

And if someone does not have close, trusting and supporting relationships - his/her well-being will be impacted negatively - he/she might have high levels of stress, suffer from loneliness, get into depression and may develop psychological disorders etc.

When emotional-connect, emotional-intimacy and deep-bonding happens - both the people feel safe and secure with each other.

The term emotional-intimacy is by no means has to be sexual and romantic in nature - you can be emotionally-intimate with - your friends, your sweetheart, your siblings, your parents, your mentor and your trusted colleagues.

You can't have a very vibrant and fulfilling relationship of any type without emotional-intimacy.

Many of us have built emotional and mental barriers that make it difficult to build emotional connections - trauma, psychological disorders, how you were raised or past hurt can be the cause.

If you feel unsafe with someone, or are scared of being yourself with unheard, unacknowledged, or misunderstood or get blamed and accused for anything and everything - you have to accept that you are in a toxic and unhealthy relationship - from which you must part ASAP.

On the other hand - sharing your emotional-pain either to get pity or cause guilt in other person - can never lead to emotional bonding or connect.

Emotional closeness, bonding and connect can happen through two way exchange only.

In a toxic, unhealthy and negative work or home environment - bonding does not happen.

In the professional situations -team camaraderie can help improve team dynamics, creates psychological safety among the employees, fosters a sense of belonging and also reduce workplace conflicts.

21 signs of emotional-connection, emotional-intimacy and emotional-bonding - emotional connection happens when two people - have reached a level of relationship where

  • 1.Empathy to understand the pain, the joy, the need - becomes exceptionally great through open communications
  • 2.Sharing and helping each other in the time of need
  • 3.Learning and understanding each other
  • 4.Accepting this person as she/he is
  • 5.No judgement and no unrealistic expectation
  • 6.Resolving conflict and disagreements as soon as they appears
  • 7.Developing genuine compassion
  • 8.Being vulnerable without inhibition or concern
  • 9.Being free in expressing whatever you feel without any fear
  • 10.Complete trust and faith
  • 11.Acceptance of each other without any reservation
  • 12.Having clear emotional boundaries that both know and respect
  • 13.Assertiveness among each other
  • 14.Growth of each person
  • 15.Freedom to pursue what as an individual loves to do
  • 16.Understand your partner's unique humor
  • 17.There are no communication breaks communication happens even if there is serious conflict or disagreement and as a result relationship gets stronger
  • 18.You value each other's opinion
  • 19.You fight the world for each other
  • 20.You bring out the best in each other
  • 21.Your fights fair and constructive

55 Tips Building Emotional Bonding Connection and Intimacy - how to discover the joys of an deep emotional connection in your relationships

  • 1.Building emotional does not have any fixed formula - each one of us have our own way of comfort and speed and process - still the following can be universally applied to create better bonding.
  • 2.Observe and learn about this person
  • 3.Understand what this person needs and wants from life and you - through asking deep meaningful questions and listening to clarify
  • 4.Identify all reasons why you like this person
  • 5.Be available - emotionally as well as physically
  • 6.Express what you feel about this person
  • 7.Open up yourself by sharing your own wants and needs from this person
  • 8.Show acceptance and affection
  • 9.Overcome the obstacles together
    Offer to help - when this person is in trouble
  • 10.Find common ground -create a common goal
  • 11.Do something nice - do something adventurous
  • 12.Work on being an engaged listener
  • 13.Work on developing higher social and emotional intelligence
  • 14.Learn to deal with your uncomfortable and difficult feelings
  • 15.Learn to communicate and express what you are feeling using i sentences
  • 16.Stop depending on one person for all your emotional needs - have different connections in every sphere of life
  • 17.Start noticing acknowledging and appreciating sincerely - every day
  • 18.Break your routine with this person - create surprises
  • 19.Share intimate memories
  • 20.Use appropriate physical touch like cuddling, holding hands
  • 21.Celebrate each other's successes and accomplishments - be genuinely happy about these
  • 22.Learn to communicate openly and honestly - keep it transparent
  • 23.Take genuine interest in this person's life and persona
  • 24.Show empathy, care and respect - by appropriate gestures, words, non-verbal language etc.
  • 25.Make yourself a safe-place - for this person
  • 26.Be available in a new or different way
  • 27.Make yourself better - make self-care a priority
  • 28.Work on building your self-respect, self-proud, self-worth and self-confidence as well as self-respect
  • 29.Practice assertiveness
  • 30.Make it playful interactions - time to time
  • 31.Have meaningful discussions - reveal about yourself and ask open ended questions to understand this person's
  • 32.Give this person importance and show you care
  • 33.Create bonding rituals - having morning coffee together or after-work gym session
  • 34.Connection rituals are less about the actions, and more about what they represent to you to show this person that you are prioritizing your special time with this person
  • 35.Stop trying to change or fix this person
  • 36.Stop playing victim
  • 37.Learn to get a fresh perspective
  • 38.Make your partner feel wanted do things together
  • 39.Learn to ask uncomfortable questions - when something negative happens
  • 40.Try and gradually start sharing deeper emotions with your partner
  • 41.Make thoughtful gestures – do meaningful activities together
  • 42.Commit to spending quality time together
  • 43.Set aside some time every day to reconnect with each other
  • 44.Try new things together
  • 45.Keep your quality time fun and interesting
  • 46.Get to know each other as well as you can to build your bond
  • 47.Tell your partner if there's something you need
  • 48.Let them know you have each other's backs - that you are there for them
  • 49.It's okay to disagree - but it's important to work through them effectively
  • 50.Maintain your own hobbies and interests.
  • 51.Understand and experiment leaving your comfort zone
  • 52.Become vulnerable among trusted people
  • 53.Create your sanctum a safe space
  • 54.Learn to manaage your stress, anger, frustrations, irritations etc.
  • 55.Don't rush the process
  • 56.10 Tips to build team-bonding at work place Activities to encourage team bonding - these are to trigger ideas although you can use them as they work well if done correctly
  • I.Prioritize a feedback culture to learn, grow, and build trust - without feedback, employees are bound to be actively disengaged — and without engagement, you can't create team bonds -as the channels of communication gets blocked.
  • II.Happy hour - not about drinking - but a time when employees choose to do something together what they enjoy - like painting, sculpturing or any other hands-on activity
  • III.Coffee chats - of a focused group like innovation-team
  • IV.Book & movie club - where people connect over a shared interest
  • V.Outbound or outdoor team building event
  • VI.Significant milestone celebration
  • VII.Volunteering for a great cause - to do real meaningful value addition
    appreciation club
  • VIII.Cooking pot-luck
  • IX.Barbeque night - where employees do everything - cost by the organization
  • X.Celebration dinner

6 Tips How to restore Emotional-intimacy when the trust has been broken- although relationship may not be same and there is no guarantee that trust will really get restored

  • 1.Take accountability of the mistake you made or role you played in breaking the trust - let it be painful initially when you start accepting your mistakes
  • 2.Apologize sincerely - if possible create some atonement
  • 3.Give it time to get the trust rebuild -be patient
  • 4.Accept that the relationship will never be the earlier one - it will be different and can even be better
  • 5.Identify your problematic behaviors - work on eliminating or controlling them
  • 6.Respect their wishes - if they're not comfortable trusting you, you have to let them go - after you have tried your best

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